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What makes a place 'sacred' or 'full of power'? Sacred space can be found in Nature, our loved ones, buildings, in our souls and in our innermost man. Our environment is moved by invisible forces that saturate our Universe. Nature does a cosmic dance of particle interactions with the flow of seen and unseen energy. Our Earth is a living Entity.

Throughout the ages man has gathered at certain places to focus his mental energies accompanied by sound frequencies from chants and instruments. This was done to stimulate the energy field of the rocks or crystals at the site. One such area is the Kimberly area in Australia. This site is rich in crystalline deposits, thus the rocks have a high energy output. The area also has an underground waterway which adds to the electromagnetic energy. The energy is called 'telluric' energy and it has it's counterparts in the Chinese 'Dragon Currents' and what are called the 'ley lines' in Britain.

In this article I have gathered many supposed sacred places found on the web and in books. The earths surface is dotted with sacred groves, springs, caves, rivers, stones, meadows, mountains, valleys, deserts and volcano's which are rooted in early Earth worship.Searching for them has given me a greater understanding of my own inner guidance and about the energies of Mother Earth. This list of places would be far to long to put into one article, so I will be placing them in four. The first of which will be the Northwestern hemisphere.

Bermuda Triangle : The waters off the coast of Florida are said to have mysterious forces that cause instrument malfunctions, freak waves, and other strange phenomenon.

Mt Katahdin (Maine) : Guarded by Pomola, a Native American spiritual being with the head of a moose, the wings of an eagle and a human body.

Stonework's in Danbury CT : Ancient pre-columbus stone dolmans, altars, crypts, and underground rooms full of pictographs.

Assateague Island (Off Coast of Virginia) : This island is most known for its wild horse round-up each year. What is not widely known is that it is called the 'Eastern Gate' - a balancing point for Point Conception in CA - a portal for souls to enter and exit the Earth plane.

Everglades (Florida) : Home of the Seminole Indians. Legends abound of strange forms that stalk the woods and mysterious lights that float through the marsh.

Mounds (all over the United States) : It could take a lifetime to explore all of the mounds. As many as 10,000 mounds of Native origin are in the Ohio River valley alone. Most are in the southern and eastern part of the United States. Many are small burial mounds but others are elaborate temples, effigies and shrines. Some of the most famous are Etowah Mounds, Georgia; Crystal River Mounds, Florida; Indian Temple Mound, Florida; Cahokia Mounds, East of St Louis, Missouri; Serpent Mound, Ohio. Effigy Mounds, Indiana; Mounds State Park, Indiana.

Pilot Mountain (North Carolina) : In the foothills of the Appalachians, in a state park sits Pilot Mountain. The Cherokee's say the spirit of the place is Jomeoki. The area is abundant with rose quartz. UFO hunters say it's a great spot for little green men watching.

Black Hills (South Dakota) : This Area is a sacred one to the Sioux Indians (some of my ancestors). Mt Rushmore is a place of power and perhaps why it was chosen for the carvings upon it. Bear Butte is also a place of power. It is suggested that one hike throughout the park barefoot and to be sure to venture over to Devil's Tower in Wyoming and Wind Cave.

Big Horn Medicine Wheel (Sheridan Wyoming) : Often called the Stonehenge of the Native Americans, it is located at an elevation of 9,640 feet. According to some tribal elders there are at least 50 of these wheels scattered all over the northern plains. Another one is located in Minton, Saskatchewan.

San Francisco Peaks (Arizona) : The Hopi claim that these peaks are home to the Kachina spirits. All of the Southwestern tribes agree that these peaks are sacred ground.The Pueblo Indians claim it is home to Spider Woman. She and the god Taiowa taught the people how to live in harmony with nature and the magic of fire.

Hopi Prophecy Rock - Rock of Oraibi (Arizona) : According to this rock etching in the 4 corners area of Arizona, the Earth will shake three times. First is the great world war and then the second one where the Swastika rose above the battlefield of Europe. This moves on to the end of a rising empire in a sea of blood. The etching seems to be saying that it is up to man to make the choice between annihilation and a path of balance and oneness with the Earth. This is called the Great Purification to the Hopi people and to many Native American tribes.

Anasazi Ruins (Colorado) : Mesa Verde Park in CO and Hovenweep National Monument in UT, along with Chaco Canyon Park and Gila Cliff dwellings in NM, are the most prominent ruins of the Anasazi. Mesa Verde is home of Sun Temple while Chaco Canyon has the astronomical observatory nicknamed the 'Sun Dagger'. This is off limits to the general public and is supposedly protected by many spirits of the rattlesnake.

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