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FREEDOM FROM FEAR - Living in the Now



I will face my fear.

I will permit it to pass over me and through me.

When it has gone past me I will turn to see fear’s path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.

Only I will remain.

- Paul Atreides from the Frank Herbert novel Dune

Wars, terrorism, murder, crime, rising racial tensions, recession, outsourcing, insourcing, poisoned foods, Internet doom and gloom, poisoned water and world wide pollution. All of these things have combined to make modern man's life full of fear and anxiety. The nightly news further pushes buttons of panic and fear. Is it little wonder that this generation takes more drugs to calm themselves than any other generation before.

Most of our daily lives are shadowed by free-floating fear. We are afraid to fail within a relationship and we are afraid to succeed. We are afraid of how others perceive us. We are afraid to fail in life and we are afraid to excel. We are afraid of the "boogie man" (real or imagined). We are afraid of dying young or of growing old, suffering and being a burden upon our children.

Fear prevents us from being fully alive and living our dreams. It's a prison without walls. It's bondage in its truest form. To live in fear is to live without love. Many people equate hate as being the opposite of love. I disagree. Fear is the opposite of love. Love is about connection, not isolation. Connection with the Universe and with the Creator. The more powerful the connection, the more powerful the love. Love is all inclusive, instead of all exclusive, like fear. Perfect love casts out ALL fear.

Why do I think Love is the opposite of Fear? I think that way because fear is the driving force behind many of hates attributes. Jealousy, envy, regret, feeling insulted, abandoned, needing to be in control, resentment, and anger. Ego experiences these things and then fear creeps in. Fear causes a reaction of hatred towards the things (or person) making you fearful. Just notice how all the negative, fear based emotions feel. Ego emotions are personal and exclusive. Only you are the one experiencing them. Whether they be real or imagined. Emotional fear is designed to protect your ego; that is to say they are ego-based emotions. The ultimate ego fear is fear of the ego's annihilation. Fear is the withholding of love from yourself and usually another. What does a society based on fear look like? Just look around you!

Living without fear is a learning process. We've been taught to fear from our cradles. Living without fear, takes you out of the lie and into the truth of your own unique magnificence. Mastering fear does not imply you will never experience fear again. Mastering fear will show you a way to remove that fear from your life. Fear is the number one thief of joy, love, peace and happiness. It robs us of the destiny we are here to live out. Fears keep us from enjoying the lives we have, and it keeps us from living the life we could have.

Your fears know you. That's right, I said they know you. Fear is as smart as you are. Fear knows what you like and what you don't like. Fear has picked your lovers and your friends. It's raised your children and governed your life in myriads of ways. Learn how to recognize fear for what it is and take the necessary steps to free yourself from bondage.

Living in the Now..

Nothing exists outside this present moment. No-thing!

Most of my life, my thought processes have lead me to believe a different way. I used to think of time as a line, draw from birth to death. At various points along that line, I could see certain events that held meaning for me. The birth of my children, the death of loved ones, personal failures or triumphs. The past was always what was present on the line after the 'now' moment. Now, I know time works differently.

There is no line segment in the Creators creation. That's an invention of our ego. The 'now' point is all there is. The past and the future are illusions. They exist only to the degree that we focus our thoughts upon them. We continually create (or re-create) the past and the future by imagining them in this present moment of 'now'. The funny thing is, we don't even exist outside of the 'now'. All of our failures from the past; and all of our grand and glorious hopes for our future, exist right here.. right now. We are the creators and only we can re-create the past.

As soon as you feel fear, stop yourself and realize that you are re-living a past memory of something that caused that fear. Something that made you feel powerless. You have no power over the past and the future is what we are creating in the now. But in the present, you are all powerful, all knowing and have millions of possible futures to chose from. Knowing this in your heart will help you realize that fear is just a re-playing of a past time slot. It's like watching a scene in a movie, over and over again.

I suppose the next question should be, how do you feel about your life at this moment? Are you looking forward to a positive future filled with love, freedom and tranquility? Or are you finding yourself stuck in the the same routine. Are you sacrificing your present happiness in hopes for a better tomorrow? I'm curious to know if that's working out for you? Are you becoming less fear filled and more joyful with each passing year? Or are you wallowing in self pity with your 'shouda.. woulda.. coulda's' ? Are you 'hoping' that someday, things will get better.

My Father once told me that there is no someday. There is only right now. Now is the moment that you chose to create a better future. Now is the moment that you chose to forget (and forgive) a horrid past. The only power the fears of the past have is the power your thoughts give it. If your life path isn't a joyful one, take a different path. It's as simple and easy as that. No one likes to be reminded that we can chose to stop dwelling on our pasts. That means we have to take responsibility for our own actions and few want to do that.

There are essentially, three elements of breaking the cycle of fear. Admitting it, feeling it fully and then changing directions and acting as if the fear has no power. At first it may just be an 'act'. However, your brain will soon catch on and make it a reality.

Once acknowledged and exposed, it is time to stop rehearsing and merely resisting the negative, and begin focusing on and imagining the positive. Now is the time to join others in a great awakening out of the dominance of darkness and the clutches of the New World Order, and into the Light of a new paradigm that can – and will - transform our world

Meditation Exercises...

When I began the journey of release, I took a good hard look at some of the things I feared. Many of these things had roots in my past. Slowly and methodically, I picked my way through a mountain of issues while learning to release them. I changed my diet, exercised more and began to meditate again. One of the things that helped me was a program called EFT. EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is basically using affirmations on yourself while tapping along energy (acupressure) points and meridians along the body. I'm not sure how it works but it does. It's endorsed by many Health experts such as Dr. Mercola and Deepak Chopra.

You don't have to buy a thing. There is enough information to be found on the Internet (Google and youtube) that you can easily learn this technique. Here's a link to the website and a chance to sign up for a free newsletter: http://emofree.com/

One small meditation exercise that I use is what I call the "Now" breath. Find a comfortable spot (sitting or resting in bed). I want you to place your hands on your lap or comfortably by your side. Form isn't really important. I just want you to be very relaxed.

Close your eyes. Slow your breathing and your heart rate, down to a nice relaxed rhythm. Reach inwards and feel your heartbeat. If it helps to feel a pulse point somewhere on your body, do so. Just remain relaxed. With every beat of your heart I want you to say the word "now". You don't need to say it out loud. In your mind will do. Nothing else exists but the word "now" that is going through your brain. Continually renewing the moment. Do this as long as it feels comfortable.
Congratulations, for a short time you let yourself live in the now.

I also want to point you to Raphiem's Heart Spiral Meditation. A unique way to envelope yourself in a protective armour of love. The docs and graphics can be downloaded here: http://missionignition.net/bms/hsm.php

A dear friend of mine, Lui Di Martino, has a wonderful theory on how there exists perfectly symmetrical marriage within the heart of nature. Lui's theory can be seen here: Music and Numbers Through The Looking Glass. http://homepage.ntlworld.com/lggl007/

Remember, Love is the answer. Love yourself as you are RIGHT NOW! Not as you were in the past or in some imagined future but in the now! If you love yourself in the now you can fully release your fears and begin to create that wonderful future that you've always dreamed of.

Love is light. Love is the Creator and the Creative force. Love is Freedom from your fears and your past. Why? Because love aligns our hearts with all that is light. Being Happy, healthy, creative, secure, serene loved, and loving requires living in love and the light. Perfect love casts out all fear. In every moment we have a chance to make a choice to bring light into the world. When we bless others with the gift of our positive energy, instead of letting past circumstances affect us negatively in the now, we bring a little peace to the world every day. The choice is yours.

Copyright (c) 2001 - Lynda Brasier


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