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The Seven Seals

The crop circle message overall is a blueprint of the Merkabah. The Merkabah represents this new elucidation of the atom. It is an energy device that Earth (a magnetic monopole) radiates when all her elements are aligned and restructioned. It maintains the harmonics between light and sound, relieves gravitational constraints and removes the time factor from the equation. Therein lies homeostasis of Earth and man alike.

It also is a mechanical device that was built in the past when Moses and Aaron used the rod to strike the stone for water. It is not to be built this time around because that is the device backed by human thought or intent that caused the universal dissention.

If each formation would be viewed overlayed with Earths geographical mass, then from the centre outward to the periphery, there would be seven points found within each overlay, repeating these geographical coordinates . They specify areas for release of contained rest energy. They are like area codes, each an number with a particular frequency that will breach the energy/matter construct specific to that location.

Earth being a magnetic monopole is the key to breaching this construct, but human consciousness plays a key position. The first priority is aligning Earth's electromagnetic fields and may be why the ancient one's built these sacred temples. They were in fact marking the sites where there would shifts in the hidden agenda of magnetic laws for sufficient propulsion to move the contained rest energy of the mass.

Earth is the Merkabah even though our past constructed a mechanical device using principles of the magnetic monopole, which broke barriers of the atom's monopolarity, creating fission of the water molecule and displacing the electron flow in the m-shell of the iron atom..."a ferrous bar en hydro-magna". Therein, the story of the Great Flood.

If one had to isolate a year to define this occurence it would be 10,500 B.C. as document in Hancock's book "Message of the Sphinx". In all the years hence, man reckoned with the Earth changes in language, architectural alignment of temples and the stories in time which became the legend followed by the myth. Though the legends sway a bit from the truth, they still contain the facts concealed between the lines told of the story. The myth causes science to turn its back to truth.

Recently, bullae were uncovered in the Middle East with the seal of King Hezekiah. A stamped note made during the reign of the King of Judah. On it is a winged Egyptian scarab and between the wings in Hebrew are the four letters for the word "Judah". The image of this winged one uses the same geometry of the circles based on the template for light and the harmonics for sound. Light and sound in harmony define the energy of the Merkabah. The wings are indicative of the spectral bands of lights index and the harmonic of sound..........something birds today use for navigation, in addition to the magnetic bearings within their skulls.


It reads from bottom register to top, "Belonging to Hezekiah, (son of) Ahaz, king of Judah" (äãäé / êìî æçà åäé÷æçì). The word "Judah" is the four letters between the wings at the top. This drawing is a omposite based on photos of 5 mpressions by 2 different seals (one has an extra line in the wings):

He trusted in the LORD God of Israel, so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor who were before him.--2Kings 18:5

Linguistics defines our place of origin and genetics is that to express our understanding based on Earth coordinates. Stored in Earth's fields is the information of that which time has document. So the root language in deciphering all language will manifest from the root code of the language of genetics. The above letters indicate a path on Earth with certain points where 7 seals must be loosed if we are to reach our destination returning back to the centre.

These seven points outline a course to a postion in the centre. To find this destination within any 3 dimensional space you need 6 points to determine the exact location. The carbon atom maintains these points. The diamond configuration when applied to a sphere with the square template of 64, or in genetics with the 64 base combinations, aligns the geographical coordinates on Earth where the "seven seals" will be loosed. Verse 5 in Chapter 5 in the book of Reverlations says; and the Elders saith, "Behold, Fear not, for the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David hath prevailed and one would come to loose the seven seals, thereof." This verse is key to the geometry in the circles and why they appear at this point in time.

In Avebury during the mid 90's a crop glyph appeared that seems to indicate the value for our current root mean square. The image shows imbalance at the angle for momentum of the vertical velocity and a wave running back to back with a degree of slippage, then the following circle indicating an immediate counterclockwise spin. To me it seems to be saying our RMS value @.707 must increase to at least .866 if we are to inlink the correct wavelength and correct the energy to mass ratios. The bottom line; y does not equal r sin w t. Or the vertical velocity does not equal the angular momentum.

The one factor missing in all this is light's equation. L2 or squaring the light will create this template aligning all other components or forces. It is the unifier that once a part of the simple harmonic in template of a checkerboard relinguishes the darkness or contained rest energy.

Implied within the circles is a "Simple Harmonic Motion". Newland's Law corresponds to this thinking in that 8 squared or 4 cubed equal the 64 frequencies of the universe, 8 tones to an Octave which align with the formation and molecular conformation of the 64 base combinations of our DNA.

The Milk Hill script in 1991 offered two translations. Both are correct, in that they imply the same message. "The Creator Wise and Kind" is "against all cunning or trickery." A simple statement really, referring to genetics as man's creator. The ancient square Hebrew characters wrote the Torah. The Torah is a genetic map of the human genome and its many translations throughout time. So these characters align with the 64 base combinations and the four letter genetic language.

Though Hebrew is written right to left and each letter left to right, if you note the two parallel lines in the center and the letters to the left you see a lateral inversion of those letters. Here in this two sets of three........and in the second set containing the letter Daled, or the number 4, it also is the word that means THE DOOR. If these letters are applied to the base sets of our genetic alphabet it defines the letter g for guanine that was replaced by a t for thymine marking the area of our genetic frameshift. If conceived within the circuitry of Earth's grid or template it indicates the break where the lines of electromagnetic fields have broken communication between energy and mass to transmit the message for the language of one. It also indicates that there are four inversions required to copy or replicate our gene transfer not six.

If you count each limb of the squared characters from right to left, but not counting the parallel line sets, beginning at the first base junction the 19th descending intron falls on the letter daled representing the GTA gene for Beta Thalassemia. Then from the mid parallel lines counting each limb moving right to left the letter daled falls on the 6th descending intron for CAT gene or Sickle cell anemia. Now the Torah speaks of disease and man's transgression being caused by the blood and both of these are related to the blood. What connects them.....the CTT gene for normal hemoglobin. A molecule with an iron base. Apparently, the T code for this molecule has replaced a G during the lateral inversion right to left of the AGG code which begins our genetic journey.


It should read like that. But instead the code breaks ....\ \ \ at the GGA .....and the retro inversion of TCC becomes CTT when the G is replaced with the T. Now the area for Uracil or U is an anomaly which in the field script is a single line next to the mid parallel lines indicates the missing fragment of code. Uracil which is part of the RNA is the messenger transcribing the wrong code. As I worked out the codons sets aligned with the Hebraic text, the floating arm for Trisomy 21 or Down's syndrome fits here, but the count begins from left to right.

Now in research done in 1942 by Jean Brachet and catalogued in the Archives de Biologie, he found on repeated attempts of centrifuge and washings, an iron atom locked in the granules of RNA he was attempting to isolate. My assumption of what he'd found is that hemoglobin has become a proton donor and inverted the bonds or letters at the level of hydrogen bonding, thus the cause of disease. An iron atom in a ferric state, which I have labeled "a ferrous bar en hydro magna" has attached itself to the RNA template, mutating DNA's original message. To fracture this ferric domain all we must do is turn off the electricity. (within crop circle formations they have done just that by turning off the electricity. They start at the atomic level where monopolarity realigns the molecule and cell. It explains the symptoms each individual expresses, as it is this energetic shift in the polar alignment of the helix after the ferric fracture where magnetic energy in the circle purges the contained rest energy of heavy metals; ie. iron.)

The message I am trying to convey is that this crop glyph indicates the method by which we correct our genetic dysfunction. It offers the understanding that our DNA remains concealed and protected, for this is the covenant we share with God.

It has been said that God's chromosomes number 36 and this scripture when counting each limb, including the parallel lines, totals 36.. So this implies that contained within our 46, even though we suffer disease, we still have the balance of God's word. Our chromosomal realignment will show 48 chromosomes to be true, and as the script said, "the creator wise and kind is against all trickery or cunning," because his number or code is still contained within us.

JESUS SAID, "HE IS AMONG YOU BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW HIM." If we can read between the lines of the legends and myths through time, then our hearts can teach our minds the truth.

If we could only remember that our imagination is our memory.

And that imagination is the root which builds our intellectual capacity.

Then we might know and understand the heart of man and the relationship he shares with the Earth and sky.

" 'Tis the Earth who speaks all in creation, as housed memory of our very existence, of all energies required to sustain all languages in one mind, all pulsing in one heart, all answers in one word, are housed here for any individual on her surface who asks, desiring any message at any time to be delivered."

The above statement was written in Hebrew in the Fields on Earth just because the question was asked "who is the creator?"..............................................July 2000

The circles are speaking the language of the ONE for the many. Once we unravel all the pieces they will fit nicely in the configuration of the "origin of the wheel." Each discipline needs to take seriously this language that unites us, one and all.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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