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Magnetism's Agenda

BLT Research
Dr. Levengood
Nancy Talbot

Dr. Levengood,

After reviewing the documentation of your soil samples I can't help but again insist that these magnetic materials are not being deposited, they are being magnetically repelled from the atomic level by release of anomalous bonds in every molecule within periphery of the specific circles. This pure iron (previously a transition metal with ferromagnetic potential) you will find has been altered in that the m-shell electron non-pairing no longer exists. The frequency of this iron has been changed and you can probably isolate the difference doing spectro-analysis. It no longer will manifest the photo-electric effects due to the release of contained rest energies. It is now what is termed "a magnetic monopole". Its energy radiates from the center outward and is equidistant at any point on the periphery. Run an electric current through it and see what happens. I can tell you it will glow and levitate.

Earlier crop formations indicated the anomaly in the third concentric ring. It also refers to the iron atom's m-shell. I think the researchers coined it "Earth is missing", being the 3rd rock from the sun. The circles that followed showed a correction made, so each step to precede and then to follow is vital to comprehending the message inlaid.

The message here translated through your findings, the crop type, the geometry of the circle and the circle itself implies the release of accummulated heavy metals. The potential of iron, due to the m-shell's non-pairing has created a ferric domain, a stronger but temporary magnetic field (not unlike the junkyard magnet) . The kinetic energy in the balls of light is drawn in using the dynamic aquifer beneath the crop, or in line (magnetic) with them. Ultra-sonic waves transmit or express the potential energy through the waters of the plant. Hydrogen's energy breaches the current energy/matter constructs ferric domain and hydrogen bonds plug in the correct coding, therein fracturing anomalous bonds. The encoding of energies outlines a new elucidation of the atoms.

These heavy metals are cause of our disease and the frame shift mutation, all a result of the CTT or beta globin gene for "normal" hemoglobin. The T in this codon set replaced the G, hence the GTA gene for Beta Thalassemia and the CAT for sickle celled anemia. Those suffering the fragile X repeat sequences will be found to have an iron atom in the RNA granules. The main objective of our "friends" is to attempt correcting our bipolar dysfunction by removing the contained rest energy held in confines of sub-atomic spaces.
Once the ferric domain has fractured the released from within sub-atomic spaces of ferromagnetic energy, the atoms in equilibrium of electron -proton-neutron mass numbers/weight create symmetry within molecular conformation, hence regeneration, replication of cellular likeness creates a homeostatic environment for every species within Earth's realm. Heal the Earth and we heal ourselves.

Earth's iron core too suffers this ferric domain, as does the iron porphyrin in human physiology. "They" and I mean them, use the Earth's electro-weak and magnetic-strong fields using a Monopolar technology we are soon to grasp, to fracture the domain.

The waters here on Earth are a result of the sun's angle and Earth's mineral constituents, particularly silica. Water is also magnetic and the iron's domain is potentiating and is synergist to the dissension between electro and magnetic fields causing the vertical evaporative and viscous horizontal motion of waters flow/tide..........

I have termed this "a ferrous bar en hydro-magna" a stronger magnetic-strong field, but temporary arising from an E > M. the Iron base in the blood (the red sea) has bled into the cytoplasmic pond. Iron's energies permeate membranous barriers during the chloride shift in capillaries, compounded by atmospheric pressures, fragility in capillary walls and iron's energy potential to bleed into interstitial spaces. It has now reached the lengths at which it permeates the blood-brain barrier into the central nervous system and brain......magnetically a fatal attraction. Hemoglobin has become a proton donor, and these silent bonds have mutated our coding mechanism.

Healing energy within circle formations is specific to the individual as their symptoms expressed once in the circle defines their level of mutation. Stepping into a crop circle has the ability, as did Stonehenge and Newgrange (other ancient structures) to recalibrate the bio-electromagnetic energies and correct the genetic code, as does the spell check within a computer.

The window in time has allowed us to document for further study what seem to be anomalies in the fields. Our goal is to integrate this knowledge, but our first step must be to realize what we are finding is the norm, not the abnormal. This window now is beginning to close and they soon will be unable to relate through crop circles. If we can grasp the leap in technology from one 'bipolar to monopolar', then we have an open airway for telepathic or "telempathic" (empathy ie.; understanding) communication.

As you can see the number of formations is diminishing and soon they will cease altogether.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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