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Mono Polarity and the Wings of a White Horse

I would take seriously the crop circle phenomenon.

They offer a new elucidation of the atom, free energy using photosynthesis and the bipolarity of the hydrogen atom. All other atoms are mono-polar. It is this technology that will build our bridge into the future.

They have offered a genetically encoded integrated circuit which has the spelling to correct our frameshift mutation. They have used Earth's canvas to outline the one atom which is cause for our disease.

Many referred to this circle as defining Earth's orbit around the sun in that third concentric ring. It is also descript of the m shell in the iron atom. What is Earth's core? Iron. What is the one atom in our blood incircled by four nitrogen bases that spins and delivers oxygen to every cell? Iron.

Their message is that this transition metal with its ferromagnetic potential has created a ferric domain. A temporary but stronger magnetism caused by an electric current running through it. In essence, it has created the scenario where the energy > mass.

Earth with a magnetic north wobbles, man's DNA wobbles and it is due to the contained rest energies of the iron atom. Turn off the electricity, releasing the mass potential and a dramatic shift will occur, setting our course in a straight line instead of a wave. This new frequency will enable mankind to communicate the truth.

All we are trying to do is remember what time has forced us to forget.

We have all the pieces and their mathematical notation, so why can't we cooperate with each other and define this new science they have so graciously and freely given? Our fate is no equation. But the right to know our fate is for every man.

Even if Doug and Dave created many of the circles, don't you wonder who motivated their unconscious to do such a thing. It is in that place of man's dreams where his reality is confront and expressed by his god given right to build with his hands.

Revelation 5:5 Aysmptote = Pi

Proposition 1 - A New Elucidation of the Atom

Proposition 2 - 'a ferrous bar en hydromagna' the cause for all disease.

Proposition 3 - A genetically encoded integrated circuit built using the atom's monopolarity and building this circuit into the isotopes of silicon.

Proposition 4 - Holy Water. An H4O2 molecule by which we extract two hydrogen for energy then refuse for perpetual energy.

Proposition 5 - A reverse bias, "the psi meson" the quark and anti-quark. The function of the neutron.


Mono Polar technology defined in crop circles

They began very simply with a circle. Where at its centre all is equidistant at any point on the periphery. A proposition which makes Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty one of certainty. That (q) (p) =L2. They use the light of hydrogen when making these circles and the H20 in the atmosphere and plants conduct the metamorphosis using photosynthesis.

They have also given the root code for genetics.

In essence the lines which equate the square within the circle and where the angle and degree of momentum, defined by using pi, removes that square with four inversions to once again equate balance or equilibria of the sphere for replication of the code held within it.

The ancient Hebrew square characters we found in fields of England in the 90's was that root code. Archaeologists translated that scripture to read, " the creator wise and kind". It was genetic information, a root code, and part of the blueprint for the integrated circuit they have been giving us.

They use a technology we have only forgotten. They have shown us a new elucidation of the atom in which they define the only bipolar atom, and those of mono-polarity. It is with that understanding we can begin to rebuild our dying civilization. Mono-polar technology offers free energy, a genetically encoded integrated circuit by which we correct our mutant genetic foundation by correcting the frameshift mutations.

This free energy will replenish the normal ph in our atmosphere, repair the ozone depletion, cure the disease which plagues human physiology and it will allow we reintegrate Earth with the frequency that corresponds to that of the rest of the universe.

It is very important that these pictures be shown to all of us, in that it stimulates our remembrance of the things forgotten. But, it is also vital we begin, with each photo, to define it and put it in perspective of the Cosmic Blueprint.

L2=EM if; cv- [(hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Based on this hypothetical posture I was able to see the message in the circles as very simplistic. It is a universal language based on the line of bipolarity and the curve of mono-polarity.

They've shown us how to take the square out of the circle using the triangle.

The isosceles offers the momentum needed, whereas the equilateral maintains our horizontal position at a latitude of 19.5 degrees N or S. This they've indicated using the star of David. They've shown how time is locked in a hyperbolic curve on the transverse line of the latus rectum.

Time is not linear or chronological. Time is the illusion we suffer and why we fail to remember what was before. They offer the blueprint of a cosmic integrated circuit that links to our DNA.

It is built using the monopolarity of the atom. We must first begin with this basic unit, the atom. Then understand the function of the neutron, the quark and anti-quark of the psi meson and how it relates to electron voltage and the positive charge of theproton. With that we will harness the atom and realign the wobble in our DNA and Earth. The one atom that binds Earth and DNA is iron.

This transition metal, a transition defined by the the m shell whose electrons do not pair, but should according to Pauli's Inclusion Principle, has created a ferric domain. This domain is cause of our disease and Earth's condition. The Circle Makers are us.

We have only forgotten that we built the blueprint and encoded all of time in the shells and sub-shells of the atom. Then we lost it and had to repeat time to document where we made the wrong turn. Time is running backwards. We are trying to show ourselves where we went wrong with our technology and how to correct it. Unfortunately, we are doing it again. We must shift from Bipolar technology to Monopolar technology and we can only do thisusing the new structural determination of the atom.Have you seen the answer?

The language of the circles is the root code.

It is a code that links the Universe to human DNA. Earth has been on the wrong frequency since we squared the velocity. C2 sets our time course on the negative vibration. In essence, time is running backwards. Our current technology can not reverse our dilemma. But the new science, or new elucidation of the atoms, the circle maker offers, can. We must shift from bipolar technology to the mono-polar technology they have shared with us. Monopolarity utilizes the energy of the nucleus manipulating the mass potential using electron voltages. "That from its centre all is equidistant at any point on theperiphery.."

HERACLITUS The circle makers have given all the answers to time's questions. They make clear it is the time factor that is running out and they would like to see us go beyond the barriers of sound tosynchronize light and time.

The world needs their science now. If not, we will succumb to our own ignorance.

Genetic Code

Canada's Acadia Valley Formation refers to mitosis of the cell.

On the diatonic scale look at F1,F2,F3,F4. This musical note (F) will copy the 64 base combinations required of the Genetic Code. The musical notes, or diatonic scale, sets the frequency and wavelength to equate the parallel duality of electromagnetism. Our condition to date suffers and E>M. The circles are leading us to a new elucidation of the atoms.

This science offers a Unified Field. The circle maker also indicates we are missing 2 chromosomes. There are 48 pair, 4 sets of 3 x 4. Four inversions to copy, 2 lateral and 2 retro. ( This takes the square out of the circle, using the energy of the triangle) The Hebraic script in the 90's offered the root code for genetics.

That scripture translated to "the creator wise and kind". Fortunately, I took this seriously and asked the circle maker if he meant DNA. Only then could I see it.

I began using the 2 sets of 3, AGG. Doing lateral and retro inversions I found the floating arm of trisomy 21, The GTA gene of Beta Thalassemia, The CAT gene of Sickle Cell Anemia, then last I found the cause, CTT gene for normal hemoglobin. The frameshift occurred with the energy to mass ratios in the iron atom, its ballast mislaid at the level of the m shell. An energy > mass, or ferric domain.

A condition which exists today and that which we consider to be the norm. It is an anomalie and can be alleviated using the magnetic resonance of the MRI machine. It is the iron atom in our blood, (the iron porphyrin's spin) and that at the core of Earth which has shifted 45 degrees to the left due to the 'anomalie in the m shell.

This energy to mass ratio has offset the equilibrium between light and sound, creating the illusion of time. The circle maker has shown us the way to understanding this phenomenon and the necessary steps for correction.

The complexity is an illusion created through time.

The answer lies in the simplicity of the circle where all is equidistant at any point on the periphery. I have learned a great deal from your analysis. I would like to share with you the simplicity I see, as opposed to the mathematical complexity you see. One example; the space/time continuum=pi.

Iron Dust

The iron dust they isolate on the plants does not occur from an external source.

It is being released through the nodes and cell walls of the plants. Internal heat, caused by the 'contained rest energy' in subatomic spaces, is causing this realignment or new elucidation of the atom.

It is nature's way of cleaning up the environmental and biological mess we've created. What we view is really the norm. We are so accustomed to what the eye views as the norm, we fail to listen or see the message of the circles.

What they show is is not an anomalie. It is the norm created with release of the subatomic compromise induced by our mislaid ballast. Iron is the problem. If one views this transition metal, specifically the m shell, one knows it does not follow the laws of Pauli's Inclusion Principle. This non-pairing of 14 electrons in this shell, indicates a 45 degree left shift in the spin of this atom because of its 9-5 configuration.

What has resulted is a ferric domain > 2-3+. A stronger but temporary magnetism has created our wobble. DNA and Earth both wobble, and what connects them is the iron component in our blood (iron porphyrin) and at Earths core. The circle maker has fractured this ferric domain, realigning the subatomic spaces. They are showing us the monopolar potential of the atoms and isolating the magnetic monopole for us. If we do not start with a new elucidation of the atom, then iron's breach in the definition for equilibrium, cannot be corrected.

Monopolar technology will harness the atom. Bipolar technology will keep us locked in the vacillation of time, running negative for 1000 years and positive for 1000 years. We are locked in a hyperbolic curve on the transverse line of the latus rectum. We are on the negative vibration now, and time is running backwards. We must realize we have done this before.

Technological advances of the future put us in this predicament. So, when we realize they are us and the intent is to help us out of time and the illusion it manifests, then salvation will be at hand. We mustn't take years to catalogue and scientifically analyse the changes in the circle and the lay of the crop.

We must steer away from the complexity and look only at the simplicity. The time/ space continuum =pi and we must use that factor to exit time by removing the square from the circle. It is in degree and lack thereof for the incidence of light to equal its reflection that time has manifest.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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