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Isometric Hex and Cube 343

Prior to the writings in the Torah I believe we did fly using the same principles as the winged ones use today. Though todate even they suffer navigation difficulties because of changing fields in Earth and sky. I think it was written to use as remedy during these times, yet we have failed to heed the call.

They stressed the diet..........and concealed in ancient verse using reference to particular foods the essentials for our sustenance and very survival.......fermentation, normal ph and its maintenance. Oxygen maintains the etheric link for flight, the perpetual energy of our inherent mineral and elemental properties.  In memory of dream I saw a giant 8 spoked wheel representing oxygen.

It was suspended in front of me....then suddenly from the south moved a ball of light so brightly lit.  Suddenly the motion of it ceased and I saw a rounded semi-permeable border of broken lines where at its very center was one single line moving out to the periphery, yet free in its spinning. This single free moving line began to spin now clockwise, and as it increased its speed, the line disappeared and it again became a bright ball of light. The semi-permeable border of it clipped the edge of the 8 spoked wheel and the energy of its light caused the big wheel to spin.

The motion of the light did not cease as it appeared to move effortlessly through everything, dividing the greater numbers of the elements as it moved invisibly through them, I saw the color of each and their eternal life. It multiplied those lessor strengthening their stature, giving reason to propagate by bonds of the molecule to cell of the species. There were intermittent stills of this action, so I might understand what my eyes viewed in this grand light. Then I saw a vertical line divide this white brightness of what I now assumed to be hydrogen and oxygen dancing together in this light, swirling in rhythm of viscosity and withdrawing in evaporation, which was a merely their moment of invisibility, nothing lost only to gain.

On the other side to the right was the black, and they were the white.........that line was a mirror. As they danced towards this line, I saw a horizontal merge of energy, I saw the 1 of hydrogen, the 8 of oxygen, now so conjoined to be 9, 3 sets of 3 horizontal lines of latitude merging the darkness. In a stilled and frozen moment, I saw iron waiting in thresholds of inertia for the moment of truth in the darkness, I saw the 26 spokes of reason aligned at its center, motionless awaiting the external prompt of kinetic energy to spark and spin the wheel of fortune from its internal potential energy where its mass confined in the strong nuclear longed freedom to reflect creation using simplistic numbers 2+6=8 + the 1 of invisibility hidden in the line to equal 9 as it came face to face with the hidden agenda of magnetic laws. 

Then I saw the 18 of their union, where simultaneously the 8+1 became 9 + 1 then grew to 0.  They followed the line moving in and out, attracting and repelling each other without angle of refraction, and through the mirror of this I saw the concentric flow in curvature of space radiating from the center outward to the periphery as the ring of fire.

Somewhere along this line and curve is that which canceled out the pos. and neg. vacillation.......a hole in the fabric that I could only feel as my fingertips reached out of sleep to grasp it. I saw the flowers bloom with symmetry of nature, and man born with the same as his brain no longer found septal divide and treason of the hemisphere. They were now as one, no longer broken, spared the confusion of lost memory.

If I could somehow put on line what I saw with my mind in darkness of the eye closed, you too could see what I believe to be the choreography for the mechanism of creation. It made me feel lighter than air, and I drifted out into the ether as it showed me the way of the world and the way of heaven. They are divided now by the cross that has shifted on its axis and the membranous encapsulation of 03 as it refracts the light from heaven away from the longing of iron at Earth's core, and we sit in density of her surface dying like grapes on the vine in heat of the sun's rays, deprived not only of waters magnetic memory, but the likeness and perpetual magnetic energy of the iron core as it links to the iron in our blood attracting and repelling without the influence of gravity.


energy from oxygen which is true, and iron now lies about its deliverance to photosynthetic shine for life. Glucose merely compromise in these times as we lack the gift of the sun and heavens. Once iron can straighten its spine, in line of the mirror of 1 with oxygen and hydrogen at its side, then it will be done. What I saw in that dream was the relationship they share in balance between that of energy and matter. Density comes as iron is unwilling to yield truth now, but in the past the waters were unwilling as so flooded our memory. Somehow I think this is what comes as we await the prophecy of 2012. The promise to never flood the Earth again, and that of the rainbow to yield our true color in reflection of iron's true might. But, the calendars are wrong and it may be earlier than they thought and sooner then we think.

Oxygen loses its energy in the oxidation with iron, and that bond holds us in this place of a dependency on glucose. I think birds and bees don't have this problem cuz their bacterial flagella are monopolar and allow iron to disintegrate properly.  Our flagella are bipolar and the magnetic bearings in our pineal gland are scattered throughout our sinuses (respiratory dysfunction). Their navigational bearings are right dead center in their forehead. 

Even that little hummingbird can put it in reverse or just sit there on air. I can't wait till we get our wings back, these legs are growin weary. I got to wondering about just how it is they fly. So I looked at the quill pen that draws the ink in, then with pressure and inversion the ink flows and we can write. So then I put the wing back on the bird and watched the blood from its little heart pump into the artery of the feather. And I thought somehow the oil in the feather was hydrophilic and  linked to the atmospheric oxygen and pressure (atmospheric and osmotic) drawing on the iron from the blood where magnetic diffusion using the Earth's electromagnetic fields is drawn through the membrane and attaches, then withdraws, it moves up and down as it flaps its wings.

The electromagnetic pump of energy in iron gives lift for flight by manipulating the hydrogen + factor during evaporation for ascension (fission of oxygen from hydrogen in atmospheric waters), and viscosity or refusion of water for landing or descension through hydrogen's - factor again conjoined to  the atmospheric waters. 

So here the harmony of the three; iron, oxygen and hydrogen free the winged ones from gravitational hold and the bipedal mold. Hey, maybe we could use those principles and mechanize a craft that would fly the same way.  A new  propulsion system using water and iron. Of course we'd have to surround the iron core with nitrogen so it would rust.......have to go back to the drawing board for that. Maybe this is what Leonardo thought. 

By the artifacts in the Sumerian rubble they surely knew how to do it.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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