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Monopolarity and DNA

Our DNA is molecular memory chip that recorded every possible time frame in a flash of thought. We are living in an evolution in time. Our frameshift mutation a cause suffered by one atom. When the electrons in the m-shell of the iron atom collided, the Big Bang began time running backwards on the negative vibration.

The Hebrew letters in the Torah are prepresentative of the frameshift, but hidden between the lines is the root code. We can decipher this using 4 simple letters, the name of God. It will return us to the centre where all is equidistant at any point on the periphery.

A new elucidation of the atom will bring the word to term and align our thinking. Iron is a magnetic monopole, thus the Earth's core can be so defined. The big bang set the spin at a 45 degree counterclockwise shift in the micro and macro-cosm, and through time we have defined the phenomenon in postulates, mathematical equations arriving at our current electron theory.

Our bipolar technology is leading us to what was before this first time, the monopolar technology that will define the origin of the wheel. It is all in those lines and the curve as they come full circle, circumventing the sphere of the monopole whose energy radiates from the center and is equidistant at every when and every where on the periphery.

There are no shadows of contained rest energy to reflect language geographically in accordance with our alignment with the sun's incidence to reflect through Earth's mineral constituents. And our likeness shared to that built by the zygote, as this newly formed union is one so conjoined to that of Earth. There will be no dissention between nations, no linguistic misunderstanding for there will be one language, one heart that all come from this and the same.

Light unifies the forces and the index is 4 cubed or 64 base combinations, 64 freqencies of the universe, and the 8 octaves squared. This will synchronize light and sound, therein making the time factor one obsolete.

The "ferrous bar en hydro-magna" is not a game of chess, rather it is a battle between the red sea (blood) and the cytoplasmic pond (Moses means to extricate, remove from the waters.) If you take a fragile x carrier and her offspring, washing and centrifuging the blood to isolate the RNA granules you will find an iron atom in the granules.

The energy here is cause of the first frameshift, when the T for thymine replaced the G for Guanine. A simple retrolateral inversion of a hydrogen bond that was made magnetically stronger, but temporary because of this iron atom. Release this ferric domain and the code will realign itself.........naturally.

The CTT gene or beta globin gene for normal hemoglobin is cause. This one simple blood protein is behind humanity's shame.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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