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24,000 divided by 12

Have you read Grahan Hancock and Robert Bauval's 'Message of the Sphinx'? For within the context of what they've compiled, lies another question, What was before the 'First Time'? I believe I can answer that. Might you somehow relate this message to them, as one does not put such a brilliant question to answer, without asking another question.

The Great Year or Solar Cycle before the First Time consisted of 24,000 years when the Earth was at the centre without a wobble. The remaining 8 planets aligned in a linear fashion connecting the Sun with Earth, bringing 'heaven unto earth'. Each constellation aligned at 30 degrees around the 'Great Circle' . 24,000 divided by 12 (constellations) equates to 2000 years for each 30 degree mark. The difference between 25,920 and 24,000 is 1,920 when divided by 12 equates to 160. The conspirators were 160, not 72.

The number 72 which Jane Sellers refers to as the conspirators involved with Seth in the murder of the God King is mentioned in ancient Hermetic and Egyptian texts. Although she derives the 72 as the 1 degree mark, dividing 2160 by 30, the 160 years appears to be the number of conspirators and is based on the difference between our current Solar Year and a 24,000 Solar Year. What is even more interesting is the number derived by dividing the 2,000 year period by 30 degrees. Interestingly, it is 666, and may infer the message in Revelation 13 regarding "the mark of the beast". Here is where the illusion of time manifests, and in an overall time frame of 25,920 years the degree or differential suffered equates to Pi. The question is, could Pi be the door to exit time, and is it also the key to why we are locked in the cycles of time in the first place?

In circumference of this whole Pi also began with the First Time as man was compelled to incorporate it into his architecture. This I believe to be an unconscious effort on man's part, as the human mind, thought, the eye and skull were the ancient one's surveying tools. Their thought measured in shadows the degree of Pi which was necessary to meet the new requirements for equilibrium. Due to Earth's wobble and rate of the axial precession, the mirroring of heaven and earth was now in shadows of this contained rest energy due to 160 year overlay. Now diffraction and refraction of light prevented the mirrored image and the constellations no longer aligned in their proper settings. Now man resided in a valley of darkness....

We have also suffered a wobble in our DNA, which we must let time reconstruct during evolution by way of mutation back to the way we were before the First Time. The framework of our skull, which encapsulates the circuitry of our brain was altered and we could no longer see as they saw. But in time the skull will change as we see the subtle alterations have already begun. Two significant signs, TMJ (Transmandibular Joint Disease) and Tinnitus, are already document in time. These changes will effect the function of the brain internally by shifting the septal divide between the frontal hemisphere, to a septal divide traversing the temporal region.

Thus, our right brain will communicate with the left and left with the right, and the true image our eyes see will mirror through this new divide or door allowing the frontal communication with the occiptial brain where inversion of the image on the concave surface of the skull where the occipit rests can be attained. The ear and its auditory canal will become obsolete and we will hear through vibrations filtering the brain. The alignment of the jaw (mandible) will be at precisely 90 degrees, shifting the angle of the soft palate to 45 degrees where the radiant energy will align with the pineal gland. In time the mouth, digestive tract and alimentary canal will become obsolete.

When the planetary alignment manifests, its impact on human physiology will be abrupt. But many of the evolutionary adaptations required to sustain the impact have already been met by our disease and mutative processes suffered through the ages. Like those before us, we will be fed through principle of photosynthesis. Because time is the illusion these changes will not be met in time, they will be found in another dimension.

Eventually as time moves behind itself away from the illusions, and the planets, earth and sun are properly aligned, we shall return to that place known as the garden. Only then can we, as a cosmic race find our true place of origin and begin to understand the message those before us have imprinted in their architecture and the unearthed artefacts found in "Time's Rubble".

One such artefact, the Phaistos disc signifies our current Solar Year and has also incorporated Pi in its construction, though rudimentary. Much of what I see in this disc runs against the grain of what I saw as a child in a 24,000 year clock. But, it is because of what I saw then, that I can comprehend the Phaistos disc, other artefact and our "Evolution in Time" now. I have never been the way of this world and I have not failed to go on believing those things I knew as a child.

Time is the illusion and we must put it to test. Earth is not the 3rd rock from the sun and we live in a geocentric universe. The Earth belongs at the centre, for her core of iron makes her the magnetic monopole, whose density or mass potential aligned linearly with the other 8 planets equates to the harmonics of the sun based on the planetary diatonic ratios whose harmonic sings Earth's song. When the light and sound synchronize time will be no more.

To quote another Egyptian text, "You must push against the natural drift of time in order to reach Osiris/Orion in his proper First Time Setting". What this is saying is the attempt the ancients made in construction of their temples ie.; pyramidal, rectangular, square and round, aligned East as the sun rose, to test time. They were trying to realign the light with Earth pushing against time so they might return to the way it was before the First Time.

When I was a young child learning to tell time I could not grasp the concept of the 24 hour day, at quarterly 15 minute intervals, sixty seconds to equal a minute, sixty minutes to equal an hour etc...for as I looked at the clock I saw 24,000 year periods. It is an image similar to our clock but it has a few other features which deal with time in a clockwise and counterclockwise fashion, aligned linearly from the centre extending to the periphery and 3 concentric rings of 2000 years each extending into each quarter of this time frame. Where the numbers rotated on the periphery at 30 degree marks, I saw thousands of years. I remain dumbfounded by the concept of time, but eventually gave into peer and other pressures. Though to date I still believe what I saw as that child.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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