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The "A-List" Updates

Note: Beginning with the February-March 2011 A-List Update, a compilation of NES postings are included for the convenience of readers and to encourage reading the forum pages more often.

The Concluding Essays & Post-Epilogue Writings

"Final Call" and Appendices :: May to December 2014 - The conclusion to our public work in five sections:

Parting Notes and Observations

Extracts from the NES Forums of material not published in Global Awakening News

Note: Beginning April-July 2011 to present, we have
included a compilation of NES posts with each A-List
Update - here are compilations previous to April 2011:

Social Economic and Political Concepts

Humanity in Transition

Transformation and Ascension

Note: The A-List Updates are largely focused on transformation and ascension and should be consulted for their substantial background and updated content

Creation, Cosmology, and the Big Picture

Global Awakening News

While we have removed the original Global Awakening News issues, all the main articles were preserved and placed in chronological order under the relevant section headings above. This represents nearly the entirety of the major content since we began publishing in 2007.

Research Bulletins from the IOOW-2000 Data

December 2013:


Our book, “A New America, An Awakened Future On Our Horizon”, includes quotes from various contemporary writers and teachers whose work we cannot and do not endorse or support in any manner today. It was never our intention to imply any endorsement of them or their work in the use of these quotations. The intent was to show where there was a higher commonality and to bridge what we found to be of value. In nearly all instances, we only found self-centered human variations of the Original Error presenting themselves as spritual leaders. We leave this material here as a point of reference and for those who may ask themselves why nothing occurred in the human sphere of activity given the appearance of a plethora of teachings and "leaders"

It is too late at this point for any of the changes suggested in the book to occur. One may want to read "Notes at the End" and the other concluding materials above. 

What remains relevant from the book and the IOOW-2000 research is discussed in Global Awakening News and the A-List Update series, including such concepts as “discernment with compassion”, “social inertial ballast”, "transitional" or "awakened" social community, etc. Examples of this can be found under “Humanity in Transition” section on this page and in context of various essay in GA::News and the A-List series, also found above on this page.

-Alex Kochkin, December 12, 2013

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