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Nature of the Atom : Space:Time:Energy:Matter

We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension to realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere.

The monopole projecting our existence and gravity the opposing force maintaining our dance with life in refractions of light.

In crystalline chambers of the atomic structures contained rest lie the acoustics for harmonics to resonate and here peripheral piezoelectric sparks infuse life with a perpetual vibratory motion and the choreography of her dance in the light.

We will with this knowledge slip through time into another and there ask, once again, WHY?.

Proposition 1. MONOPOLARITY; A new elucidation of the atoms. A structural determination defined by and in image and origin of the wheel. The Monopolar technology to encode the shells and sub-shells of the atom. Unlike gravity that is always attracting, the monopole attracts and repels with a simultaneity wherein from its center all equidistant from any point on the periphery. The electron flow rides the periphery of the energetic membrane of the atom. Light is linear and sound concentric rings to echo the mass potential.

Proposition 2. "A FERROUS BAR EN HYDRO MAGNA" Water's fission and the Iron atom's ferric domain. A fracture at the level of the m-shell will reconcile the gravitational field. The ferrous bar relates the function, interaction, and synergistic potential of hydrogen, oxygen and iron. The 'Big Bang' isolates the m-shell in the iron atom where collision of electron's induced light's refraction, shifting the electron flow counterclockwise, and in the refraction of its light or photoelectric effect manifested the illusion of time.

SPACE, TIME ENERGY AND MATTER context of our current bipolar technology based on the dysfunction of gravity and our current energy/matter construct that cannot be breached using these equations. Iron's photoelectric effect utilizes the frequency of refracted light or more precisely the wavelength of 5400 angstrom. We are minus on the curve 23.5 degrees and the wavelength short 500 angstrom. To fracture the ferric domain in the iron atom will impact the Earth's core and the iron based porphyrin within human physiology with equilibrium that is paramount to our survival. Thus, the structural determination of the monopole will fracture this domain, re-calibrate sub-atomic spaces with atomic resonance that will define molecular conformation to correct cellular vibration. Energetic diffusion will permeate the nucleus of the contained rest and calibrate an energy that equals the matter as is termed by the magnetic laws and the hidden agenda of mass potential.

The following equations are currently being used and are formulated on the anomalous gravitational field and light's refraction.

Harmonic Unified Field Equation Expressed in Terms of Light

E= (C+ the square root of 1/C) C2

This harmonic of light only has to be doubled in order to obtain anti-gravitational and anti-light fields related to matter and anti-matter cycles of the physical and non-physical worlds. If the two, plus and minus fields are interlocked and matter and anti-matter manifest in alternate pulses, then a double cycle must occur between each pulse of matter and anti-matter. The anti-matter pulse cannot be perceived, but when calculating the frequency of C between the two cycles, a shift in space-time must occur.

Expressed in Terms of the Harmonic of Anti-Gravity

1/g =(2C + the square root of 1/2C) (2C)2

Gravity effects are produced by a highly penetrating radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum. The frequency range is located between the lower portion of the infra-red and radar band. The frequency is approximately a trillion cycles per second and more precisely corresponding to wavelengths between 0.3 and 4.3 mm.

Gravity is an attracting force, an anomaly, induced by the ferric domain in the iron atom. Iron a transitional metal that does not follow the Inclusion prinicple postulated by Pauli with regard to our current electron theory and the pairing of electrons. An atom where the m-shell consisting of 14 electrons do not pair 7 and 7, rather are aligned due to this stronger but temporary magnetic domain at 9 and 5. This shift in spin at 45 degree left manifests the contained rest energy within the nucleus and at the level of the 3rd concentric ring or m shell induces an angle of light's refraction defined in the photoelectric effect, and valued in Planck's Constant, h. Here the energy is greater than the mass.

EQUILIBRIA DE ATOMICA; "Iron ballast mislaid in waters atomic tide"

Drifts she amidst life's sea.......tidal, turbulent, suicidal.

Weights of iron reek of supression, ballast shifts, sinking with ensuing aggression.

Prevailing darkness inhibiting light's opposition as grey filters appeasing transition.

Primordial atoms travel the sea where mankind doest plea for immortality.

Vibrations intense reverberate cries of man's song, fluctuation of stress, turbulent to calm.

Entropy assures as faith consumes, belief in change transforms doom.

Emissions of sparks invite truths flicker, angles protrude, thought a predictor.

Scales appease, but Earth is slow to shift, man's physiology rapid and swift.

In crossover then doubling one finds two, coupling of the latter and four is true.

Deep within mirrors the numbers equate, geometry gains rythmn as external identity relates.

Sum of the whole at a fractals glance where atoms measure equality, eternity its stance.

Viscosity flows, hydrogen is the rod, exchange in passing the staff is oxygen.

Truth now fading to the eye, round and beyond the corner as lines placate the facades demeanor.

Energy gains weight now permeable to all, right angular in a 90 degree fall.

The momentum for propulsion in circumference of the atoms's sphere, 60 degrees wherein atomic monopolarity and equilibrium steer.

Opposition gains direction, one cyclic one linear, passage for angle de atomic nuclear.

Contractural pull and the harmonic twist, as energy reacts the weights then shift.

Reaction procured defines the internal numbers, balancing the equation in an external slumber.

The negative factor seals gravity's semi permeable layer, response will invite a greater atomic player.

Enveloping of the lessor strengthens character, molecules of stature heighten the atomic ladder.

Cellular vibrations dependent on stability, our flight for survival a physiologic proclivity.

Should the atomic ballast be mislaid, the resulting disharmonic seeks the grave.

Subatomic compromise to manifest our disease, its symptomology as yet to appease.

Nuclear ferocity knows no recourse, the domains potentiality offers little remorse.

Implications lead a cure to breach demise, atomic monopolarity will fracture our cry.

Longevity deprived yet the coming millennium will show, Life's purpose our cause.......

Which is yet to be told.

"So it is, what the eye cannot see lays claim it does not exist.

Then is it not reflective of the mind to envision what is and is not there?"


TIME AND SPACE L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Equation herein shows factor for the imbalance time cost.

Planck's Constant to remind us of the deficit in energy loss.

A shift must incorporate the factor of time

As dimensions shift insanity will border the line.

Time bends light's linear path in curves to spiral reflection amiss

Uneven flow projects the shadow of interference or tale of the dark abyss.

Man's thought blends reason though his eyes deceive

Light bends cloaking the true incidence for reality.

To gain knowledge and sense the harmony

Earth's sphere is insight to the atomic monopolarity.

Light is equal to the harmonic of the frequency and velocity

Electromagnetic duality riding parallel in spectral ferocity.

Time is the deception as reason finds man

With potential energy in need of reprimand.

In this, the creation and regeneration for replication

Is known refractive potential equates time's equation.

Allow time's treason considering the mass and space

The energy is adequate in mirror of the atoms true face.

The energy is greater than the mass symptomatic of gravitational fields.. A fracture of the ferric domain in iron's m-shell which manifests the darkness or angle of refraction and creates the illusion of time, will relieve gravitational constraints.

Our behaviors are manifest of the disequilibrium and apparent in saturative potential of negative energy in the blood (iron component) , wherein our place in the space/time continuum is locked in the hyperbolic curve and resultant asymptote to degree of pi.

Within the outline of variables lies a differential. That differential is the deficit we suffer which manifests the time factor. This negative factor creates a wave function that runs back to back. Time will be isolated and put to rest using Einstein's General Theory of Relativity in cooperation of the quantum field and string theory now at hand.

Time can be measured and cancelled out by using the refractive potential of light. Time is equal to light's refraction and the next complete solar eclipse will make time stand still.

When the light is squared an incident angle shall equal its reflection. In view of a unified field, it is the light squared that equals the energy and mass. Photosynthesis is a linear magnetic velocity vs. electro concentric frequency. A parallel duality to conform in opposition as the line meets the curve, then in circumference light blends in factor for degree in deficit of time to equate the sum.


It is the line moving off into infinity wherein is manifest the illusion of this linear chronological time that dictates our lives. This line must meet the curve @90 degrees perpendicular for light and sound to strike the harmonic. An index for light that has no refractory potential. It is here the gravitational constraints that encapsulate and entomb our being will find release. If we are to exit the door, we must incorporate the degree of pi to the curve.

If forward time were a conic with accentricity of e>1, would the past equate to e>-1 moving south on the conjugated axis? Could time then be locked in degree and angle of Pi at the latus rectum flowing in on the transverse line of a hyperbolic curve creating time?

If energy and mass varied in sorted vibrations of negative and positve numbers, then backward and forward motion on the line should hold the energy and mass in proportion. If C2 is >the speed of light and -1is > 1, but is equal to a negative number, then the square root of a negative number =the sum of a positive number and the 'now of time' would remain in the constants of linear time while the speed of light stagnates. But, as the energy increases the mass increases proportionately and the speed of light accellerates. The ratio of velocity squared times the constant squared causes an increased speed of light. Should the velocity exceed the current speed of light then time would run backwards on the negative vibration.

In degree of latitude from times point of origin, our perspective is enabled a mere 19.5 degrees North or South and we are locked in the curve of our time in line with space. . And our place of observation does not rest on the line or curve and is founded at the centre, where all understanding becomes equidistant and is uniform at any point on the periphery.

Are we not in the place of infinity where the line and curve breach revolutions demand? Because if the light squared equals the energy and the mass, but time is locked in a hyperbolic curve, then our observations and search for truth are blinded in the shadows of refraction.



- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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