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Light; the unification of science and religion

I would like to offer a proposal or two. Perhaps we should reverse our thinking processes and formulate a new elucidation of the atom. If we do not, we will not go beyond the subatomic spaces into the realm of harnessing the atom. Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty has stumped all of us into thinking we cannot predict time, but we will once we realize that qp=L2 and the L2=EM if CV -[h x 1/2mv2=L2. Planck's constant is the differential which arises in lieu of radiant emissions caused in effect by the ferric domain which exists in the iron atom's M shell.

This is something I term the " ferros bar en hydro magna". What we suffer is an energy factor which is greater than the matter. The rebound of light, or the photoelectric effect is the variable and the constant can be terminated simply by multiplying h with the kinetic energy. This will fracture the ferric domain and reverse the energy of light on the positive vibration as opposed to our time which runs on the negative vibration.

If we would like to further our technological advances at this point in time we must look back in time and realize the errors of our ways. We can harness the atom and create the monopolar technology that our past has already used. WE have many answers but just as many questions. Perhaps you might think on this and write us back.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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