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About Us

Our work through Fund For Global Awakening (FFGA) and Positive Future Consulting (PFCN) has long been concluded. We are now concluding our work from 2007 through 2013 that has been focused on the deeper problems of the social and spiritual state of the human level of existence.

Since 2007, the overall purpose to has been to provide a broad and deep examination of the physical and metaphysical influences that shape and control the human level of awareness as well as those that shape and influence the higher spiritual levels.

As stated in the A-List “Epilogue” of August 2013, it is our wish and intention that this work not be “organized”, not into any sort of “-ism”, no one may claim to represent this work in any manner, and no one is to charge money for this work.

We wish to again make clear that we are not of any religious persuasion nor under any “guru”, as all religions are the product of a defective state of human awareness operating under the influence of human and non-human Dark agendas. As well, we have not been subjugated to any guru or similar such relationship. Nor could our work be called “Gnostic”, since there is no such doctrine or religion or single coherent set of spiritual teachings under that name. Anyone claiming otherwise is not trustworthy. There have been many variations of “Gnosticism” through its attributed history, some of which are in contradiction to one another.

In many ways the structure and process of a spiritually-informed human mind that is adequately practiced with pattern recognition and analytical discernment can offer much to the indwelling spiritual consciousness of the human Self and the levels beyond.

Those who can discipline themselves against inappropriate distractions and attachments in the Earthly realm develop the needed spiritual clarity that is of immense and immeasurable value to the greater levels of one’s own higher spiritual being and far beyond that, traceable to highest individuations from Creator of All and Creator Itself.

The work of Global Awakening News and the A-List Updates series is for you to use in your own way for your own spiritual development. It is freely and publicly available for anyone who is serious about spiritual transformation and ascension, to access for themselves without any intermediary. There is never to be any fee charged by anyone for this material and there are no “authorized” teachers for this work, ever. It is free. May you be free.

 -Alex and Tish