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"Humanity's Imprint Cannot Erase" - Are Crop Circles a Formula

Dear Marshall,

Your article on these particular crop formations is very informative, bringing up some very intriguing questions and the alignment with other formations. Each season is an extension of the previous lessons in the fields. Though much knowledge is encoded in the individual crop formation, together they present the whole picture for the objective of circlemakers.

Is what our extraterrestrial friends are showing us a formula? Is the premise on which it is founded linked to a new structural determination of the atom, and a shift in Earth's axis and her relationship aligning to the incidence of light from the sun?

The Crabwood formation has long perplexed me as to its implied message. Could the dissention between us and our extraterrestrial counterparts be caused by the very technology in use today? Could it be that if bipolar technology is taken to the extremes it may further aggravate this separation? Is the devise of their message teaching us to implement their technology?

I think they are showing us that our current energy system based on our current electron theory is depleting of a natural perpetual source. They attempt to show us another form of technology utilizing the nucleus of every atom. The circles from the onset have indicated a new elucidation of the atom. In seeing that outlined in the beginning utilizing the simple circle formations, I have also seen in lieu of this as their complexity arose, new compounds formed of these atoms. The molecular conformations of enzymes, amino acids and proteins. They then compiled sentence structure in an ancient text relating to genetic information that outlined an understanding of our current genetic code, using the root code that indicated where the frame shift mutation arose by a replacement of just one letter. They have even related on which chromosome it lies, and the set of codon where the T for thymine replaced the G for guanine, and ultimately which blood protein is the cause of humanities suffering.

Ancient Sumerian artifacts carry much the same symbolism as the crop formations. (See attach) The key symbol you mention is a formula for replication. The group or set of three different circles pictured in the article, July 31 West Overton is indicating our genetic transformation using the formula. The Sumerian, aware of Annunaki genetic manipulation carved in stone the simplistic understanding by indicating a 1 2 4 sequence of events, whereas the crop formation indicates a 1 3 2 sequence.

The key also aligns with another formation which I list as the root code or nuclear device. (See attached) The restructuring of certain molecules has enabled a correction of the dysfunction, or frame shift mutation in our genetic code. It has corrected the spelling error. What will ultimately result will be our genetic repair using the potential of nuclear mass and the 60 degree momentum of the isosceles as apposed to stability of the equilateral. This added momentum will expel (repulse) unwanted bonds, and attract the bonds of correction using the magnetic fields potential as a reverse bias. They use " monopolar technology "..........where the magnetic-strong and electric-weak fields manipulate in simultaneity the nuclear potential of a reverse bias, the function of the neutron, as the electron fires in line with the proton. This release of contained rest energy restructures the sub-atomic spaces, utilizes the full potential of the atom, and its resonance forms the molecular bonds that breed the homeostatic environment for a balanced and healthy cell.

West Overton indicates the replacement of mtDNA back into the nuclear envelope. The mtDNA will fill in the missing introns that allow the junk genes and blanks to dictate an/our evolution in time. It is this which is compelling our adaptation to the changes within mutations stipulated protocol. The organelles within the cytoplasm have developed through time to compensate for our inability to replicate directly out of the nuclear envelope. It is a world within another, created by the mtDNA, where it uses the RNA template, messengers and transfers to attach or mirror DNA's replication as it attempts to synthesize the true or root code. Unable to complete the deed, unaware of the skip of a letter.

Our origin we know as the mitochondrial DNA has been traced to Africa. It was here the first disease the gene CAT for sickle celled anemia caused by the blood protein beta globin or CTT gene was founded as the shift during transition of the element of iron after collision of heavenly bodies, dusted the Earth with the temporary but stronger bond of irons ferric potential. It's frequency permeated the cytoplasm and water's of Earth creating the wobble due to tilt in the axis, and the frame shift of the letters encoding DNA. Hence, the mtDNA we trace back and the link we all share. The encoded information in the mitochondria belongs in the nuclear envelope, and this image of circle formations spells that out to us symbolically.

The RNA granules and the template have been encoded due to an iron atom bonded to the carbon chain by inversions of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic mechanism in water or the cytoplasm surrounding the nuclear membrane. A transition caused by the ferric domain, a potential bred by the hemoglobin, or beta globin gene (CTT), whose base element of iron has a mislaid ballast due to collision of electrons in its m-shell (also elucidated in crop formation entitled "planet earth is missing" denoting the 3rd concentric ring). The iron base in our blood is cause of our disease. And it resides now in the RNA emitting a frequency that causes refraction of light (photoelectric effect), so the photo-lithographic ability of light to copy precisely has instead set the proton gradient or slope at an angle of refraction where the spelling error in the genetic code has occurred.

With our technology enabling genetic manipulation and cloning, there is clear warning here not to disturb the nuclear membrane. They are telling us that in time during the end sequencing of the genetic code, the encoder of the genetic code has hidden a root code that is going to unravel the anomalous bonds and we will begin a new form of regeneration.............naturally. The message is "LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE."

The attached labeled "nuclear device" is also a key to comprehending the structural determination of the new elucidation of the atoms. It is the structure of the relationship shared by the proton and neutron. The symbolism of "the key" pictogram in your article is the multiple determinate for creation within the micro and macro-cosm. For one to copy, mirror itself, the 1 of the electron charge must link to 3 charges of the neutron and proton ( 2 positives and 1 negative) for 4 inversive moves (90 degrees to total 360) of the whole, or sum to copy or replicate the 2. So, 1 3 2 is the formula depicted in image of the circles.

The same principle underlying the new elucidation of the atom, applies also to the macro-cosm. So what the physicist, microbiologist, and chemist sees, is the same for the astronomer who searches the sky for answers that are sealed in time and shadowed in angle of refractions of the true light.

Many factors led me to conclude my statements. But the most recent one is regarding the massive power outage. As they attempt to decipher the cause of this problem there has been no mention of the Perseid meteor shower. The return of the Perseid's Meteor shower comes when there is a full moon to contend with during the peak days. This not only makes it difficult to see, but one must also consider the magnetic field of the full moon as synergism to the magnetic compounds within the meteors themselves and the conjunction of planets and the sun, all occurring within the month of August. All of this would have impact on the ferric domain Earth suffers, so as to shift the electromagnetic fields and shut down our current power systems. The temporary but stronger magnetic field here on Earth draws these heavenly bodies of iron in to infuse the necessary energy required to fracture the ferric domain in Earth's core.

The following is an excerpt from Bob Wadsworth's "Biblical Astronomy" an analysis of astronomy and Biblical verses. He has taken the signs in the stars/planets and applied them to Biblical scripture. But, his compilation of the heavenly events for August are at this time more compelling and telling of Earth's demand for change.

"The meteors come from above the head of Perseus and the radiance is above the blade of the sword that Perseus hold above his head. The Hebrew name for this constellation is Peretz, which means, the Breaker.

Celestial events to follow this event are;

August 17-The sun and Venus in conjunction

August 21-Jupiter and Venus in conjunction.

August 22-Venus and Regulus in conjunction. Sun and Jupiter in conjunction.

August 23- Sun and Regulus in conjunction.

August 26-Jupiter and Regulus in conjunction,,

August 27-Mars at its closest approach to Earth in the last 60,000 years.

August 28-Mars at opposition. Sighting of the New Moon."

Bob's listing of these events which follow the Perseid Meteor showers was just too much of a coincidence with the power outages on the East Coast. We may see as these events unfold more of the same massive shut down of our current energy grid system. We might consider making the changes the circle makers have indicated. The primary focus should be on the new technology derived of the new elucidation of the atom.

With all of these manifestations in the heavens, it is no wonder the crop circle makers work feverishly to etch messages on Earth's canvas that reflect the incident angle from the sun to portray the true picture for our eyes to view void of the interference of light. They show us here below that which is the same above.

The Hebrew name for this constellation and its meaning gives rise to another question; What is Perseus the Breaker of? And could the conjunctions of all the planets listed above in conjunction with the meteor showers have anything to say about 'a breaking up' of say the electromagnetic fields on Earth for a re-calibration of energy to matter?

Could all of these signs be a re-calibrating of these ratios to reset the Cosmic grid and connect the circuit of communication between not only man to man on Earth, but with other lifeforms in the Universe and beyond? Could this be a part of the Cosmic Code..........encoded by the creator and deciphered long ago by those who from heaven to Earth came? Perhaps we should reconsider our place here on Earth and realize we are part of something much bigger and greater than we could have imagined.

Is our place of origin out there somewhere and is it linked to a COSMIC RACE?

Is the objective of the signs from the heavens and those etched into Earth's fields for a unification of science and religion? A uniting of man to our brothers out there through his spiritual nature?

The following verse from the book of Isaiah is descript for decipherment of the encoding in the fields, in the Torah and that of the now complex tongue of the English language. The weaved pattern of the encoding works like a crossword puzzle. But the origin of all language is based on the trinary system of 0 and that it all comes from the center. It is not our current binary system of 1's and 0's. That from this center all language manifests from the same beat, one pulse, one heart, and is equidistant to every when and where or at any point on the periphery.









Isaiah 28:10-11

Whoever encoded the information for our current program of the human genome has returned. So we'd better reconsider our stance and place our feet firmly on the ground based on the ONE of a cosmic community, so this one can gain for all. It is the place of our origin where injustices neglect, bigotry, cruelty, greed and hatred will not thrive nor survive.


Time is the oppressor eluding man to the origin from whence he came

And to that of his eventual return.

Replication in likeness is that which does not heed

nor beg pardon for misunderstanding.

Genetics to calculate change and record transference of humanity,

who has somehow forgotten reason and is therefore unable to justify inevitable change.

As circle language forms in fields here on Earth, and the meteors and comets encircle her sphere, and as the planets and sun align in conjunction, perhaps it is she who we must ask for the answers we seek, as we curve round the bend in our destiny. Since our fate is no equation, our destiny earned not gift, then it is up to each one of us to make a stand and pray Earth survives transformation into the light of the Cosmos.

" 'Tis the Earth who speaks all in creation, as housed memory of our very existence, of all energies required to sustain all languages in one mind, all pulsing in one heart, all answers in one word, are housed here for any individual on her surface who asks, desiring any message at any time to be delivered."

The Root Code will be found in the multiple determinate of 3. The Fussell molecule relates to all previous circles and is the molecular conformation of success in forming new bonds with water. Water is the basis of all matter, so it is here we must begin.

If we are to understand the changes taking place all around us, and within us, we need only look at the simplicity of water, Earth and the sun. All we must do is look at these three simple elements and their combinations, as these are used during photosynthesis to construct matter harmoniously.

A new elucidation of the atom, will lead to new bonds that form to reflect the light through the aether. This light squared, where the energy equals the mass is a source that shines brightly through all things....The objective of its radiance is to unite all matter of man and the cosmos.

TIME AND SPACE L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Equation herein shows factor for the imbalance time cost.

Planck's Constant to remind us of the deficit in energy loss.

A shift must incorporate the factor of time

As dimensions shift insanity will border the line.

Time bends light's linear path in curves to spiral reflection amiss

Uneven flow projects the shadow of interference or tale of the dark abyss.

Man's thought blends reason though his eyes deceive

Light bends cloaking the true incidence for reality.

To gain knowledge and sense the harmony

Earth's sphere is insight to the atomic monopolarity.

Light is equal to the harmonic of the frequency and velocity

Electromagnetic duality riding parallel in spectral ferocity.

Time is the deception as reason finds man

With potential energy in need of reprimand.

In this, the creation and regeneration for replication

Is known refractive potential equates time's equation.

Allow time's treason considering the mass and space

The energy is adequate in mirror of the atoms true face.


L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)]=L2

I think the crop circle makers are busy making corrections in the light factor using priniciples of photosynthesis, their catalyst HC03. Until the Earth and Sun realign for the incident angle to equal the reflection, they will continue indicating their progress by speaking to us on the canvas of Earth in Crop Circle design.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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