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Negative 800 ORP Water for less than a Penny

by Raphiem

My 2nd hand ORP meter finally arrived..It's not the greatest but for the few dollars i can't complain.

There is a lot of info negative ORP water (Oxidative Redox Potential) and the value and benefits of drinking such water ... some call it Kangen water. Others call it clustered water.

There are machines on the market that can take any water and make it "Kangen". These machines start from $1000 and range up to $4000 and they claim to provide -1000 ORP water..Since i don't have one i can not say.

It pisses me off that all these expensive gadgets are unaffordable and out of reach to those sick and ill and really need them.

As promised here is how to make your own health drink using very safe ingredients that are actually good for you and produce -800 ORP and better all for less then a dollar. I actually haven't calculated it but i'll bet less than a quarter (25 cents).

The pictures below will show the steps;

1) i took half a glass of tap water (yes yukky tap water) which measured +176 ORP and dropped into it 3 small grains of NaBH (sodium borohydride) and stirred ... a few seconds later the ORP reading shot to -639 ORP (i.e. minus 639 ORP)

Nothing more and nothing less ... just tap water and NaBH.

2) this picture is what NaBH looks like ... little white grains ...


below is a step by step on how to achieve this from very basic ingredients ...

pic1. 1/2 glass of distill water = +115 ORP


pic2. add 1/4 teaspoon of Vit-C = -118 ORP (an increase of -200 ORP)


pic3. add 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carbonate and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda = -148 ORP

so as you can see these alone brought the value to an average minus ORP value ...

now watch closely as we add sodium borohydride ...


pic4. we add 3x tiny grains of NaBH and stir and just over a minute we have -805 ORP (yes -minus805 ORP)

i inserted my pH meter to show that the pH is a nice 9.5 (perfect for alkalising)

no MLM machines ... no parts to change and maintain and clean .... less than a dollar ... just pure water and pure simple ingredients ...

the more negaitve ORP the more anti-oxidant your water/drink becomes .... further with negative ORP drinks reshapes or restructures the liquids and the contents to become clustered in a manner that enables them to be delivered write into your cells more effeciiently ...

eg. if you add magnesium to minus ORP water the magnesium takes on different properties enabling it to be delivered more efficiently into your cells ... it could be fruit or veggie juice etc ...


pH does not necessarily correlate to ORP (redox potential) ... although the general rule of thumb is the higher the pH the more redox potential there is ...

if you leave a glass of plain water (unsealed) out in the air on your kitchen bench for several hours ... the interaction with air/oxygen makes it more acidic and loses its redox potential ... as in the eg of carrot juice ...

that -800 ORP mixture if left out 24hrs in air would lose most if not all its redox potential ... so the trick is to drink it very quickly .... so it is of more benefit to make it in small quantity ....

this is why one should eat fruit/veg fresh plucked of the tree/garden ... because if you store it by the time you eat it has lost its vitality and anti-ox properties ..

same goes for juices and water .... drinking fresh water from a running stream will give you more redox potential than drinking stored water ...

there is nothing scientific about redox - it is what mother nature gives you in the fresh food and water ....

all we are doing now is cheating mother nature by replicating her processes

to finally answer your question

the first formula will only give you -200 to -400 ORP .... which ain't that bad considering everything else you touch is +ORP

what gives the really powerful -ORP values of -800 and beyond is sodium-boro-hydride ...(sodium-boron-hydrogen) ... or you can buy a $4000 machine ....

however i believe the ingredients used like bi-carb and vit-C with NaBH added are better than a machine because they are a stong alkaline and act as an acid buffer .... and besides VitC is good for you and needed ...

i.e. chemically produced -ORP solution will remain -ORP far longer as it enters your body than what i believe a machine that produces -ORP water (which is weak alkaline with no buffers so it will lose its -ORP very rapidally within minutes)



note: NaBH = Sodium BoroHydride (sodium boron hydrogen)

it is very light fluffy stuff and comes in tiny pellets (and is safe in my opinion - i'm still alive and going strong like a machine)

some have reported it is very expensive ...i.e. $1 per gram

however - 1 gram is a lot and will last you a month (approx 200 pellets)

as you will see below - the greatest ORP effect was NaBH ... all the others had minimal effect

generally i put the NaBH in last after all the ingredients as it provides better ORP when the water is buffered and high alkaline

this time i put it first just to show its powerful effect on ORP on its own ...


water straight from the kitchen tap in 1-quart jug

pH  =  7.8
ORP = +125

*** note *** kitchen tap water contains chlorine which is an oxygen killer - possible the reason it took me 6 pellets to reach -500 ORP - generally i get approx -800 to -900 ORP .... i wanted to use the worst water possible to demonstrate ..

add 1 pellet of NaBH

pH  =  8.6
ORP = -192 (a reduction of 310 ORP)

add another pellet of NaBH

pH  =  8.6
ORP = -300 (from plain water a reduction of 425 ORP)

add another pellet of NaBH

pH  =  8.9
ORP = -390 (from plain water a reduction of 515 ORP)

add another pellet of NaBH (4 pellets total)

pH  =  9.1
ORP = -440 (from plain water a reduction of 565 ORP)

add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

 pH  =  8.4
ORP = -440

add 1/2 teaspoon of Vit-C

 pH  =  7.4
ORP = -400

add 1/2 teaspoon of sodium carbonate

 pH  =  8.4
ORP = -400

add another 2 pellets of NaBH (total 6 pellets)

 pH  =  8.6
ORP = -470 (from plain water a reduction of 595 ORP)

add 1/2 teaspoon of citric acid

 pH  =  7.0
ORP = -470

add 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

 pH  =  6.7
ORP = -500 (from plain water a reduction of 625 ORP)

the problem you have is the redox potential is used up fairly fast ... so you would have to drink it rather quickly

or better make a smaller qty .i.e a glass of water like my previous experiment ..


Note: This article to be cleaned up and updated



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