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Back Bone of our Bonds

The 1 3 2 formula I have been looking at corresponds to the dream and hydrogen has always been the key. Isotopes, though I feel an anomaly, will be used to breach the bond of H2, the vesica of retained rest energy.

Can someone look at the numerical/musical relationships of our current matrix in ferrite (alpha-Fe), the relationship Fe (iron) and C (carbon) share. The dark phase is Fe_3C cementite. These create the checkerboard pattern in the electromagnetic grid, offsetting the relationship between hydrogen and carbon, hence the oxidative bounds of iron to taint the waters, where photosynthesis delivers the energy.

Carbon once freed the distortion manifest by the e>m, iron's dark side (FeCl) and hydrogen's vesica piscus (H2) will release the anomalous crystalline matrix and carbon will again become diamond, a matrix without distortion of our true potential in the light where its angle of incidence equals the reflection.

Why is Pi incorporated into everything? Because it is the degree of deficit in our current gradient...........though our eye cannot see it, the mind somehow knows intrinsically, an inherent factor encoded within the organism.

Waves of distortion, epsilon_beta_alpha. The beta now we are as, 0 2 1 as apposed to 1 3 2 .

See it like this, take the one and at its center place an equilateral triangle. The top is positive, the base to left is negative, to right positive. Now spin it..........these three limbs will open to an open ended square, the ancient square characters of the Hebrew language, which match or are origin of the genetic language. The spin creates four of the same triangle with 4 rapid inversions, two lateral, two retro (two concave, two convex). Now, should you stop it here, you see the Star of David representing this phases confirmation of the polymeric silicate where will be integrated through its built in conduction system the event of replication. Now this is where the matrix changed and became the language of the petroglyphs.

Align two parallel and horizontal lines. On both lefts erect a triangle, with the bottom open. Then beneath the first line place two more, it'll look like a stick horse. Then do the same with the other line placing the two open bottomed triangles. It looks now as if you've two horses on top one another. If we realign this by simple shifts of the triangles, it will again form the Star of David. This sign has been found within the language of the petroglyphs and its indicates the lateral inversion right to left occured during interference of the light bands, obstruct by the ferric domain, disabling the circuit flow for completion of the flattening of the sine wave with the 180 -180 =0 mirrored inversion.

The language of the glyphs has document both the light and dark squares and it is time now to loose the gravitational holds of the lights full potential and release ourselves these chains that prevent our being.............CHECKMATE

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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