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Metatron and Oratron Energy Forms


Since my recent posting about the dream i had on Thursday 10th March (approx 3am) - almost 36 hours later (Friday 12th 5pm Aussie time) the Japanese earthquake occured.

I've had a flurry of emails about my dream and its' context. Some i will attempt to reply/respond to here. The following are some of the questions which i have generalised here in summary.


Q1: What is the significance/meaning of 22:77 on the bedside clock?

A1: There is nothign of significance that i know of. When i dream/astral travel it often happens that i see things like "time" which is out of the ordinary. Other times i have seen digital clocks read 78:89 or clockfaces with 10 or more hands - so was no oway reading the time.

There could be meaning but at this stage i am not giving it any thought.


Q2: Do i think the dream was a premonition/warning to the japanese earthquake? Could my migraine have been me picking up or caused by pressure in the techtonic plates?

A2: I don't think so - i get about one headache/migraine a year (maybe two) and have not seen any co-relation with them and earthquakes.


This question is the main question i will respond to in detail

Q3: Is Metatron's Cube evil/negative/bad? if so, why? Why would Blue suggest/infer such a thing? Do i "believe" metattron is bad/evil?

Geometrically/Energetically speaking there is no evil/bad. If you wish to use the word negative - then i use this word to describe a polarity (negative/positive).

Personally, i do not resonate with and have always felt ill using/practising anything to do with merkabah/kaballah. What have these to do with Metatron? I don't want to turn this into sacred geometry 101 but will expand the following detail.

Currently we live in a universe that is polarised. Layer on top of this we have physical matter and spirit which we are the bridge between.

Our universe is made of energy/form/shape/frequency of which two major players are;

1) Metatron / Seraphic
- binding
- contracting
- rigid
- locking
- exclusive
- external
- fear
- crystallising
- geometries based on 4 and 6 (star of david / merkabah)
- square / cubic / hexagonal
- IN-CUBE-ATE (incubate) entropic - eating it self

2) Oratron / Oraphic
- unbinding
- expanding / growing
- unlocking
- inclusive
- internal
- transforming
- geometries based on 5 and 7 and spiral forms/shapes (fibonacci / phi)
- pentagonal / septagonal

This is not a battle for or against either but rather a union - coming together of both in harmony and balance.

We all know the form and shape of spirals, fibonnaci, phi, nature, cones, braids.

Below discusses a little more about Hex/Metatron Cubes.

Six (6) = HEX. This represents technology made of crystal silicon circuits. Based on cubes/squares at 90 degrees where there is no movement.

You can consider bee-hive as hexagonal (hex) = hive mind = obedience and unchanging.

Where as pent (5) and Sept (7) are growth / expanding. Note: all our living proteins are 5-sided structures. Pent wants to transform.


So for me - all these metatron and merkabah meditations i feel restrictive/constrictive. It is as if they are locking/binding/fusing spirit to matter, stiffning making rigid. I am in no way implying that it is bad for you - if you feel it benefits you then great. I'll stick with my heart spiral meditation.

So in the dream we see both these forms play out - metatron's cube with the electronic wobbling hum and the spiralling, seashell, wind, music dancing around.

If anything maybe the message is that we are or have been out of balance and need to move back to expanding/growing/unbinding mode.


Before finishing i want to highlight the japan earthquake. As many of you who know me - a decade and more ago i dabbled very heavily with earth grid harmonics.

Below is some graphics highlighting how the EQ in NZ recently is linked with the EQ in Japan. As you can see these two locations sit on a star-path-grid called/labelled the Tongarrio Power Point (like a chakra). I have about 18 of these power points mapped. But this Tongarrio/NZ power point runs through ChristChurch as straightup through to Honshu East Coast Japan EQ.

Picture it like a guitar string being plucked. It sets up a resonating tone/note which then reverbrates through all the other strings you see in diagrams.

Now what has this got to do with the dream. Well not much other than i wanted to say that Nuclear reactors act as a lowering/draining of earth's energy. Like they are bleeding her. Like a chastity belt - gridlocking her. Back in the days of earth grid harmonics i found that using Bruce Cathie grid maths that all reactors are placed on or cross earth's natural energy/laylines.

It is like they are gridlocking/dampening earth's energy biofield which is also our morphegentic field. Nuclear reactors are based on Hex technology (this metatronic).

So the whole japanese EQ and nuclear reactor situation is a sign of our times - Earth attempting to break free from Metatron's gridlock.

As you will see from the graphics. I've squared and triangulated and you can see that square pics run the the california subduction zone. very possible that if this guitar string keeps getting plucked/strummed it could start reverbrating through to anywhere along the square paths.

Be Well




Earth Grid Pictures of recent Japanese Earth Quake

Click on links to open up graphics in new window full screen.

Japanese EQ #1 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #2 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #3 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #4 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #5 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #6 - Tongarrio Star Grid

Japanese EQ #7 - Tongarrio Star Grid


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