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Ark of the Covenant

The breach in the nuclear envelope was forced by this new frequency or ferric domain in iron, the blood. As the spindle divided as centriole paired fragments of DNA were removed to the cytoplasm, and there the RNA template created its own world (organelles) outside the nuclear membrane. Perhaps, these two chromosomes removed refer to the missing tribes.......... ten remain within, and 2 are outside.

I found research by Jean Bracet in the Archives de Biologie 1942 that indicates an iron atom exists in the RNA granules. He attempted to isolate the RNA, but after multiple washings and centrifuge he could not remove an iron atom tainting them.
Probably the carrier of genetic disorder carries the altered frequency of iron, but it remains in the blood and they have no symptoms. But their offspring develop the disorder full blown as the iron atom itself shifts into the cytoplasm embedded in the code by replacing the hydrogen bond ( thus, hemoglobin has become a proton donor) breaching genetic codes inscribed by the RNA template. Hence, as in the Fragile X syndrome the repeated sequencing of CCG......a non-methylated area with over 500 repeat sequences of this occur in the offspring and only 50 to 60 in the parent.

If we use an aetheric template (invisible) of 8 squared or 4 cubed, the 64 base combinations which would incorporate all the numbers I am reminded of the 'four and twenty elders' or the four inversions of the base pairs in codon sets of three and the 20 essential amino acids. So, the 3 times 4 = 12 and that times 4 inversions to copy replicates the whole of 48 chromosomes or 24 pair..........four and twenty. The multiple determinate does not lie hidden, as it is the 4 letter name or G-d, the four letter word in the genetic alphabet and the divinity of the word LOVE.

The frameshift mutation set in motion the 6 inversions to copy the code due to refraction of light in breach of the aetheric template. It occurred on the 6th descending intron from the 1st base junction where thymine was laterally inserted for Guanine. The start codon or AUG, where on the lateral another genetic sentence begins and ends with the stop codon UAG, UUA or UGA have been laterally inverted , ( the uracil insert should occur on the lateral inversion, not the retro as does the other letters). This is where the iron atom breaches the templates construct forcing U or uracil to start rather than stop. There should not be a frameshift and non-coding introns, every letter should be contiguous without breaks.

In working with this scripture based on that premise it uncovered all the letters of the genetic disorders that deal with the blood as that is where they come from....the "NORMAL HEMOGLOBIN". I guess we overlooked it because of the first word....

Six inversions looks like the left side of the scripture and I found it in the Hebraic script written in the crop formations in Europe. When I looked at it intially, intuitively I saw genetic codon sets, the two of three base pairs, but then I found something else. The linguist translated it first as, "THE CREATOR WISE AND KIND" to me meant DNA. Then, they came up "APPONO ASTOS" Latin for "I AM AGAINST TRICKERY OR CUNNING". To me they both say the same thing.

0 ll UCC U7U ll

the 11 mark is the junction. So move or count right to left. I was unable to make the characters square, but angle each limb of each letter with a ninety degree turn (the six letters between the parallel lines.) As you count note the 2nd letter from the right (dalet in Hebrew) the descending limb on that letter counts six, but it is missing. That is where the frameshift occurred. When we move on the lateral everything is in reverse, a retro move would copy the complete image without reverse, making it upside down.

The rest of the script looks like this;

ll 1CUNC llO
l l l l l
/ / l l l

U is a stop mechanism but if inserted on the lateral it taints the retro inversion becoming a start here is where the T replaced the G.

These must also be squared letters and laterally inverted. (I couldn't write them backwards) So on a piece of paper write them square and invert. It will reverse the sequence putting the N on the left and the U on the right.

The entire script looks like this; This genetic aphabet was my first impression and is how the frameshift occurred by a horizontal insertion of the wrong code.

0ll UCC U7U ll 1CUNC ll0
l l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l l l l l l

The next line should have read;

So you can see where the T replaced the G. The problem was the break in between the letters. This left side of characters consists of 2 of 3 x's 3 which is 18 x's 2 would equate 36, the number of God's chromosomes. So, even though we seem to lack therein, the strength and integrity is still in tose numbers. Hence, Jesus saying and meaning "he is among you but you do not know him.

Those square Hebraic characters is each a number, and can be broken down into binary code for the integration of a genetic circuit that connects to a computer. I think Met asked about the interface for man and machine. The Torah is it!

Anyway, there is a great deal that goes with this scripture; it outlines 48 chromosomes, 4 sets of 3 bases, not 2 sets of 3, building the template using four inversions, two retro, two lateral of the original four square characters. It reminds me of a game of chess, but more significantly it describes the game of MaJong and what each piece on this 64 square template really means. It is not a simulated game of war, rather a game in the frameshift mutation that created life as we know it.

The encoder is man (his DNA) and the key to decrypt it is time. When the frameshift hits the end of the genetic code it will unravel/ unwind and the end will begin again. That is why aleph was removed from genesis and it began with Beit.

We are moving full circle in this fourth quarter of time. We have the momentum to break the helix of the iron dragon, and eat our own tail to complete the circle in time. The enigma lies in the RNA and the marker is the iron atom. To simply fracture this ferric bond, would realign our DNA as the dominoes fall. The promise G-d made is in the covenant or nuclear envelope. Everything that was there still is. We just have to unlock it. I have told Met the magic lies in the hidden agenda of magnetic laws and the MRI can cure it.........


- Blanche McLanahan.

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