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Ferrous bar en Hydro-Magna

Imagine a cancer cell being a tiny ferric magnet or electrified iron atom in the blood where oxidation perpetuates its domain, accummulating more and more of the transition metals. As it moves through the body it collects ferro magnetic to speak.

Then, think about when you were a kid and played with magnets in the know how it collects all the filings of iron out of the soil. Well, this is what the ferric domain of the m-shell in the iron atom is doing. It has become a stronger but temporary magnet.

When I was a kid there was a auto wrecking yard behind our home. I used to hang on the fence and watch them lift up the old rusty cars. Asking my father how they did it has always stuck with me. Running electricity through iron creates a magnet, one temporary but stronger. The only way to fracture the magnetic domain is to shut the electricity off. Anyway, that is how my father explained it. I never forgot that for some reason.

In college when I studied chemistry, then went into medicine that always came to mind when we studied the sickle cell anemias or beta thalassemia disorders. I always knew the iron atom was the cause, but could never quite put my finger on it.

It wasn't until 1993 when I was diagnosed with a large rapid growing tumor in my abdomen that I was confronted face to face with my own mortality and the rebirth using the MRI. It was there while lying on that table, I left my body and viewed the most incredible vision of my life.

I was shown using my body, that tumor and an oscilloscope how to cure and rid the body of the accummulation of ferrous metal. It is a toxicity caused by electrical energy.....and one easily purged. To me, it looked simple, but at the same time like magic. The children developing Leukemia living under high voltage lines is due to the energy escaping along the lines then it is drawn to them because of their high metabolic and growth rate.

So, as the machine began the alignment of the water molecules, aligning polarity like a bunch of soldiers standing at attention, my entire body was visualized as light on the screen.........just pure light. Then the area of the tumor became apparent as a very black lifeless image. I was impressioned with the magnetic buildup or bombardment as the polarity began to reach full tilt and as each aligned in a linear likeness of polar configuration and the energy equaled the mass, I watched as a human hand unplugged the electrical cord.

Now, that told me the same thing my father told me about the junkyard magnet, and as I looked up at the screen the black area very rapidly began to diffuse into grey, becoming pure light. It was gone. Now though my mass was still palpable, it was not malignant and could be surgically exicised.

The machine can be used as it is, but the RMS value which is .707 must be increased to .866 or higher. The attached file is what I was shown to increase the electrical input. It will be sufficient to breach the energy matter construct at the level of the m-shell. Then I was shown 31 vertical black lines........

I realized they were the bands of hydrogen's spectral light. Balmer's analysis of hydrogen gives us the number.......

so the hydrogen frequency (a speed of 6 x 10 to the 31 power) will be used to calculate the frequency of iron as is required to fracture the domain in the m-shell. The atomic weight of iron then is in multiple of this number. It should be sufficient to bypass the m-shell obstruction, penetrate the nuclear membrane and utilize the neutron or psi meson, its quark and anti quark as a reverse bias and correct the mislaid iron ballast to attain equilibrium or homeostasis.

It is imperative that when the threshold is attained with magnetic bombardment, the electricity be unplugged. Otherwise the domain will only shift temporarily, soon to return. This is indicative of the remissions in disease and of course the ever ensuing exacerbation.

But one can see cure is at hand. L2=Em if (cv) [(hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2 or pure light. It is very strange, our communication. But, I do feel that you can see with your eyes closed as well.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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