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Pi by and by

Abnormal Protein Aggregation

Ferromagnetic breach in Membrane Circuitry

The Pi-Ramidal Slope


The Human Genome

Multiple Sclerosis


Embryonic Nuclei ..... the HOLY GRAIL!

Isometric Hex and Cube 343

Nineveh and DNA

The Harvest is Near

Cutanea Tarda

Nitrogen based Porphyrin

Plant Anomalies

Star Child Skull

Procession of the Equinoxes

Iron over Currie

Mad Cow and the Hemoglobin Molecule

Photosynthesis Resolved

Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field

Swimming in the Sea of Synchronicity


What is 19.47? in Sacred Templar Geometry

0 11 Tomoe 1 1 0

Fragments of Truth

Normal Hemoglobin

RNA and mtDNA

Two Worlds Divide ...

Nothing - Ex Nihilo

Charmed Quarks

Manx Runner and Chem Trails

Doppler Effect

Thy Rod and Thy Staff "ferro-proto-porphyrin"

Index of Refraction - THE VESICA PISCUS

Monopolar Technology

Arc of the Covenant

Sound of the Nine

Time is Running Out ...

Thoughts on Arecibo and Crabwood Formations

"Humanity's Imprint Cannot Erase" - Are Crop Circles a Formula

Di-Hedral Angle

Atom to Atom, Dust to Dust

Titanic Toxicity

Did Einstein Complete the Unified Field Theory?

Solar Flares


Serpent Rouge

Languid Shadows

The 4 and 20 Elders

True Potential of Sound

The Template for the Harmonic/Light Squared

Oppression's Origin

The Mother of all Crop Circles

The Seven Seals

She Who Watches

Back Bone of Our Bonds


Storing of Sugars and Recycle of Phosphate

Silicon at Chilbolton

Water is the Basis of all Matter

Water a Perpetual Energy Source

Ten Commandments

Polymeric Silicates

The Jeshua Principle

Mono Polarity and the Wings of a White Horse

Prophetic Codes

Monopolarity and DNA

Light; the unification of science and religion

Bible Code

Lost in the Earth's Rate of Precession

Iron : Blood : Pressure

Magnetism's Agenda

Nature of the Atom : Space:Time:Energy:Matter

Ferrous bar en Hydro-Magna

Why the Earth Changes

What Else is There?

A New Elucidation / The Atom's Monopolarity

Earth Song

24,000 divided by 12

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