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Embryonic Nuclei ..... the HOLY GRAIL!

We rest in our research on the precipice precariously..........should we take the next step only to fall, gaining understanding only to slight indifference. Or should we cease our current direction and hope for stable ground on which to stand?

The message in the Crop Circle phenomenon holds the key or root to unscramble the many languages and unify humanity's heart. Geographic boundary, cultural dispersion and tongues of many colors divide us, but we are as yet one.

The same blood that runs through my veins and arteries runs through yours. The genetic pattern that created you also created me. The blood, its iron component has forced the frameshift mutation, not in the root code or nuclear envelope, within the RNA template. It has set Life's current program forcing we evolve through time frames. The language of the circles has created a picture as to where from the cause has come and where to place the blame. They have outlined and exposed the single culprit responsible for our DIS-EASE.

Woman holds the key to life and our longevity. Currently we seek the embryo extracting stem cells or the saving of the life blood circulating from mother to child, and last we clone our diseased likeness to replace worn out parts. But the message in the circles, those initial and simplistic, are the single design of embryonic nuclei. As the circle story progressed on Earth's canvas they isolated the circulatory flows........and the RBC, choreographing its relationship to the cells. Creating repetition of patterns or permutations, and showing in its disintegration the mirrored formation of an embryonic nuclei that rested in silence awaiting a call.

Creation begins with the embedding of the zygote in the uterus. Not to slight honoring thy mother and father of course. For without the two, polarities opposition to spark should not stimulate the encoded program for a new life to start.

Within the first trimester the code has "sung out" the formula for its creation after having called on the "old blood" or menses that lines the uterine wall. This blood lining the uterus rich with disintegrating RBCs has begun a reverse engineering in formation or "to create", as the encoded DNA calls on the embryonic nuclei. As the RBC reverses its memory a nucleus forms and this dedifferintiation is responsible for redifferintiation of the coding mechanism held in the zygote.

What I gathered from the Crop Circle Maker language is that just a few of these cells placed on the skin for absorption........electromagnetically drawn in through the capillary beds via hydrogen, through the chloride shift and magnetically drawn into the hemoglobin (its iron component) for delivery via oxygen to every cell........would allow the damaged DNA to utilize the embryonic nuclei for repair.

Incidentally, I was reminded of Mary rubbing Jesus' feet whilst he hung on the was a metaphor of course, but I understood. In that ALABASTER JAR contained the blood of her menses. She was rubbing embryonic nuclei on his feet. With this I can only say, if he did hang on that cross it was for good reason for all of humanity. The message; WE DO NOT DIE. Apparently, neither did he. Our resurrective potential lies in our blood.

The cross in the fields of Earth signifies a perpendicular crossing of the electro-weak and magnetic-strong fields. The cross Jesus hung on was not 90 degrees perpendicular. And should we align its dimensions within a 360 degree sphere it would align @ 45 degrees. But our true burden which we must bare is the ferromagnetic potential in iron and the matter or ballast it has mislaid inducing our wobble. The tilt in this 45 degree electromagnetic axis is induced by iron encouraging a 45 degree left shift........our motion is counterclockwise, as many circles speak. The energy is greater than the matter. But, the weight of contained rest energy has forced our iron Earth core to tilt, and the blood circulating in our bodies to distort equilibrium of electromagnetic fields, wobbling our DNA mutating the code. Here too it has induced a wave function of light where its trough runs back to back and we move always to the negative. All of this caused by iron's birefringent nature. Refraction is not a property of light.......this universal characteristic symptomatically referred to as refraction of light and the inverse of this gravity which is always attracting....has been manifest by a ferric domain in the m-shell of iron.
The crop circle where "Earth is missing........." defines the m-shell of iron. Other circles outline the frequency it emits.........So with this we simply use the inverse frequency plus kinetic energy or 1/2mv2 to fracture its domain. What they outline is as simple as making and undoing a magnet. So we must realize this ferric domain and release it by shutting down the electricity perpetuating it.

Ultimately, understanding the iron component, that circulates within us all and lies at the core of Earth will gain our redemption from this horizontal blindsided path on which we tread, vacillating negative to negative on latitudes of time, never reaching the positive end where the potential for change, which is inevitable, should cancel time and bring perpendicular the crossing of longitude and meridian time lines. An understanding will bring us to meet our goal. Our fate is no equation, but the bend in our destiny caused by refraction will be corrected and we shall see through the darkness and around the curvature in space.

With our current state of humanity and the ill warring effects of our hatreds, the Circle's Message is being sent from the core of the Earth for our salvation. The attempt is to shift the electromagnetic fields by releasing the ferric hold of iron, during the phase of transition where iron creates the wave propagation in light as it replaces hydrogen and shifts the ph and proton gradient by replacing the proton motive force of light from its linear motion to curvature of a wave. And with this done the Earth will align itself in line with our sun and Heaven at once and again will come unto Earth. The perspective from which we are now perched will shift and the Earth will appear flat.
When the sun, whose energy equals the Earths iron core mass weight and the incident angle of the light will equal the Earth's mass reflection we will see what has been here all along.
At the moment this occurs the minor dynsfunction of a "ferrous bar en hydro-magna" will cease to be and peace for all of man will manifest instantaneously. But before this time does arise we must gain the understanding through a question why. They have already made clear, "Ask and ye shall receive". The circles have offered the answer. Now we must seek resolve by asking the question.

To quote Marie Curie, "Nothing is to be feared, only understood." It is our understanding and its relation to every one of us that should bring about one language, one heart beat....where truth brings enlightenment so this one might gain for all. This can set us on a course no longer precariously perched.

Through the wisdom of the ages I came across one of its artifacts. She is nearly 100 years old, so defined in culture by the Hitler era in Germany. One who suffered the destruction of atmospheric displacement and deaths horror as the bombs fell in Dresden. Crying she tells me of the death and destruction, how she was spared. There is a display of signs by her hands to describe the terror. Then she points to her head stating in a heavy German accent, "If we all spoke one language (emphasizing her temporal region) there could be no misunderstanding in life."

Never did I hear a more true statement. It is my belief that the "language of the crop circles" could be the one language that will bind us all.
The message offers the understanding if we could all be on the same wavelength and ask the right question. That question may be as simple as, "Why?"

The embryonic nuclei lies await our discovery resting in our blood. It is the essence of life, of all is the Holy Grail. The greatest story ever told has been written on Earth's canvas for all to see. Now that it is written we must gain this understanding by asking why. Never should fear prevent our next step.


- Blanche McLanahan.

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