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Iron over Currie

Doug Vogt wrote : Iron looses its magnetic properties over the curie temperature of 975 degrees and that is the problem for science since the center of the earth is certainly over 975 but it has a magnetic field. The problem is that our philosophy of science is wrong! MAtter is not the dominate thing in the universe information is. Magnetism is a certain type of phasing of the information. the magnetic "force" is independent of heat. Read Ch 3 of my book Reality Revealed, The Theory of Multidimensional Reality.

Blanche replies : Douglas, you are absolutely right! What is losing its magnetic properties once over the curie point is the ferric domain in iron's m-shell. So Marie's research and documentation is a good place to begin as we seek to ascertain the precise energy to breach the anomalous barrier in the m-shell of iron. Actually, she has defined it. Fission and fusion are magnetic attraction and repulsion, and it has nothing to do with heat or cold. That is why they fail to comprehend the simple experiment done by high school boys when they believed it was cold fusion but could not replicate it.

Science is wrong. There are two forces; the electro-weak and the magnetic-strong. Gravity is the result of / effects of light's refraction. That angle of indifference opens a black hole, the void where gravity is always attracting, never repelling. But once the constraints are relieved then everything will radiate equidistantly from the center of the strong-magnetic point to the periphery of the electro-weak. At present the magnetic field suffers a temporary but stronger magnetism, due in course to an energy > mass.

Carbon stabilizes the heat/cold factors, holding them in equilibrium, and it the magnetic properties in water and iron that dictate fission, fusion....essentially creation. Water has memory, so when the ferric domain is released then we will have all the information we require in a direct link to our thoughts, making obsolete the circuitry for our desires. Perhaps this is why the brain and the central nervous system was ignored by the that time our evolution may not have required them as we do today.

Electromagnetism a linear velocity and concentric harmonic frequency when so conjoined. The effects of dropping the pebble in waters at 90 degrees perpendicular as the concentric ripples dissipate to borders held in energy's last concentric ring......when it occurs in electromagnetic simultaneity, (q) is to (p) and vice versa one and the same thing.

In college I studied medicine and went into that field. But, my husband was first a farmer, second a science major. Prior to his death he'd formulated several propositions. One regarding a new elucidation of the atoms, which he'd based on a restructuring of the periodic table of the elements.

Which came first? I don't know, as they were/are so conjoined. Anyway, this structural determination deals with principles of the atom's mono-polarity and a new form of technology, a Monopolar technology. The eve before he died he postulated a very simplistic hypothesis regarding all of this, so for the last ten years I have taken my interest in physics to a higher level of study and found that revision of many accepted views must change if we are to incorporate principles for a new elucidation. 

Our current theory is not complete. I can very simply say, that we can use the electron theory and electrical principles to harness the nuclear potential as apposed to unleashing it.....Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What he'd identified was the function of the neutron that works as the reverse bias in exchange of the kinetic and potential energy for a perpetual source that is both internal and external.

The basis for this theory indicates the anomalous effects of refracting light as cause of gravity, and is that to manifest the time factor. Its uses Planck's constant to identify the degree in deficit in the light's angle of refraction. The photoelectric effect brings the ferromagnetic potential of iron to reason, thereby identifying the cause of our transgressions or disease. For the incident angle of linear velocity does not equal the reflection of its angular momentum. 

Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty brings position and momentum to a standstill to elucidate them as one and the same, removing the time factor in between. Pauli's inclusion principle when applied to the iron atom indicates that iron's m-shell does not follow the rules and it is here at this concentric region the flow of energy is obstructed.

Proposition 2 deals with the iron factor and is entitled; "a ferrous bar en hydro-magna." Having been educated in medicine my husband's ideas encouraged I focus on human physiology, or more specifically the iron/haeme porphyrin. He on the other hand was looking at the magnesium base in the chlorophyll molecule in plants.

There, we put our thoughts together and isolated one cause for all disease.  The impact of iron's ferromagnetic breach in circuitry of the electromagnetic fields is cause for the frame shift mutation in our genetic code.

The energy has permeated through waters borders, or into the cytoplasm and in some of the genetic disorders we will isolate an iron atom in the RNA granules. But now the hidden agenda of magnetism is reversing and they are now finding RNA in the blood.

So clearly, it is simply iron's ferro magnetic potential moving back and forth through electromagnetic fields, being forced through barriers of the membrane by this ferric domain or an energy greater than the mass. 

We can fracture this domain very simply using an increased electrical energy briefly to shift the domain, then turning it off as the verticality of the magnetic field after bombardment becomes perpendicular at 90 degrees to the horizontal electric current.  We can cure what ails humanity using principles of the 'junkyard magnet'. L2=EM if CV [(hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

- Blanche McLanahan.

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