"FFGA Archives" 

Over a period of several years, we developed a body of work that was intended to both evaluate and facilitate potential large scale global awakening that would involve the more spiritiually conscious members of humanity. What is available publicly in print from this is included near the end of the Articles & Bulletins section.

What is not publicly available can serve no useful purpose at this point.

These would include "Decade of the Heart", the "Global Interchange" Internet project, a mass-media project called "Messages: Awakening the Heart of Humanity", an educational television series, and extensions to the IOOW-2000 social science research.

In 1993 we first articulated and circulated what later would becomeithe "vision statement" of FFGA:

Published version of the 1993 Vision Statement
of Fund For Global Awakening

Global awakening means individuals becoming aware of and embracing their true nature and destiny as embodied spiritual Beings. This truth goes beyond the limitations of historical beliefs concerning self, time, space, and matter.  This realization concerns remembering who and what we are beyond the ordinary considerations of self as well as activating new dimensions of Being never before realized. The vastness of this destiny is such that it can only be known as it creates itself.

 Global awakening acknowledges the approaching end of humankind’s felt separation from Spirit and Source. Increasing numbers of people throughout the world are experiencing higher levels of consciousness in ways without precedent. This awareness, which goes beyond all the religions and doctrines of history, is of the universal Divinity within all and is part of All that Is.  It is a state of full consciousness.

 Earth-based experience has served as an intense practice of both separation and longing  for Oneness.  This is now being resolved and integrated into a new experience of both Unity and Diversity. Unity refers to Oneness of all of creation, diversity refers to the uniqueness contributed by each of us. As more people feel their connection with each other and with all of Creation, we see this awakening unfold.

Like a seed that has found a nourishing environment, a new type of human being is emerging, connected by universal love and spiritual awareness. New potentials are being activated within humankind. As in the birth of any new species, our very cellular material is changing to accommodate new energy patterns or inner Light. The cells of our matter are encoded with unlimited potential.

A marriage between heaven and earth, between spirit and matter, is giving birth to something new and wonderful. It means new possibilities for human existence, a new vibration for Earth, and new possibilities for all of Creation. Creation is re-creating Itself.

- 1997 Vision Statement of Fund For Global Awakening, from the founders

Commentary and guidance for enlightened change during rapidly changing times.