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These encounters all occurred during meditation. The first appearance came at the end of a meditation that I was doing alone in my attic study. As I started to become aware of the room and my surroundings again I got the sensation that I was not alone any longer. I did not feel fearful or apprehensive, just that someone was very near me.

I opened my eyes and about six inches from my head and directly to my right, almost in my peripheral vision, was a floating blue head . The face was very vivid and detailed and it was large, much larger than my own head. It rotated around in front of me and faced me directly. It appeared to be male and it was luminescent and a shade resembling cobalt blue or the color of old Milk of Magnesia bottles. Everything was the same color, the eyes, the mouth, all of the features. It looked directly at me and seemed to be waiting for me to drink in all of the detail of the event. It was indistinct except for the face, almost as if the face was set in a swirl of blue fog or smoke. I finally closed my eyes for a second to catch my breath and when I reopened them it was gone.

This was not something seen in the mind's eye. My eyes were open and I was completely out of the meditative state when I saw it. I had the impression that it had been ?watching over me while I was meditating and I think it communicated that to me. I only saw this entity on this one particular occasion.

During this period of time I was holding meditation sessions with a group in my home on a weekly basis.The core of the group was my brother, Candyce, a close woman friend, and myself. Several other people joined us on a more irregular basis. I started the group because I wanted to advance in the meditation process and believed that the amplification of energies of a group would greatly benefit all. Together we would be able to accomplish more than each could alone. I was the only member of this group who had a daily practice of meditation. On my own I practiced TM but in the group I did a guided imagery protection and chakra clearing exercise at the beginning and then everyone drifted off into their own meditation. Prior to this we discussed what we were looking for in the experience and afterwards we all shared what we had individually experienced. At times we mentally brought others into a circle of light for healing prior to going into the meditation. This was the basic format of our weekly meetings.

This group did experience a number of unusual phenomena together, some of which are related under the heading The Group elsewhere on this site. I am at this point recounting only those meditations where The Blues appeared to me and were in a variety of ways sensed by the other members of The Group at these times.

The first time The Blues came to group I noticed while I was in meditation that there were blue hands on either side of my shoulders, reaching over from behind me. In my mind?s eye I looked around the room at the others and noted that there was a Blue poised near each member of the group. This was their first appearance and they looked the same color and luminescence as the head I had seen some months earlier but their faces were completely featureless. The bodies were very muscular and you could see what looked like muscle and tendon but nothing else, no skin or hair, etc. They all looked exactly the same. There was one kneeling in front of my friend Candyce with an outstretched hand touching her knee. She was seated on the couch across from me. My brother was in a chair to my left and there was a Blue standing behind him with a hand on his shoulder.

I had the impression that these entities were helpers in matters of energy fields in some way. I drifted comfortably back into my meditation with no further consciousness of their presence.


Shortly thereafter I got a call from some very dear friends of mine who were coming from out of state for a visit and some healing therapy. I did several healing exercises with members of my meditation group with this couple as well as some other friends. As a final treatment the couple came to a group meditation and we sat the woman in the center of our circle and touched her and prayed for her together. She had a tumor growing in her head and it was affecting her hearing and was predicted to further impair her senses. This much the group knew, although we had not discussed any details of the tumor or it?s location, etc.

  After this exercise we all joined in a group meditation and I immediately saw a Blue in front of this woman with it?s outstretched hand touching her just behind the right ear. I only saw the one. As we discussed our experience of the session afterwards I told the group what I had seen. The woman who was the subject of the healing was amazed when I mentioned where the Blue had its hand on her head. It was the exact location of the tumor, which had been unknown to any of us prior to that point in time. She also mentioned that she had felt heat in that area during the meditation and a sensation of shrinking in the spot where the tumor was located. There were seven of us present for this particular occasion and the thought crossed my mind that because we were many, only one Blue was needed to focus the energy of the group on the object of our healing.

The Blues appeared again to the meditation group and were sensed by all present this time. On this particular night my brother lay on the floor in front of the door to the room for no apparent reason and Candyce was seated across from me on the couch. As I moved into my meditation I saw a Blue seated on either side of Candyce and touching her hands, which were resting on her legs. I then turned my attention to my brother and saw that there were three Blues with him, one on either side of his head on the floor and one floating in the air about 18 inches above him and parallel to his body. At the time I thought that very odd. Not only that there were three, but also that one was floating above him. The two Blues with me were standing behind my chair as they usually did and were touching my hands folded in my lap.

After the meditation we discussed our experiences and my brother was first to speak. He said that he felt that he could barely stay connected to his body and that he was in danger of floating up and away but that there was a barrier above him that stopped him whenever this was about to happen. I had to laugh at that point since the ?floater? suddenly made perfect sense to me.

Candyce had sensed something holding her hands that she assumed were her Angels. Perhaps they were. Perhaps these entities were Angels who presented themselves to me in this unique form because it seemed comfortable to me in some way or evoked an ancient race memory in me that allowed me to accept them. I did feel very comfortable in their presence and with their energy fields. I have never seen them since I moved from that place and that meditation group stopped meeting.

This experience was a full-blown trance experience like none other in my life. I was visiting Seattle for a couple of weeks and staying at my cousin?s apartment there. She worked days and on one of those days I began listening to music in her living room lying on the floor with the sun streaming through the full wall of windows.

I began by listening to the Beatles White album, then Neal Young's Harvest Moon album

( I said it was a long time ago! ) and then my thoughts began drifting to other kinds of music and then all of the varied types of music that exist on this planet. Chinese Opera, African chants, Beethoven, Reggae, the music of birds, whales, wind chimes, everything. The scope of this one form of creative expression really began to astonish me and I then took the next step in my thinking; that it was all from the same Source, the God Source, the Only Source. From there I moved on to art forms and then color and I was swirling in the lap of God. The next thing that I remember was a loud banging on the door. I got up off the floor, amazed that it was dark outside now and there were no lights on in the apartment as I went down the stairs to answer the door. It was my friend Bob who had come to take me to dinner. While I was processing how this could be happening when a minute ago I was listening to music in the sunshine Bob was asking if I had just gotten out of the shower and touching my wet clothes. I was dizzy and he helped me back up the stairs where we began to take a closer look at what was going on.

Nearly seven hours had elapsed from the time I took the first album off the shelf that morning. I was soaking, dripping wet: hair, clothes and everything. I said that I felt like I had been a million miles away and then I began to remember being a million, million, million miles away, floating in space with three Blue entities in flowing robes who were pointing down at something and telling me about what we were seeing. It was the Earth and there were explosions happening all over the surface of the planet. It was a devastating war; there were volcanoes erupting and earthquakes overturning large masses of land and fires, storms, every imaginable natural disaster as well as the results of incredible damage from the machines of war. It was very painful to see and they said that unless we changed the way that we were thinking and living together and began honoring the planet and each other, this would happen.

As we moved away from the Earth and into deep space I couldn?t erase the images of the planet being destroyed from within. My Blue Guides assured me that they would not have shown me those images of a possible future if there were not a way to change it. I was not conscious of any speaking, the communication was silent and more full than words can convey. I knew that I would devote my life to healing this future in every way that I could from that moment on.

We were now passing a planet with two moons that was very familiar to me and they validated that it had been my home at one point in the time continuum. I would remember more of this place in the coming years and I have written about it in Memories of Other Worlds.

We visited other worlds where peace reigned and societies resembled those written about in Neale Donald Walsch?s Conversations with God, Books II and III.  These societies were called HEB?s or Highly Evolved Beings in this literature although I was not aware of any reference to such societies at the time that I had this visionary experience.  The HEB?s had worked out their evolutionary path and survived without destroying their environment or their species.  I was being shown two possible realities for the future Earth.  I now know that many have had similar visions warning about Earth?s future but (perhaps) without the Blues as their guides.  The other possibility is that many are simply not accessing the section of their brain that brings these beings to consciousness for them. 

I have reviewed this experience many times over the years and it seems just now more significant than it ever has to me and to current world events.  At the time that I had the visitations by the Blues that I have recounted here, I made no connection with this earlier visionary experience, however, it now seems obvious to me that there is a connection.  In all of my research the only reference to Blue entities, other than Shiva, are the Pleiadians and although I have felt a strong connection to their channeled material I do not recognize my visitors as the Pleiadians.  Their energy signatures are different and the Pleiadians seem to be following their own agenda while the other Blue entities seemed to be following ours, or mine. 

They also demonstrated access that was not in my conscious mind on numerous occasions, leading me to believe that they were not just creatures of my mind (if such a thing is even possible, following the theory that if you think it you create it).  They were detectable by others in the group although not in the same way that I perceived their presence. No visuals were present for the others of The Group when they felt the presence of the Blues along with me, nor did they sense that they were in telepathic communication with other entities.

In an article in Science of Mind Magazine (March 2002) titled Our Mental Orchestra. Going Beyond Rational Intelligence excerpted from The Three Factors of Mind by Elaine de Beauport, the whole brain is described as three different structures with completely distinct functions.  These functions are thought and image (the neocortical system), desire and feeling (the limbic system) and a third structure below both of these related to behavior.  The other members of The Group accessed these beings through the limbic system while I seemed at least to gain access through both limbic and neocortical systems.  I experienced them through thought and image as well as feeling while they experienced only the feeling aspect of their presence. 

Integrating the new physics with these discoveries is perhaps the key to understanding phenomena such as experiences in our meetings with the Blues .  Since all matter is energy and energy is not in a fixed state but rather in continuous movement the different brain structures operate or vibrate at different speeds and corresponding to the level of brain waves in meditation experienced by the different mediators the vibrations processed would also differ.  The deeper the trance the more access to our brains capacity

According to this article many intelligences are available, latent within all brain structures and each can be learned and practiced opening you to new horizons, increased intelligence and greater consciousness. ?The new thinker is like an orchestra conductor, focusing on music from one section, then another, then all together.

Knowing that our human life is in reality energy, just as all other life is, we are free to play our own instrument (our brain) as a basic instrument of creation. The article goes on to say: ?We become the conductor of our mental orchestra-the neocortex, the limbic, and the basic brain sections-each one capable of vibrating through all the ranges of energy that extend from the finite to the infinite. Energy is now our common ground. As human matter we vibrate, the control panels we call our brain systems vibrate, and our whole brain-mind-body vibrates. We are energy beings.??.. It is energy and vibration that now unite us, whether through visible or invisible wavelengths. What is new is that we can now know and join together around the unifying perspective of energy and begin consciously to orchestrate each of the brain systems through the multiple processes of intelligence and consciousness.

Perhaps a group meditating together vibrates the orchestra in a way that is not possible individually, or at the least, not as easily accessed.

If any of my readers are familiar with such entities I would appreciate hearing about your experiences and may include them in the book that I am writing on these Glimpses Beyond the Veil. Please contact me via email.

Copyright (c) 2007 - Sherry Scott

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