How to Read This Book




Food for Thought, or What if...?

A Few Key Concepts

Chapter 1: Light at the End of the Tunnel

Chapter 2: Fundamentals of Connection

  • We Have the Potential – Do We Have the Awareness?
  • Connection and Alienation
  • Discernment with Compassion
  • Choice
  • New Patterns

Chapter 3: A New Look at Americans

  • Moving "Out of the Box"
  • Introducing Two Simple Quadrant Models of U.S. Society
  • The "Positive Future - Cooperative Integrative" Scale
  • The "Social Material Stress" Scale
  • Differences and Commonalities – the PFCI-SMS Quadrant Map
  • The "Social Traditional-Religious Conservative" Index

Chapter 4: The 8 American Types

  • Three Core Traits
  • Overview of The 8 American Types
  • Examples of Diversity and Commonality
  • Further Descriptions of the 8 American Types
  • The 8 Types and the PFCI-SMS-STRC Quadrant Models
  • Traits and Types  Deeper than Surface Appearance

Chapter 5: What Type Am I Closest To?

Chapter 6: Conditions for Change

  • What Will It Take?
  • First, A Little Historical Background
  • High Costs to Society and the Individual
  • Free-Will, Choice, and Power
  • A Glimmer of Light in the Tunnel
  • So Why Haven't Things Changed for the Better, Sooner?
  • "Social Inertial Ballast," Disconnection, and Disengagement
  • Two Estimates of "Inertial Ballast" in Society: The 8.2% Group
  • Two Estimates of "Inertial Ballast" in Society: The 16.2% Group
  • Roots of Disconnection within Society
  • From Disconnection to Differentiation
  • Globalization Is

Chapter 7: Future Outlook

  • Optimistic
  • Pessimistic
  • Comparison of The 8 American Types and Their Future Outlook
  • A New Roadmap – Identifying Bridges

Chapter 8: Spirituality – A Grand Context and Unifying Field

  • A Context of Unity within Diversity
  • A Self-Evident Spirituality
  • A Sense of the Sacred
  • Church, Religion, State, and Society
  • Cornering the Market on Spirituality
  • Religious versus Non-Religious?
  • Religion and Spirituality
  • Spirituality: A Bridge Beyond Social and Religious Differences
  • The Spirituality Index: Where Are You?
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Unifying Potential of a "Civil" Spirituality
  • Wanting Involvement in Creating a Better World
  • Social and Spiritual Awakening
  • Global Awakening, Spirituality, and Involvement in Creating a Better World
  • Waking Up from Our Sleep
  • What's Next?

Chapter 9: Movement for a Positive Future

Chapter 10: Politics of a Positive Future

  • Society's Need for a New Framework
  • Voting Values
  • An Emerging New Political Force?
  • A New Type of Political Leadership
  • Political Labels – What Is the Point?
  • The Language of Intent

Chapter 11: Integrating the Greater Whole: A New Paradigm

  • Universal Bridges: Connection, Service, and Spirituality
  • Connection
  • Service
  • Spirituality
  • A Higher Common Denominator
  • Natural Linkages
  • A New Dynamic with a Higher Common Denominator
  • Integrating the Greater Whole
  • What matters most

Chapter 12: For a Decade of the Heart

  • An Urgent Call
  • For a New Social Initiative
  • How?
  • A Pilot Project
  • Elements of a Campaign
  • Facilitation and Coordination
  • An Invitation

Chapter 13: The Global Interchange

Chapter 14: Elections as a Reflection and Projection of Society

  • Elections and Society: Destabilization and Opportunities for Change
  • An Historical Look at Elections
  • Decline in Voting Participation
  • Election Packaging and Marketing

Chapter 15: IOOW-2000 Research and Political Demographics

  • Voting Patterns in America
  • Candidate
  • Party
  • "Ideology"
  • Complexity in Combinations
  • Candidate by Party
  • Party by Ideology
  • Candidate by Ideology
  • Candidate by Ideology and Party
  • Preferring No Candidate or Not Voting
  • Volunteering, Donating, and Not Voting
  • Generation and Gender
  • Religiousness, Spirituality, and Voting

Chapter 16: Values-based Typologies and Voting

  • Expansion or Constriction? A Comparison of Indicators
  • Revisiting the 5 PFCI-SMS Types
  • Voting Likelihood: 5 PFCI-SMS Types and The 8 American Types
  • Candidate Choice: 5 PFCI-SMS Types and the 8 Types
  • The 8 American Types, Candidate Choice, and Gender
  • The Three Core Traits and Candidate
  • Summary Table of the 8 Types
  • Illustrated Synthesis of Voting Demographics and Typology
  • Summary of Typologies and Voting
  • Further Explanation of Wheel Graphics

Chapter 17: Healing and Evolution: Beyond Voting

  • Positive Change
  • Global Awakening


Three Prayers for Humanity

Appendix A: Background on the Research

  • Statistical Research: What Can It Show Us?
  • Survey Sampling, Methods, and Standards
  • Reliability and Psychometrics
  • Comparative Research
  • Future Research and Communications

Appendix B: IOOW-2000 Questions Asked by Category

Appendix C: Supplemental Research on Religion in the U.S.

  • The American Religious Landscape
  • Data and Methods
  • Defining the Religious Landscape

Appendix D: Commonalities of Fascist or Proto-fascist Countries

Appendix E: Bibliography Sources

Appendix F: Background on Principal Authors and Contributors

Appendix G: Contact Information