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We are at a crossroads with our technology. The crop formations have defined the line between their technology and ours. A new elucidation of carbon is manifest in these fields of time and the arrow points to this base for the medium of photosynthetic potential, as our perpetual source of feed.

They have elucidated the crystalline matrix of this atom in form of the diamond, its subatomic compromise released of the ferric domain and attachment of iron's subatomic particulate anomaly their energy source has recalibrated with release of the contained rest.

The error of the past in using silicon created isotopes of silicon. A semi-conductor now synergistic, perpetuating the mutation in the code which caused the horizontal insertion of junk genes creating the error in our ways. The computer generating this message is still here on Earth and must be shut down. The true circuit held in the waters of time is in breach this abnormal element, as its truth has been unable to penetrate the lie held in grips of isotopic reflection.

The subject of this mail I saw through the mirror, on the horizontal or lateral inversion.

As the horizontal divide or retro inversion mirrors the truth of 180 + 180 = 360, so too should the lateral inversion on that line be 180 + 180= 360, should one consider the verticle divide of magnetic tide. ...but we are stuck on the horizontal divide, vacillating on line to and fro the positive and negative through time.............
Look in the mirror and your face will align, then use your hand to write the letters founded in reflection of the light and the reverse is used to define.

Then look into the shining ladle (think of the Hebrew letters and the dradle on which they spin) or spoon in the King's hand, for his image to come forth upright.... two convex, two concave inversions are in demand.
Now tell me if you can, why my face is upside down as I hold the concave mirror in my hand. Does the convex curvature of my face or that of the waters held in the eye, cause this image to proclaim the reflection of the lie?

Is one inversion of the four to create the sum lost in folds as the message spirals out from the center and unwinds? Is the truth something as yet we are to behold?

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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