Print Publications

Our three print publications are no longer available for sale:

Executive Briefing and Summary of Results of the IOOW2000 national research project - presented in a 48 page, offset press, center stitched, four colors throughout.
USD $10.00

- Language of the Awakened Heart - Inspirational Guide for A New Language (indiviudal or classroom use). 72 pages, four colors throughout, center stitched.
USD $20.00

- Special edition: A New America, An Awakened Future On Our Horizon" - 374 pages, four color throughout, offset, glossy cover. Suitable for group seminars and individuals. ISBN: 1-932288-00-7
USD $35.00

NOTE: These can now all be downloaded as PDF from the "Articles and Bulletins" section:

Commentary and guidance for enlightened change during rapidly changing times.