The research included in A New America: An Awakened Future on Our Horizon includes the first comprehensive presentation of the In Our Own Words 2000 (IOOW-2000) research project.

This landmark research project was a three-year long, million-dollar effort, originally commissioned by the Foundation for Global Awakening and Fund For Global Awakening to explore the state of the social and spiritual consciousness of the United States.

At the turn of the millennium, over 1,600 U.S. households were systematically interviewed to yield a statistically representative combination of age and gender selected by each of the twelve Census divisions. The IOOW-2000 research examines key values, attitudes, and beliefs concerning forgiveness and tolerance, ethics and leadership, spirituality, compassion and service, expectations for the next decade, technology, media, healthcare, and many other vital contemporary concerns. The study identifies key areas of strategic importance to all of American society and to individuals in positions of leadership in all sectors.

The IOOW-2000 research identified positive commonalities among groups that can be used to help stimulate positive social change and greater awareness of innate spirituality on a societal scale. It has yielded rich typologies and valuable conceptual maps showing a greater connection than may be apparent among the many diverse tendencies in American society. These radically new typologies categorize and differentiate subgroups of the adult U.S. population by analyzing values and beliefs that are prevalent in the U.S. population. These include The 8 American Types, as well as a set of three core traits, and quadrant-type models.

These innovative typologies are a major contribution of the IOOW-2000 study to social science research. They provide a valuable tool with which opinion leaders and policy makers in non-governmental, business, and governmental organizations can develop strategies informed by a profound understanding of current American values and aspirations. Its presentation of one of the most important typologies, The 8 American Types, offers startling insight into our society and indicates new strategies for a positive future.

These unique typologies are based not on generic "external" observations, but on core values and beliefs – a never-before-presented context in which individuals and society can better understand themselves on a more intrinsic basis. The results of the survey show that a significant portion of the American population places a high value on spirituality, service, and the interconnectedness of all life – values not yet well-recognized by our leadership or popular culture. A New America underscores this unacknowledged level of connection and commonality, unmistakably affirming a greater unity within our diversity.

A New America suggests many ways in which our society may be approaching a turning point in its development. The research presented in this groundbreaking book demonstrates the enormous proportion of the population that embraces a more encompassing understanding of themselves, a deeper spiritual awareness, a universal connectedness, and a belief in working toward a greater common good.

From the IOOW-2000 research as well as a wealth of experience, we believe it possible to raise spiritual values to a broad audience – roughly 80% of the U.S. – in such ways as not to be in conflict or contradiction to the majority of religiously-identified people. This is a significant piece of news!