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Earth Song

When the Great Year or Solar Cycle returns to a period or space of 24,000 years, time will be no more. The Earth will be at the centre with a linear alignment of the planets and the costellations will then be set at 2000 year intervals at 30 degrees of the Great Circle so the sun can reflect heaven unto earth.

The truth of the garden has been here all along, we have only failed to see it. The architecture of our ancient monuments have been constructed by our past to show us the way. A way not into the future, but to a door that will take us out of time and back to what existed before the First Time.

The Crop Circles are area codes with the information specific to each geographical coordinate on earth and its relationship to the sky. The coordinates of each circle when displayed over a map of the world will give us the space/time coordinate so we might pass through this door and once again be a part of the GREAT CIRCLE.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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