A New America: An Awakened Future on Our Horizon has been written for anyone who is looking to gain a deeper understanding of core values and beliefs of Americans and who wants to make a positive difference – as well as for those people who are in positions of leadership and greater influence to make immediate use of this material.

This book includes key strategies and elements for political, social, economic, and cultural changes that can facilitate the emergence of a more enlightened society. It can be used as a guide, providing basic and advanced insights for how it could be possible for individuals and human society to make such major positive changes.

While a major portion of the book focuses on U.S. society, it is really about all of humanity.

A New America offers new research and new insight into U.S. society, the most diverse country in the world. This material demonstrates practical pathways in our personal and social psyche directly leading to a better way of living for all human beings.

Its premise is principally based on a remarkable large-scale national research study conducted at the turn of the millennium – and is significantly informed by many years' experience with philanthropy, business, technologies, social/political activism, and spirituality. With its sophisticated story arc spanning most of its 400 pages, extensive sidebar text and graphics, and full color throughout, this is truly a very special book.

Unlike the bulk of opinion polling and typical survey research, A New America detects and explains deeper drivers of our behavior, both conscious and unconscious. As we re-examine values and beliefs that have often been implicit in our way of life, these initial study findings address the heart of global conflict. In this material, we make a case for the social basis of a "culture of wisdom," which currently lies close enough to the surface of our personal and group awareness that it could be quickly brought forth in response to both a new type of leadership and a new type of social movement.

In A New America, there are ultimately no simple good guys or bad guys. Instead, new concepts are put forward – such as "discernment with compassion" – to bridge the illusory gulf between people. This book is dedicated to everyone who is an agent of higher purpose and positive change ...and to everyone who has ever wondered about their own true nature.

We each have the innate gifts to be a part of birthing a new world free of conflict and domination. A New America is not only about U.S. society, it is about everyone and concerns all humanity. The key is in making the choice to create something new that serves our extraordinary future potential. The alternative is to risk "going down with the ship" by remaining in the confines of an "old game" – one that is rapidly falling apart and endangering everyone's future.

A New America: An Awakened Future on Our Horizon is a publication by Global Awakening Press and released for distribution in April 2005.