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The Harvest is Near

Anita Morris <> wrote: This has to be the most thought provoking article I have read in a very long time.  I took Physics up to the Masters Level and am a Counseling Psychologist.  Loved Physics and have continuously related Brain Chemistry to Physics and then across to Human B ehavior.  Question? If we free the sub-atomic space, say in a DNA molecule,  and the molecule then recombines or recalibrates--- would it recombine to form a molecule akin to the original DNA of the plant or animal OR would the new conformation reflect the "growth" factors present in the plant or animal?

I am searching for a way for a human to "convert"  their DNA to a higher vibration...closer to the vibration of light.  (Somewhat a-kin to the vibration of the newly risen Christ.) I will read/study your article again.  It seems to me you are seeing from a higher dimension than the third.  Do you agree?  Wow! this is stimulating thought. All Best Wishes For Peace Profound. Anita Mason Morris

<Blanche responded> Anita, The recalibration would return the molecule to its origin, that formed from zero point or the from the template of the root code.  The potential for the embryonic nuclei is temporarily blocked due to the E>M, or the rest mass. The RBC which has no nucleus forms one during disintegration of the iron component, which dictates the equilibrium between electromagnetic fields.

The photoelectric effect is proof of light's refraction, a potential founded on the contained rest mass and its potential therein. Planck's constant the factor for degree in deficit............yet these are the tools of knowledge we must use to correct our bipolar dysfunction. The iron in our blood and the current ferric domain at the level of the m-shell, which is descript of the rest energy, is the anomalous frequency which enables the diffusion of abnormal molecules through the blood-brain barrier; zinc, aluminum etc.....all disease are manifest by the iron component in the blood, the "normal hemoglobin" or beta globin gene. 

To treat the electromagnetic dysfunction in iron would cure all disease. 1/2mv2 x hv would be sufficient to fracture the domain. It can be set up using many electronic tools now available. I am not the way of the world. I see from an internal perspective which makes clear these views I express.

It is a place in the center where all knowledge is available at any point on or within the sphere of reason extending to the final resting place on the periphery. Yes, there are higher dimensions to be unlocked within us, and I have found some sort of key to invision what is and is not there. Bless you for this positive feedback.....oft times it is a long time comin...

Anita Morris <> wrote: Please do not allow me to intrude.  I am enthralled to be speaking to you.   I understand your reference to some sort of key that aids our ability to envision.  I am able to envision information from a patient's Higher Power and\or Unconscious.  The information I get never ceases to amaze me. 

No way could I confront so many behavior and psychic problems without this help.    As you perceive the iron and the problems it gives the blood, do you see it affecting the viscosity?  Iron is  a heavy metal and the molecular weight along with its current polarity may be what is preventing the ascension of 3-Dimensional matter such as this planet has incarcerated.  

Viscosity is cited as a major cause of stroke and heart failure.    The equation 1/mv2 x hv,  is this voltage? One half mv squared times hv? The genetic component of the blood brain barrier is important.  We know that some BBBs allow nicotine and tar across causing severe addiction to tobacco. 

All BBBs do not allow aluminum across to cause one type of Alzheimer's.  Recalibration to the original genetic structure would not change the propensity to addiction but it would give the patient a chance to start over.    Blanche, you have information here that could move healing to a new dimension.  God Bless and support you in distributing it to those who can put it forward into the various healing professions. Sincerely, Anita Morris

<Blanche responds> Anita, I has been noted at time of death, or just prior, particularly in the elderly there seems to be a rise in iron.  This one atom, heavy ferromagnetic "transition" metal us the key to curing disease and that which allows life without death.  Hence no need for the Biblical reference to resurrection.

You are not intruding. I love the feedback. To converse with one such as yourself, and the profession and studies you've chosen is an honor for me. Please do keep in touch. There is yet so much more to come forward. The time is getting short for all of humanity, so we must reconcile our misunderstandings hurriedly. Contact me anytime with regards to any matter.  I see we are on the same wavelength. the 1/2 mv2 x hv will recalibrate energy to matter and bring the wavelength to equilibrium at 5900 Angstrom.........

I have been looking at this aspect of our physiology and the cause for all disease "THE FERROUS BAR EN HYDRO-MAGNA" for years now. I did not read it in its entirety as I have seen it before.  The cause is a the blood.......normal hemoglobin!  Normal the key word and why we have overlooked it.

The beta globin gene or CTT code is the initiator of our disease. The m-shell in iron is the first indication of cause in the effects, as the electrons do not pair. This pairing is vital for the mirroring for creation, that not of likeness but of perfection. What is occuring here is a fracture in the disulfide bridge, the cysteine bonds are fractrured by the stronger but temporary magnetic field or ferric domain in the iron atom, which is the base of this protein.

The interference here also describes the non methylation in the fragile x syndrome.  I should say we are at the end of the line here with the program of our current genetic code and the time has come to begin the cure. The cure starts by realigning the electromagnetic pulse of the MRI, and using nuclear magnetic resonance target the iron in blood,  as apposed to the water molecule. In doing so we can fracture the ferric domain and allow subatomic spaces to reinitiate the correct encoded message.

The fracture will elucidate a new atom, reset the molecule and allow the cell a homeostatic environment. I have worked on this for a long while now. The time has come to begin a cure and breach of our demise. The MRI is the tool that not only makes the diagnosis, but sets the frequency by which we can cure what ails us. I have the equations after formulating a new elucidation of the atoms. It was here I begin to see that iron was the cause. I will get back to you with more, but must digest a few things first. I have much to read.

Anita Morris <> wrote: Wonderful!  Death is not to be feared but overcome.  My Conclusion at this point:  Health is dependent, for the most part, on a pure, healthy blood that is the viscosity of a menstruating woman....This seems to be the viscosity that sustains circulation and prevents heart and stroke problems. 

Menstruating women have a good balance of blood which they discharge every month.  No iron build up.  To maintain the right  viscosity there must be a near absence of heavy metals, especially a minimum of ferromagnetic metal.  The heavy metal dominates the electromatic field.  And renders the physical, ether and mental bodies bi-polar.     Blanche, I have been out of town and out of pocket.  Wrote the above in response to your last e-mail. 

I wanted to go back to the website I got your information from and could not find it.  Please send it to me.    You know at the base of the spine is the coccyx, a sort of tail,  and the glomus coccyges that science is discovering is important in that it feeds the bone marrow (where blood is manufactured)  energy.        

This is my theory:  In later life the glomus (a sort of gel like bulb) may grow heavy and thick...with iron???????????? .  If you have a chance would you look at  this area?  We are so close to Harvest.  But all old farmers and ranchers know the closer to harvest the hotter it gets.  I send you all my best from the heart of the Texas hill country.  Anita Morris ......]

- Blanche McLanahan.

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