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A New Elucidation / The Atom's Monopolarity

A new elucidation of the atom which must preceed your theory to make it valid and coherent. Our current electron theory will not suffice to make your theory cohesive. Nor will our bipolar technology allow insight into this perpetual energy. A monopolar technology encorporates the new structural determination of the atom's monopolarity.

Harnessing this perpetual energy will only require the reverse bias which is already built in the function of the neutron; specifically the psi meson's quark and anti-quark. Tapping into this energy can be accomplished using the frequency of hydrogen. An atom which is the only true bipolar sphere. Its frequency times the mass of the specific element will reverse the energy.

For within the energy/matter construct the spiral moves both clockwise and counterclockwise. A place at the centre where (q) is to (p) what (p) is to (q). What occurs does so with a simultaneity... there is no question for the predictability of time... the time factor is obsolete... and here our fate is no equation.

The aether does exist and it is good to hear you profess of its place in our mechanical world. That aether is the index for light, kinetic and potential energy, velocity and momentum, diatonic ratios to scale the harmonic and the schematic for comprehending zero point. Within the microcosm and its permutation exists the macrocosm for the one... or the template for truth.

Monopolar technology will allow we store information within the shells and subshells of the atom, rather than doping silicon for a circuit. Those spaces are the integrated circuit of the future. But, they cannot be utilized without first conceptualizing the atoms monopolarity and the function of the neutron in relation to the proton and electron.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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