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When my husband and I visited China in 1987 I spoke with a woman while there who said that all language comes from the centre. So I asked, "What centre?" She said, "from the beginning, in the centre of the density of matter." I thought about the energy/ matter construct and light or the electrification of matter and how contained rest energy might be that to cause refraction of light......So I asked if she meant that our brain creates language from the patterns of light's refraction. She responded "something like that."

I could perceive/conceive of that. My question now is, did the 22 Hebrew letter alphabet spin out on the periphery of this centre in origin of the square Hebrew letters?

What could have altered the incident angle of the sun to not equal the reflection of heaven unto earth or the same above as below? What created such complexity from the simplicity of square letters? Could it be that our brains synthesis of light and its refraction through the eye, and dependent on where we live geographically the shadows are created by the incident angle of the sun in relation to Earth's surface and mineral constituents, whereby shadows might manifest the differences in our speech and resultant language patterns due to refraction? Or maybe it has more to do with genetics as a direct consequence of our geographic origin.

I got to thinking about the Michelson/Morley experiment to prove the aether and if maybe we could set up a little different experiment to prove the aether. I've always believed there was and that light was the aether. As well, I believe light unifies the forces. Maybe what appears to be randomness and chaos is only temporary due to bending and interference of light. Now if the obstacles could be cancelled out, using this template, then maybe we could better define entropy and create a term of opposition, therein defining cause of refraction or the breach in the energy/matter construct. I have a clue to what that might be....but will hold that thought.

If we could set up an index for light, a template as so to speak, using an 8 squared or 64 window configuration within a circle. Essentially, it would consist of a 3 dimensional square template inside the circle. Then, alternating on each horizontal line (or lines of latitude) one to be positive the next a negative charge. The longitudinal lines or vertical lines in this 64 square combination would alternate a positive/negative charge. It wouldn't work like an alternating or direct current, rather one that would simultaneously cancel the other out due to spiraling motion moving up from the equatorial line then spiraling downward beneath it. The overlap would create light that would not be canceled out.

From the very centre radiate out to the periphery 8 spokes where from their centre a positive charge would pulse, and as it reached the periphery a negative charge would manifest. It makes one think of the electron in the periphery and the proton in the nucleus of an atom. These spokes would appear as equidistant lines radiating to the periphery of the circle beyond the square. Four would be @90 degrees the others 45 degrees to each 90.

In my thinking, each square would be clear like glass, unlike the chessboard, so as to reflect the light. But being they would carry the opposite charge, it would appear as black and white squares. ...and from the very centre spin a positive charge through the eight spokes of light, spinning clockwise, while the square spins counterclockwise. Somehow set the vertical velocity along longitudinal lines and the electric charge of each square to the angular momentum of the spin at 90 degrees perpendicular. As the angles are shifted in relationship to the degree on the periphery, say 30, 60 45 degrees moving clockwise and shifted then counterclockwise, in line with the eight spokes we could block the positive charge, short circuiting that line in degree on the periphery and see what type of shadows or letter would be displayed?

I have never looked at Chess as a simulated game of war, the board and its pieces I liken to a simulated game of life.........I think that when the Earth's axis shifted, so did the electromagnetic fields, breaching our communication board or circuit, thus the need for language, a better understanding or form of communication had to be developed or simply recognized. Certainly the spin, the axis, angular momentum, centrifugal force and gravity have a great deal to do with it. But, I also think a template for light could bring unification of all these and simplify our wondering.

I don't know if that makes any sense to you. But, the fact that you could see what you saw in the Hebrew letters tells me a great deal about how you envision things. Somehow I see this picture in my mind over and over again of a chessboard whose vertical lines show an alternating pulse, and as the spin in the centre moves out toward the periphery it meets this line of light and cancels out the charges running on the horizontal lines. I don't see anything but light, but as the angular momentum changes as the potential from the spin slows or speeds up, I see shadows breach equilibrium that would be manifest of an energy<matter or energy>matter construct. What is strange, is that the shadows appear to be Hebrew letters.

I also applied the 64 base combinations for DNA coding to this template of light based on the square Hebrew letters and it defines the reason for our frame shift mutation. I have a strange feeling that the Torah is a genetically encoded integrated circuit that can be built once the decoding can be established using the root code. I think I found the root, but I cannot prove it until I see the light of this experiment. Can you help me better define what I am seeing?

Anyway, I wrote the following poem with regard to this thought process, because I couldn't get it out of my mind.


In these quantum spaces void of time which knows no fate, inertia holds reflection in thresholds on which to begin the race.

Any space without time shall succumb in time to shed space and it is herein the atom's nucleus dictates. Particles flow and too collide in silence of an unseen force, her concave chamber a door once open sets our course.

Here the lines run parallel for mean in flow the frequency, velocity and potential settles in line of the spectral harmony. Now within confines of her unceasingly limited borders, we view two lines who now must cross in perpendicular of disorder.

A point in the origin of fate where is gained new directive...knows checkmate and the professed foil now to be one subjective.

Electromagnetic waves flush organizing quantum particles, respective of the order in gravity's last concentric circle. Photon beams of light are linear and drawn in of the momentum, magnetic pull in confined space supplies gravity's required energy essential.

A pawn now this King whose distance will always be heard, as hydrogen from the sun diffuses with silence of the unspoken word. A message to those mortal to pay in full the peasants wage, a prize we win in sum as these quantum spaces merrily disengage.

In view the King's cup and sparkling shining ladle, lies reflect the secrets to that told in the fable. For the eye to peer the atom's convex surface or deflective frame, is a picture twice upright and the face is to match the name. But as we look from the inside out in profile of the other side, our perspectives change and the brain inverts concavities reflective ride.

Inside the atom's centre is four times the right angled view, with height though upside down, is brief of the nuclear preview. Light decides the incidence as entropy conforms to sight, now inversion sets reflection on the other side upright. A square confines each player within the game of life's's sphere, Checkmate is never final in the circle after shadows disappear.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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