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Cutanea Tarda

Thy Rod and Thy Staff fail to comfort me.......

Porphyria is a group of at least eight diseases caused by abnormalities in the chemical steps that lead to heme production. Heme, which is found mostly in the blood, bone marrow and liver is a vital molecule for all of the body's organs. Heme is a component of hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood.

Erythropoietic protoporphyria is an uncommon type of porphyria that mainly affects the skin. The disorder results from low levels of the enzyme responsible for the eighth and final step in heme production. Heme is a vital molecule for all of the body's organs. It is a component of hemoglobin, the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood.


The heme porphyrin spins surrounded by four nitrogen bases to provide oxygen delivery

Where endogenous rhythms seed the catalytic enzyme to mirror a false identity.

Oxidative bounds increase electrical fields

Nitrogen fails preventing oxidation surrounded by the ferromagnetic yield.

Magnified forces compel an increase in electrical potentiality

Compromising the smiled reflection held in magnetic affinity.

A melancholic movement to cradle energetic output from the subatomic space

Radiates now in static thresholds and creations of a mutant human race.

Harmonic spindles entangle in tails held in place of opposition

Turned in recognition of encircling the line where its head seeks transition.

The tail or hydrophobic world is now turned inside out

Now consumed and upended by the hydrophilic's clout.

A place herein the hydrophilic moment of inertial guidance

Is drawn through metamorphosis its counterpart and phobic reliance.

Twisted sisters find confusion in the mirrored direction

The genes snug, inverted in the wrong slide projection.

Centrosomes lost in the incident angle as light fails true reflection

The transfer amiss as ferric hydrogen clings without detection.

The beta globin gene invades the myoglobin

Then infiltrates and breaches the cysteine bridge using instead methylation.

Chromosomes bewildered as magnetic drive grasps the wrong tail

The spindle forms despite the trains dynamic magnetic rail.

As metaphase progresses in lack thereof alpha/numeric progression of the code

Telephase intermingles minus the strength to carry weight of the bodies additional load.

Now which enzyme has triggered these protein molecules to go wrong

The helical twists binding and its disharmony sings the anomalous song.

And the capillary flow nourishes life perfusing each cell through its membrane

Delivering this ferrous transfer of energy, then is merrily on its way.

Cutaneous infusion of photosynthetic energy

Moves in using the chloride shift via fragility of the capillary.

Flowing now in unison are these two who join hands in viscosity

As iron's magnetic influence dictates a hydrogen ferocity.

The electro-weak forces deprive the magnetic-strong a key to record

Now two cosmic faces surface with two heads no body can afford.

DNA now tainted by the surging vascular purge behind the heart's wall

This blood that carries no likeness climbs the ladder as she falls.

Even she is blinded as interference of light is absorbed through cutaneous membrane

Capillary flow infringes ferric might breaching barriers of the internal organs frame.

External the light is drawn and sparks even in the dark

Iron's pull in hemoglobin brings oxygen to light the spark.

Eternally she shines infusing to unify the weak and strong

With hopes not of wishes fatal giving life a dance to prolong.

Atmospheric pressures meter the elements who feed

Osmosis herein brings enlightenment to cells natural tendency.

But as the electric force exceeds the magnetic to oppose the real potentials

The artificial energy overrides the magnetic repulsion in verse of life essential.

A new chain of command has unknowingly led man astray

He looks himself in the mirror seeing the two faces life portrays.

As his body struggles to live his mind questions his death

Imaginings to drift in red seas only to find pull of the tide in waters so swift.

Electro waves of madness elude the spheres homeostasis

Lines converge the center but are not perpendicular to a parallel status.

These waves whose crest and trough deceive the pleasing frequency

Of a prismatic curve to encircle using the speed of velocity.

A point in the opposition where the two become the one to be

And begin a march in melody of parallel linear duality.

The keys to the harmonic rings loud and clear

But iron's might manipulates hydrogen whose bonds fail to steer.

Atomic monopoley, a game cosmic influence dictates

The rules to barter with DNA and the blood should stay in its place.

The Chinese built the atoms in the game of MaJong

To teach their children the laws, so they would not go wrong.

The seasonal influence differing of flowers growing despite the cosmic wind

North, South, East and West and all intervening coordinates impact each place within..

Linears pegs with dots to represent hydrogen in building the atoms and molecules

Marked on ivory rectangles are the face to shed influence on the rules.

Egyptian heiroglyph and artifact in the rubble shows a land divided

For human understanding of the many blessings the gods provided.

The God of waters and the God of the sun

Fed man's need while his spirit deprived could not rise above.

The architecture does infer lights incidence and reflection

Inversion of the right angle infused Earth energy from Heaven.

Tetrahedral geometry of the pyramidal tower

Relieved stress on the land mass and gave word of babel to tower.

The suns incident angle to strike the point on a equilateral triangle

Brought energies to release the Pharaohs spiritual potential.

Newgrange to precede them built along their time's demand

A spherical monument using quartz stone from the land.

If voice should arrive to resound these empty city and monuments walls

The tale it would tell would be of time's descent and its fall.

The mind perceives all things, so in these circular halls

We learn of Pythagoras and spatial geometries of the sphere's call.

Stories of the old lost out of space drifting through time

And it is yet that we behold should we fail to march on the line.

The sphere depicts the structural determination of the atoms inherent traits or law,

As it released the giving of the strong nuclear based on heavens gentle force of RA.

They mapped the stars as it was key to their understanding heart

The years to transcend genetics where the strong gave life the primordial start.

Primordial equilibrium has us rising from the dead

As hydrogen resurrects cutting the ferric iron's head.

The Egyptian weighed the heart to measure the element that confined his spirit

The Aztec in confusion worshiped the skull, cutting out the hearts of their victims.

This knowing where insanity parallels the unconscious realm

Where the spirit can appease awakening the conscious who lies at the helm.

The head to arrive the shore derived our cognitive interpretation

And the mind instructs the hand creating our world's deliberation.

Should the fractals in time displace reasoning potential,

Then insanity marks the lineage and genetics suffers credential.

The Olmec vanished leaving myth of their existence prior to the shift

The stories of the old found the new whose minds stood to resist.

The Mayan intellect built architecture during confusion of time's mystery

But held fast to love and its semblance, which is reflect in their codices.

Time was now descending into depths dark to void stories told

That misinterpreted bloods purpose and its embryonic hold.

One cannot drink the fruits of tainted blood for resurrection

Time must be the factor to de-differentiate our blastema formation.

Irrational is time and the minds of man's reasoning and recognition

To understand with regard one's cognitive interpretation.

Time's protocol to factor in the curve must be amiss

As the circles revolution and light's linear sight sheds our mortal bliss.

Our thoughts creation are minus the hearts input of love

And the message is ill transcribed in wave of hydrogen above.

Fusion seals the bond ever so tightly fit

Hydrogen is the power where in its silence our pain can lift.

A viscous nature who flows in to all things

Her waters filter health as fission during evaporation lifts weight of our being.

Propagation of the species succumbs losing the elements divinity as Plato decreed

Transition of the immortal lost as the bloods surging notion suffices our need.

Elusive is time's nature as the human eye fails to see

Imagination drifting as yet to awaken humanity.

Integrity of the ritualistic motion required to transcend our current humanity

Concealed in the descent on the diagonal a code to extinguish this bipolarity.

Electric are these bodies whose elements deliver prosperity

The atoms to equate the balance using its monopolarity.

Peering through time's window whose door is always locked

The atom is the ship whose moorage finds anchor at the dock.

Hydrogen is the basis, the rod and only true bipolar sphere to steer all things

and oxygen the energy, the staff to manage our life's eternity.

These fruits we chose to ingest now circulate in the blood

And the electro-force only strengthens hydrogen's ferric bond.

Excretory purpose attempts to lift the heavy metal and carbon weights

To sever ties of the numbers mislaid with a sword that cuts both ways.

That internal number should mirror the external identity

Secures in viscous lair the tainting to deny reprieve.

A perpetual motion to cleanse the blood and shame

To unravel genetics in the mirror and recognize our true name.

If blame has found a reason then time has drug us under

Despite humanity's claim his heart was found in slumber.

Disease of these bodies originates in this blood protein

The oxyhemoglobin has denied DNA the sum of things.

She has not one but two faces pulsing breath and energy through skin,

A membranous photosynthetic tool that steals from DNA to mirror and transfer within.

The bloods ferromagnetic pulsing fears light of monopolarity

As it fractures domain running equal in selfish expanse of longevity.

And should this one deprive the other imbalance once again reeks in pain

As the atom's ballast shift and sinks in weight another dance of refrain.

Prolific is this machine seeking life and at birth begins to die

Immunity to battle the mirror of self as it fights a simultaneous cry.

Somewhere along the way the tainting blood shall meet its match

The cosmic force will shift, reversing the electromagnetic latch.

Entangled chromosomes to calmly flow in unison with the sun's fission

Breaking forth the ice to melt yond barriers the molecules strong fusion.

Hydrogen freed to lift the suppression of carbon and iron

With the base to equate an incident angle to a face the light relies on.

The silence of the blood who seeps through permeable border

Etching beyond perimeters the CNS and brain barrier inducing circuitry disorder.

Quietly gushing she delivers zinc and aluminum into the minds of man

Copper the conductor pushed along these large molecules into borders which do not seek them.

Symptomatology now manifests as disease speaks to effect of the words

And we die as the effects are miscalculated in the curve.

Internal spontaneous combustion occurs if not turned off and round

Whilst saturation fractures the domain, we won't hear a sound.

Vibrational and dimensional shift at the sub-atomic level,

Will re-align the molecule and cellular hierarchy now bedeviled.

Humanity must meet the cosmic force halfway

For survival of the fittest will find truth on the 7th day.

Splitting of these waters now entangled set out on the red sea,

No longer adrift but the shore to freedom we fail to see.

The storms in one last effort to submerge us neath the waves

Has cast another hardship to saturate our matter dense with AIDS.

But logic will blow the breeze and the minds sail will catch

Gaining flight in the knowledge as evil finds it match.

The elusive ferric hydrogen crashes in bloods tainted waters preventing DNA her might

She slips the uracil with thymine to bond and mirror Adenine.

Innocence of transfer to shyly walk away

Then dutifully bound attaches plugging it in to RNA.

Proudly she walks to rebuild in times of need,

Little does she know, she carries the prolific virus supporting death's deed.

The cells must be sleeping as all busy bodied organelles do their stuff

The incident goes unnoticed till the bodies starts to slough.

She rests in situ until the trigger of salvation is thrust

And now secondary structure succumbs to metastatic just.

Myoglobin's relations to the mitochondria fail

If hemoglobin could speak you'd see the plug of hydrogen's tail.

The ATP coupled reaches out to transform

But finds itself now dictate by the red seas power to conform.

She does not breath a word for no voice could ever explain

The elusive reality as the body contraindicates itself to remain.

As the vastness and insurmountable numbers of disease accumulate

The years to define it would find death alive and us too late.

Unify its cause as in all things this too shall come to pass

And disease will lift these souls into days of future's past.

The rod of hydrogen is mislaid by this blood protein

Suffering the cosmic forces attraction on the magnetic redemption of gravity.

The weak is the large, the strong is the small,

When light is obstructed the strong suffers and the weak become tall.

Weakness finds reflection of light the cause

Her frequency prevented in wave as velocity calls.

Iron draws the light unable in waves to project,

the energies are stilled, bent and moved to refract.

Conducted through the vascular walls oxidative reaction brings the force of hydrogen,

To matters of the heart to fracture domain of the blood within.

Now DNA is freed to choreograph life's new number

Where we are immortal, and death no longer to encumber.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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