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Mount Taylor (New Mexico) : Mount Taylor (called Tso'dzil by the Navajo). There is an unusual cave system here called the 'breathing caves' which let out negative ion rich air.

Chimayo (New Mexico) : This place is nicknamed the 'Lourdes of America' because of its reputed healing powers in the earth and local springs. There is a small chapel on the premises that has a hole in the floor of it exposing the earth forces. The walls of this chapel are lined with canes and crutches of people claiming to have been cured from this area. There is a legend that claims the earth replenishes itself after people scoop dirt from the hole.

Wupatki Blowholes (Arizona) : At Wupatki National Monument. The ground 'breathes' through caves in the ground which vent upwards with forces of 30 mph. The air is negative ion rich air.

Grimes Point Archaeological Area (Nevada) : Looking at this area one wonders way a bunch of tumbled rocks are so interesting. If you look closer you will see ancient rock art. Legend has it that if you sit on one of those rocks for an hour or so that you will begin to see things that are not really there - or are they?

Havasupai Falls (Grand Canyon) : In the bottom of the canyon is the falls. Native Americans have called these falls sacred since they have lived here.

Point Conception (California) : This area is called the Western gate. A sacred area to the Chumash tribe. There is also a cave full of pictographs but it is fenced off from the public due to vandalism. The western gate is known as another portal that spirits arrive and depart from this plane.

Mt. Shasta (California) : Mt Shasta has long been sacred to the indigenous peoples of the region. It stands some 14,000' high in elevation and is surrounded by vast forests. All who study Earth energy grids and ley lines agree that this is a very powerful site. Some people claim that it is the throat chakra of Gaia, others claim the heart. It doesn't take a degree in science to know that something powerful is emanating from the entire mountain.

Vortex Areas (Oregon and California) : In Gold Hill Oregon and Santa Cruz California are two of the most famous Vortex sites. It's a place where magnetic energy seems to want to play. Balls roll uphill and people appear to walk sideways. Animals don't seem to like these places very much. Although they have become overrun with tourists, I think they best way to experience them is to sit on the bare ground and close your eyes. Let your body 'feel' the energy and tell you if it is positive of negative to your cells.

Sedona (Arizona) : Visitors often claim to experience strange sensations and take on paranormal abilities while in this part of Arizona. Psychics say the place has four power spots, or vortices's, whence the earth emits energy.

Hawaii : There are several places in the Hawaiian Islands that are called sacred. Some of these places are - Kaiwainui Marsh, Kriders Rock, Valley of the Temples, Sacred Falls near Kahana Valley State Park, Kilauea Crater is home to the goddess Pele, Kaho'olawe Island was used at one time as a bombing practice site but the natives want it back as it has always been sacred to them. Maui is also known as a magical healing earth center. People claim to have felt peace and joy enter their lives on this island.

Chichen Itza (Mexico) : This home of the Mayan culture on the Yucatan peninsula is noted for Shamans preforming dances wearing animal skins celebrating the dance of death to new life.

Lake Titicaca (Bolivian-Peru Border) : Lake Titicaca is one of the worlds highest elevated lakes at some 12,500'. It is believed to be the place where the Sun god put his son and daughter in an 'eden' like environment to establish the Incan Empire.

Nazca Lines (Peru) : High above the Nazca desert and looking down onto a plateau, one will see the ground covered with huge outlines of snakes, birds, fish,llamas, and beings with halo's upon their heads. Some of these lines are 40 miles long. Archaeologist's have estimated that they were put there some 1500 years ago. At the end of the plateau are statues, buildings, and rock carvings.It is said in Incan culture that white men from the stars created them in their likeness.

Some of the statues and carvings show animals not indigenous to South America; turtles, African Lions, and camels.

Pelenque Step Pyramids - Mayan Ruins (Palenque Mexico) : This majestic step pyramid was occupied as early as 300 BC. The other building, however, where built somewhere around the 7th century AD. On the top level of the pyramid is an astronomical observatory.

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe (Mexico City) : The enormous structure built upon this site is probably one of the most visited sacred places in all of the America's. It's built upon a hill called Tepeyac and was a place of power and healing long before Christianity came into the picture.

In ancient times, Tepeyac had a temple that was dedicated to the Earth and fertility goddess called Tonantzin (a virgin goddess of the moon like Guadalupe). The Christian priests had them destroy the temple as they thought of it as pagan.

Legend has it that, in the 1500's, a man named Juan Diego was passing by the hill and saw an apparition of a virgin who told him to build a church at this site. He ran to the local priest who was not impressed with this story. The next day Juan again saw the virgin and asked for a sign. He was told to climb the hill and pick all the roses he could find and take them to the priest. Juan did this even though it was the middle of winter and he didn't hope to find any blooming roses. When he found them he took them to the priest wrapped in his cloak. When the priest opened the cloak he found an image of 'Our Lady of Guadalupe' upon the cloth. The image is hanging above the alter to this day and shows no sign of decay or fading.

Ruins of Mitla (Mexico) : On the walls of the temple are various geometric mosaics. These mosaics are thought to be a representation of the sky serpent or Quetzalcoatl. Scholars believe that the interior chamber was used as a place for initiation of Shamans into the magical and healing practices of Mitla. Most sensitives who visit this area claim to 'feel' a portal of some kind into another dimension.

Monastery of Izamal (Yucatan, Mexico) : The monastery of Izamal houses one of the most celebrated Marian statues in this part of the world. The statue is supposedly the reason for thousands of miracles and healings.This is a case of the Christian Church building upon a site that was a pilgrimage site for a 1,000 years or more.

The place was home to Kinichkamo, a personification of the sun god Itzam Na. Itzam Na was a healing god and also the creator of arts and writing. He helped the people build many agricultural items and presided over resurrection. He was head of all the Mayan gods bearing the title ahaulil or lord.

When the Spanish invaded this area, they had the people dismantle the top of an enormous step pyramid in the city square. At this site, the former sanctuary of the god Itzam Na, the enslaved people built a new monastery and church. When the church was opened with the statue of Mary in place, people began to report healings and miracles. Personally, I believe the healings are caused by the force of focused pray upon this place for millennium. The power of all those souls embedding the spot with power.

Tiahuanaco (Mexico) : On a plain high above La Paz, Bolivia is a mysterious city called Tiahuanaco. It's situated at 13,000'. Archaeologist have speculated that it was built by the Egyptians or the Phoenicians; some people think the Atlanteans built it. Teohuanaco means 'City of the God's' - or Where man becomes God. The city has about 600 pyramids of different sizes, the largest of which is the one called 'Pyramid of the Sun'. This pyramid is built over a natural cave system. Most Meso-American people believe that caves are a gateway to the spiritual world.


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