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Index of Refraction - THE VESICA PISCUS

In July at Woodborough Hill 1999 this crop circle formed in wheat. It depicts the two worlds we live in, that of life and death. The vesica piscus at the center of the two has formed this new point of origin, causing the dissention in life through refraction of the true light and distortion of the root code.

Notice the E key moving counterclockwise on the circle to the left and the other with an F key moving also counterclockwise. Each circle has a point of origin at its center right where the vertical duality of tractor lines move through them. But the vesica attempts to create a new point of reference at its center. During the magnetic divide within the microcosm, as in spindle when centriole pair (Mendel's Peas) the chromosomes were divided asymmetrically (2 and 3 or F and E) due to the energy greater than matter.

Hence, the missing chromosomes and the frame shift mutation requiring 6 inversions to replace the missing letters, as apposed to 4 inversions (two convex, two concave or the retro and lateral). Within the macrocosm we have time which is manifest of the refraction from this index, and gravitational fields (always attracting never repelling, so perhaps the apple should never fall or be picked from this garden) symptomatic of the ferric domain. Our rate of precession is a result of this refractory index, as is the 160 overlap of time at the 30 degree mark, the sun's curvature through the skies rising in the east and setting in the west, the equinoxes and solstice. They are all just illusions depriving ones perspective of a flat earth...........or is it round?

Just in its image you can see the obstruction of the is reminiscent of the ancients Eye of Ra. reflect the image of distortion as the sun's incident angle no longer equals its reflection unto Earth through the water molecule.

Fission of the H402 molecule is depict in the Biblical flood which was used as a metaphor to describe what they knew before the first time and what they saw after the divide. It was abuse of technology that forced the waters to divide. Though they used the story of Moses taking the Israelites out of Egypt to describe it, this was something that happened on an Earthly scale, not just in the Middle East. Artifacts unearthed throughout the globes four corners tells the same tale of woe.

Note the oblique angle when attempting to invert the lines of the grid out of the vesica, the stability of 90 degrees that requires a 60 degree momentum for equilibrium are absent. Here the inversions run on the diagonal at 45 degrees in line the asymptote and hyperbolic curve resultant of the two worlds as it makes attempts to form a new point of origin.

The divide in the waters created a split in dimensions, and we are running on a frequency that splits our immortal nature into one of life and one of death. Many crop formations align to the H20 water molecule which were referred to as "dolphins." Adding the two together showed equilibrium which is paramount and ultimate to our survival.

Soft focus on the its center are two complete squares of 4 each. There should be 4 of 4 to equate the whole or sum of 64 as is dictate of the 4 and 20 elders. We live in a world of fractals, never seeing the whole picture. Every once in while with a near death experience we traverse the tunnel after breaching the line of our divide formed of the hyperbola where we see the other side. When we cross over we lose our touch with the world, unless we find one who can see both ways through the mirror. The saga of Alice in Wonderland perhaps.

With the design of the grid in the vesica, the capstone within architectural design of the pyramid at Giza could not function, and is why Khufu did not place it there. The curve of the horizon breached the line of inversion for the point of this tetrahedra to shift to the other side. The bow tie of Orion says it all and the Egyptians documented it as they told of Orion's shift from the right to the left of the Nile as seen from the sky. The lateral inversion of images shifted right to left and remains there until the domain for which our current energy matter construct has been built can be changed.

The mean falls between two parallel lines, but the point it rests on is the sign of the cross. The symbol for the 11 11 phenomena occurring today. The four limbs 1111 to cross perpendicular. Where this center of the cross will require the 3 or E key sign to copy and repeat sequencing for creation and the perpetual energy required. So the assumed whole or sum is 1 and 3 to replicate. The key symbols on each circle represent 5, for God and time's compromise. But, they should total 10 if the multiple of 2 were true. For what is 4 is also 5 in seat of the 20 elders to the throne of the one God.

The ladder of time will bring truth to bare as the sun aligns with earth in a line......also seen in crop formations as the "dumbbell". It will move the curve and line into symmetrical mirroring of the grid or true index for light. Then the great or solar year will be timed to 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours on the clock, and the hands of time will read as they should......... 0.


Strong survives the weak intention
And the pallor of trembling remiss.
Searching for light in shadows
Hoping for comfort now departed
Broken, barren and ill started
Struggling to rise above
Birth explodes in spite of
Death's false pretense.
Beyond faces in the mirror
Time's illusion has manifest
Deluding our beliefs
Has put man to test
To reach, grasp and satisfy.
Immortal longings
Inversions frozen
Stilled without reflection
Is life to death.


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