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The Jeshua Principle

With grace, elegance and sheer simplicity

He defined love during time's tormenting complexity.

Using his image in the spirit to clarify

Potents of love mankind must rectify.

Newton's Principia balances the reason

For the disequilibria during time's treason.

Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty

Doubt's love and our future eternity.

Man throughout all the altered ages

Strives to define the opposer to hatred's rages.

The Greek versed the God's of Love

Looking to the sky as their spirits rose above.

All man must do is let his heart guide his mind

Then his thought's of love will follow and unwind.......


The line of "royal blood" has been carried through time and handed down to Jesus as he was so conjoined in likeness of God and man. A death that pleased both God and Jews. That genetic mirror is still reflect in us, that tribe of Judah, the root of David.
Jesus taught the principles of Love, A Principle of Certainty that all of humanity shall overcome the evils and hatreds of our times enocded in the human genome.

We should have more faith in ourselves and the message he brought to us. Though there were others to precede him, the time is now critical that we shift our negative behaviors and thoughts intent to that of love. It is the key, the root code, the four letter name of God, the four letter genetic alphabet and it is encoded in each and every persons DNA. The frequency has been sealed by the frameshift mutation that has caused and carried humanity through time. The fourth quarter of time, in which we now reside will breach the seals and re-calbrate the energy potential to attain the heights of a superconductor and the ultra sonic wave forms that encapsulate our spirits in these bodies (lifes one and true possession) freeing us to take flight from this place inside us. Love is the way.

The code written has been decoded and the end of times draws near for a bright and promising let us not forget when another 1000 years has passed.

REV 5:4
And I wept much,
because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book,
neither to look thereon.
REV 5:5
And one of the elders saith unto me,
Weep not:
behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David,
hath prevailed to open the book,
and to loose the seven seals thereof.

As I look at the news clips of Baghdad, the cradle of civilization, and bombs fall in the early of night with the red glare of the setting sun reflecting through the hour glass of iron laden sands, I pray once again for the "Desert to Bloom." How have we gone so far from whence we came? What has interferred with the one emotion that can save us all from ourselves?

Moses compiled ten simple commandments that man should follow during his evolution in time. Ten emotions that could help him maintain stability throughout the perils and probable destruction during its phase. For time is the deception of past and future as reason finds man now. If mankind could just follow the first two commandments all the rest would come naturally. They do not just state a philosophy of religion. That religion encorporates every discipline of science and in their unification lies hidden in plain view the spirit of man. It is our emotions that result in our thoughts. Those thoughts are the creation of our reality. So simple was his message to curtail destruction amidst the complexity of hatred's dissention which we are now confront.

There must be a better way, another choice that will be good for all. Look at the baren lands of the Middle East. The Earth is suffering and the likeness she shares with man is his suffering. Life grows on Earth's surface, yet the seed planted deep in her soil draws the nourishment from embryonic rhythms of all her mineral constituents. The soil here is deplete and so is that likeness man shares. When Earth is ill, her streams converge in disharmony, she quakes with convulsive seismic activity, and her winds blow harsh lifting the things of our creation. And is it not that man when ill behaves irrationally without regard for others. And should this persist then hatred fills the blood in his heart and he seeks release of iron's caged and overwhelming energy. Do not these people whom we should not judge, lest we also find judgement, somehow deserve to be understood? For in their garden hatred is bred in the sands upheaval due to tainting energy of iron's ferromagnetic breach. Still we sit content as ours is in full bloom, seeking not forgiveness but aggression towards them. Why I ask.


Is it for the one to reach out amongst the crowd, speaking only for himself? Or shall the many rise and speak for the one? And should this one suffer indifference of the whole and find banishment, then it is not the one to lose, but the many. Unification brings truth and enlightenment, so that this one might gain for all.Did the Big Bang or the Great Calamity occur due to the collision of electrons? Did the Annunaki who from heaven to earth came cause the dissention between the electro-weak force and the magnetic-strong force when in their creation the clay mixture contained the element of iron? And did the aether that permeates the silica latticed through Earth and that which cradles the light and sound taint its purity with this dictator whose iron sword cuts both ways? It is time to lay down this sword forever in a new Jerusalem where unification can bring us truth and enlighten our futures. We no longer move forward, but backwards with negative E-motion that is now prefaced on lies and deception.

Reverberation in Time

If we reason life within the circle

Then death must be found herein these limits.

To be infinite

Though not equidistant

From any point from the center.

Yet held in border

and etched in the perimeter

Lies stillness of matter

If only a momentary glance.

For as the dynamic motion of vibration

In its prisms find harmony

Deaths moment and shadow

Shall spare no echo or resound.

So here in static stillness we stand, unable to move or act. A subject of matters dynamic as the momentum attracts. Each one to flow as water, one unto the other. An equality in opposition is energies motion to matter. A density which must seek the calm puts dynamics to the test. As these waves of energy ride, despite their trough and crest. Fluctuant alternation in a frequency whose view is loud and clear.

Then sounds time barrier to succumb, then at once and again adhere. A frenetic encumbering of chaos that too shall pass as the energy runs linear to points that equal circumference of the mass. Infinite confines of space bleed into semi-permeable borders, In cry to maintain homeostasis with neglect of evolutionary disorder. Tuning now with compensatory mechanism eluding these bodies their task, A frequency lost temporarily in electro waves whose troughs run back to back. Linear momentum gains respect of parallel duality in the curve, cyclic revolutions guide avoiding collision as density blends and swirves. Light unfies these forces, electro-weak and magnetic-strong.

A path which entails momentary darkness enabling life to move on. All that appears inert in semmingly motionless, incapable proerties of calm, hesitation is brief so here take notice tis the quiet who lies in wait of the storm. Energy perfused as migrant affinity and exchange finds it there. Repulsion too finds place and would be dictate in the atomic inertial lair. Now as the two forces come together in the light individuality knows unisons claim, frequencies harmonic who for without each other all would be the same. Gravity's permeable color confined in each concentric ring, each vibration whose frequency harmonizes with man's primal scream. Herein the center is dictate oppositions decisive role to repulse or gravitate.

An external pulse where the internal numbers of each atom relate. The light of hydrogen is catalyst, opening the door as magnetism awaits, graciously withdrawing or to smoothly attach and all for relationships sake. In question for consideration as we ponder inertial guidance, know if the contract is breached we would find life's circle to negate her spinning and cease revolutions compliance.


Light of the sun. Hydrogen the thunderbolt to steer all things. Permeating gravity's border with smooth and subtle stillness as the waters invade the shore. And is it not etched in concentric rings this constituent to attract her bonds, settling into waters weight the wave of this gravidic influence of iron. Is it so that we might breath from this energy in air, of that which does not set. Never to descend or ascend without the viscous horizontal flow or the vertical evaporative nature herein defined. Rather it is to meander following Earths streams and coursing our veins and arterial circulatory flow. A viscous motion to purge tainted waters, cleansing beyond constraint of oxidations glow as waters recede in lieu of iron's torment. Held in place are these elemental weights so that life knows imbalance.

And when their bonds of silence reach their end, it is here at once the magnetic momentum in her nucleus gains wings to fly, elevating through these concentric colors and their reverberation of sound in a vertical ascension now, eluding her this invisible horizontal counterpart. And as she reverses ascending into space, back to the light from whence she came, momentarily she glances back to Earth, realizing her full energies impact on Earth and man who for without they should not be. So as she beams to distant stars in this new trajectory, she sees an alteration in the patterns of her directive from start. Suddenly she finds herself merrily flowing gaining new bonds once again with oppositions fate. This elusive counterpart who begs she remain, yet gives no name. They share an affinity in the light. So together they watch as the waters rise and flow, and the ships are adrift once set out to sea only to be set ashore and in time become adrift once more. In their assurance respective of the duality they share, and knowing all the while never shall they fail these ships of ours set out on Earth's mighty sea.

If we could remove the interference for the misunderstanding would forgiveness suffice and we could begin the beginning? Aleph the one and all for creation........and that one making reference to hydrogen's full potential during creation as it as the start was removed in Genesis replaced by Beit.

Cannot we see the light of love is both the wave and the particle, that its lines differentiate the spectral color and Earths face shines despite iron's horror. The bloods tainting desire, the malevolent despot to define the 'ferrous bar en hydromagna'. Yet, we are not forsaken.

Within this angle of deception it seems gravity is always attracting never repelling. Unlike gravity the magnetic monopole attracts and the same time. The vesica piscus contains the magnetic field, the electric current is locked in a hyperbolic shield. The point of origin for the ferric domain, is here in Earth coordinates where time holds distain. But once the light of the sun's incident angle equals its reflection, heaven will come unto earth and free lights refraction. And the answer will come from those you least expect, 'tis the meek to inherit this Earth when time's tainting of the blood found neglect........


We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension to realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere. The mono-pole projecting our existence where gravity, the anomaly and opposing force offers the momentum for our dance in life with time. In crystalline chambers and network of the atomic structure are confined the acoustics where the harmonics resonate, then on the periphery piezoelectric sparks infuse life with a perpetual vibratory motion for the choreography of her dance in the light. We will with this knowledge slip through and behind time and there ask at once and again, Why?

When Enki and Ninhursag of the Annunaki (those who from Heaven to Earth came) tainted mankind's destiny during creation using the first genetic experiments the energy in Earth's iron core or that in the clay mixture exceeded bounds of equilibrium of the trinity of force. An energy greater than the matter permeated the iron atom creating a ferric domain at the level of the m-shell. Here Pauli's Inclusion Principle for electron pairing does not follow, for here of the 14 they number 9 to 5, setting the spin at 45 degrees left to center. Our fate is no equation, but the degree of gravitational pull and refracted light of this contained rest energy in iron's m-shell has set mankind asunder bending his destiny. "Ye thou I walk in the valley of darkness I will fear no evil, for thou art with me...." seems to infer that the light of God is within us held in shadows manifest in this angle of refraction. Did they square the light from the sun through prisms of silica laced with iron whose ferromagnetic potential increased the probability of tainting the electromagnetic fields that divided the spindle fibers? Did the doping of silica with this transition metal iron potentiate the effects of this mixture and force anomalous hydrogen bonds as the hydrophilic heads became hydrophobic tails? Did valine invert and become glutamic acid?

Was it not the Annunaki who tasted the fruit from this tree in the center of the garden by opening the nuclear envelope? Did they miscalculate the full ferocity of the iron atom? Was their misjudgement that to set precedent for all of mankind?


Silence broke barriers of humanity's shame. Codes once sealed now burst into flames. Walls once erect now barren, ill started. Faces with glimmering hope fade broken hearted. Proud delusions justify death. Twisted actions of these intellectual reject. Clouds formed far above man’s head. Maimed generations expel spoils of those dead. Hiroshima and Nagasaki never knew what hit. But every man on Earth shall suffer the consequence.

Have we lived all these lives over and over to learn but one thing? Could that one thing be forgiveness? A forgiveness that in itself is our salvation, the freedom from further dissention, bitterness and hate. Was hatred the first disease and did it form as a result of the greater energy that in creation forced a stronger but temporary magnetic strong force? And with that strong force did the divide of the spindle cause our frameshift mutation in the genetic code replacing the G with a T?


We take that which cannot mend by force and compel an internal change which alters our course. Evolution in time does not heed this demand, nor can we find balance using technological stands.

Science has bedeviled our common sense leaving intelligence blinded by its false pretense. Nature controls the electromagnetic force when the spindle divides our reproductive resource.

No electric current can guide DNA's message nor fill the body with the spiritual dressage. Shadows emit in the light during our journey gives rise to the infractions during course of man's learning.

Ignorance of the past prevents the next step our intellect does not reason when technology has leapt. There is no basis on which to lay the claim or the need to alter humanities current domain.

We must sit back and allow time to flow and the current will carry us blending change in our chromosomes. Disease is the path where the body teaches the mind allowing the correct code to unwind.

Integration of knowledge through our pain teaches the mind to synthesize the reason for our distain. We must question our actions and cease the discord for if not then its error history will faithfully record.

Our future will read the mistakes we made, hopefully survival of our humanity can evolve to procreate.We need accept our indifference procuring God's word and let time mend the recombinant splice with his sword.

DNA ALONE WILL UNRAVEL THE COMPLEX MYSTERY OF LIFE AND PUT END TO HUMANITYS PAIN AND ALL THE STRIFE.There is evidence document in our past that indicates we are missing two chromosomes. The proofs are there for it is all written. Should we clone these imperfections of DNA long ago a miscalculation, then we need not ask ourselves how Neanderthal man was found buried above modern man, or how the dinosaurs came to be. We have done this before, so we had better reconsider cloning any of God's creatures. Within the nuclear envelope there lies the secrets to the mysterious and lifelong search for the Holy Grail. It is the Covenant we share with God and it should not be broken. And was Jesus not to set precedent for all of mankind? The one who was so conjoined to heaven and earth, or that of God to man.

All these lives we have lived with the guilt for that which we did not do. Within the nuclear envelope of creation remains the genetic codes of God. And the Annunaki thinking themselves God miscalculated based on those terms. For in the numbers that define the letter of the alphabet and the word of God, lies not 1,2,3 steps, but steps they used where 1 in multiple of 3 would equate 2. And in those terms four inversions of the 3 would have equated equilibrium of our coding mechanism, which is that of creation. The spin requiring four inversive moves from the center, two lateral and two retro turned instead away from God in their attempts to mirror his image at 180 degrees of the whole. The horizontal inversion of the code has reversed the letters, and numbers are upside down in that thinking, and the code has put enmity between God, man and woman. A miscalculation of simplicity that forced motion in time running in reverse on the transverse line of the latus rectum now locked forever on line of the asymptote in a hyperbolic curve. And this line that misses the curve veering off into infinity is degree of shift in the code, refracting light, gravitational fields, the energy greater than the mass and the age old mystery of time. AND IT IS THE REASON WE MUST GAIN UNDERSTANDING AND KNOW FORGIVENESS.

"A Malevolent, Benevolent Despot"

Time is locked in a hyperbolic curve The end result will show The lines to be perpendicular Energy will be released at an alarming rate. The Earth’s mass will shift Transform and vibrate. And man with his sustained erratic behavior Can finally realize the truth reflect On the other side of his genetic mirror Now with energy to equal the mass Where light has outcast the darkness Time and evolution unite, beyond their impasse. Herein a time without evolution Our third dimensional brain in-links With telepathic thoughts consumed in linear convolutions. Contained rest energy penetrates the concave surface Now on line in hyperbolic space... Synchronizing factors of light and sound …….saving the human race.

Have we run through the gamete (ZYGOTE WHICH HONORS THY MOTHER AND FATHER) of time? Is encoded here within this molecular memory chip now propagating negative human emotion vacillating on the line 1000 years to and fro, a stop mechanism for the question/answer now received? Can we somehow add to the curve the degree of PI and resurrect circumference of the whole? Can we once again divide the spindle and let the magnetic-strong force plug in the bonds of equilibrium? Should we take that quantum leap into another dimension behind time and there fracture this ferric domain in iron? Iron a transitional metal who choreographs our dance through time...a malevolent and benevolent despot who forced the creation of our reflections in time, eluding us to the true nature of oursevles and the positive reality which is the minds full potential. Through emotional veils might we curtail the malevolent facade of this dictator time whose forced temporarily by the photoelectrical nature of iron to mimick humanity's true stance. We are but reflection of the whole. That whole or one is what we as a cosmic race truly represent.

We must shift our perspective in view of our positive nature so conjoined and thus assummed. We must re-evaluate our current stance on the line always moving right to left and realize the edge of our precarious perch doest not lie afar, yet near. We must turn around and see the Earth, then look up beyond the sky and down to the farthest reaches, knowing we stand at the center where all is equidistant from any point on the periphery. And know as the colors, elements, sound and aether blend in harmony, that there too go you and I. Know that I am no different than you, for without each other we could not be. Know that race, creed or color has no positive or negative draw on the superficial. That what lies deep inside us is the soul that unites every man. And that the iron circulating in his ROYAL BLOOD is the one element to be tainted by the waters of time. Yet, understand that here in barriers inherently manifest, is interaction of right and wrong which the spirit is to discern. That essence or Nephesh lies in the blood awaiting as the iron draws that first light of hydrogen's rod unto the staff of oxygen where life is gift. And through these waters the embryonic seeD for life is yet eternal;, Wherein its evaporative vertical ascension, so too do we arise. And in the viscous nature of its flow we move ever so gently during the spring of our lives after the hardened thaw of winter. This is the way of the world.

As I view from my garden in full bloom this spring, I pray for forgiveness of these things we do.

Man has forgotten the healing power of the wind nor is he to reason taking notice as she in anger gusts to lift the things of his creation. We do not understand her language, though she speaks in tongue to mend. We believe it is our power to control and that nature has no say. No longer do we hear the sweet vibration as she ruffles the trees or gives flight to the birds and their song. We take for granted these things, not to question where they come from. All around us life is thriving and dependent on us. We need to see the things we do, for if not, then these winds of time shall blow our ash, the iron dust away.In Dante's "Paradiso" in Canto 7 he said; " Now turn thy mind to that which I expound. This nature, thus united with its Maker was pure and good, such as it was created. But by itself was cast from paradise, because it turned aside by its own act, From its own life and from the path of truth. Therefore the penalty the cross inflicted, if measured by the nature thus assumed was juster than all other penalties; but ne'er was one of such iniquity if we regard the person who did suffer, in whom this nature had been so conjoined, Hence from one action issued things diverse; One single death pleased both Jews and God. Thereat the whole earth shook, the heavens opened."

As a very young child I attended church and sat with an ill defined fear of God the creator. For in the words of his prophet now ministering the text unto mine ears, I heard not love, but hate and distortion of truths. That God should punish the child and slight his innocence with guilt and shame. I could ne'er comprehend.

Just slight to the left of the minister hung an image of Christ. So as a child I diverted the negative energy of the ministers words to his face asking what I as a child might do. Though his face did not gesture, nor his lips give motion for sound, I heard through glance of the images eye words silent and unspoken. Through his thoughts of love I gained hope and found peace and comfort, no longer clinging to fear of punishment given during the ways of the world. And I knew then, that through the eyes of the child within, my future growing and longing would sustain me. With new found strength I ventured out beyond into life finding distaste in the ways of man.

At the old age of eleven I again found myself in the depths of dispair. Once again I prayed to Jesus, that he come and show me the way. He came through the fading glow of the night's light filtering through a crack in the door. In his brilliance I held my head erect and grateful. Again, his glance to my eye told me that which I needed to know. Warmth filled me through each breath and I closed my eyes finding comfort in sleep of my dreams.

Then I grew beyond those years, with family. Children of my own and a husband most dear. They were the most precious of assets life has to offer. Then one morning I awoke to find my husband dead, murdered by the greed of another who wished what he had be theirs. Amidst the pain of grief and the lonliness that spans the dark of night I held my children, my arms around them tight. As they drifted into the peace of sleep, suddenly the tears began to fill my eyes. I was not the way of this world, hence I did not seek comfort from it in my waking moments. Instead and once again I cried and asked Jesus to help me, to guide me now on this new path which seemed so dark and forsaken. He came to me and lifted me into the clouds right through the density of matter surrounding me. This is what I saw and heard him say;

The Dream

One night of grief and sadness in broken dreams I slept.

Then peacefully and gently into my mind this vision swept.

Now I was standing, adrift and alone

In grace and full glory as the moon shone.

A sight ne'er viewed before mine eyes

As up swiftly into the clouds I did fly.

My heart quietly beating, now be it to quicken,

This vision told of the reality of which I was now stricken.

I saw Jesus on the cross, limbs bare of no defense,

On his head a crown of thorns, every muscle so tense.

His glance to my eye offered thoughts I could see;

"Gaze each outstretched arm, now my hands set free."

He told me these truths, his might shed no end;

"Each nail not of wood, that my blood was shed.

'tis the metal that bleeds you, ne'er to release these chains"

His crowns piercing thorns gave insight

To the barrier of the blood-brain.

"Ask and ye shall receive", he said.

But 'twas for mercy on my knees I plead.

Then my heart silenced its tears filled my eyes,

"This knowledge be known, for now is the time."

Then to him said I, "It has always been you

To suffer and die as the lamb,

Giving purpose and freedom to man.

Why did the father in heaven choose you

as the example for all who were but to lose?"

Then he answered in thought

"It is you his begot.....

That I might die saving those to follow,

Preparing your path, setting the table.

Walk not in fear, love will guide your way.

I will always be with you, all lambs do stray."

Then he said, "True sight is not seen with the appendage of the eye.

It is that which lies hidden as you gaze deep inside."

Then I awoke to begin a new.

The day my childhood dreams came true.

In those moments of griefs sadness Jesus taught me love. He allowed I see that the love Charles and I shared was a divine love that extends beyond the reach of romantic haste and humanity's waste. And in that divinity we'd gained the promise of resurrection. The silence of these bonds cannot be broken, not even in death. So my beloved is with me still and I should find forgiveness in my heart for those who killed him. In that forgiveness he told me was my salvation from bitterness or hate. Now I do not dwell in misery or love's lost memory, for our divinity brought life and love to ride side by side in eternity. That we do not die is something mankind today has set on the shelf. Yet divine love does not die. Its essense flows in the artery and vein during lifes pure fountain, just as does the troubled fountain. Love is a principle of certainty for all things great or small, in life or in death.

That bleak morning when I found my husband dead, Jesus came to me in silence of the light and here no vision could be said. But inside my head came though words I could not speak , " Forgive them" was decreed. Then as I cried aloud saying, "Charles please don't leave me and to God of you I ask your help" the words again I heard "forgive them for they know not what they do." And without the thought to ask or hear my mortal sigh "how can I", again the voice said, "Because he did not die." Then I heard, "Thou shalt not kill is not a command, it is a statement of fact."

I am not the way of this world. Yet, I have to live within boundary and in line of its sanity/insanity. My heart teaches my mind in spite of these things I see. The burden oft times is hard to bare, though from inside me always the strength of my child doest come.


Oh Children do ask why the grasses are green

Adulthood grows beyond childhood dreams.

Your words remind us of our beginnings

Your thoughts stir our need for remembering.

Hold tightly our hand, firmly now as you speak

Our perspectives are heightened, their outlook bleak.

A journey endless, time is often hopeless it seems.

Oh children never stop voicing the world you see in your dreams.

So to all the children around the world,

Whether red, yellow, black or white.

You are our hope for the future

And the past is lost without your insight.

Do our dreams relate guidance so we might find our way amidst the complexity of our creation? Are our dreams intent for hope? Hope that each of us through conscious efforts can impede and cease the flow of our negative actions. Having faith that we can turn our directives to the environment and our diseased condition bringing them back to balance where good will and health of all things can become a reality. A place where mankinds thoughts will once again starive to gain a bright promising fuutre. We have the power to struggle beyond exhaustion and move the mountain. Times confusion and consumption of our efforts depletes humanity, but our eternal spirits can never be eluded by this concept. For it is she who conceived of time and space, allowing humanity to reap lifes benefits in the first place.

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Marie Curie

TIME AND SPACE L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Equation herein shows factor for the imbalance time cost.

Planck's Constant to remind us of the deficit in energy loss.

A shift must incorporate the factor of time

As dimensions shift insanity will border the line.

Time bends light's linear path in curves to spiral reflection amiss

Uneven flow projects the shadow of interference or tale of the dark abyss.

Man's thought blends reason though his eyes deceive

Light bends cloaking the true incidence for reality.

To gain knowledge and sense the harmony

Earth's sphere is insight to the atomic monopolarity.

Light is equal to the harmonic of the frequency and velocity

Electromagnetic duality riding parallel in spectral ferocity.

Time is the deception as reason finds man

With potential energy in need of reprimand.

In this, the creation and regeneration for replication

Is known refractive potential equates time's equation.

Allow time's treason considering the mass and space

The energy is adequate in mirror of the atoms true face.

Every discipline of science and philosophy of religion must converge with the truth at this point in time...........Now is all we have if we are to prevent total destruction.

The time draws near for the meek to inherit the Earth. We are all of Royalty for we come of its pure source.... God. And it is he, who soon will sever time's betrayal with edge of his sword.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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