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Normal Hemoglobin

The divide of the waters is iron, and will be isolated in the sine of the cos and our tetrahedral loss. There is a 30% loss of energy and greater mass, as contained rest energy prevails.

.707 is the RMS value. Add to total .866 and the momentum will shift our current domain and enable we return centered between that of life and death. It is the cause of disease we must treat, not the symptoms. The answer lies in the strength of iron and that of water's magnetic tide.

.866 RMS value will gain in energy with added momentum of a 60 degree mark.

Canto 7

"Now turn thy mind to that which I expound.
This nature, thus united with its maker
Was pure and good, such as it was created,
But by itself was cast from paradise,
Because it turned aside by its own act,
From its own life and from the path of truth.

Therefore, the penalty the cross inflicted,
If measured by the nature thus assumed
Was juster than all other penalties;
But ne'er was one of such iniquity,
If we regard the person who did suffer,
In whom this nature had been so conjoined,
Hence from one action issued things diverse;
One single death pleased both Jews and God.

Thereat the whole earth shook, the heavens opened."

- Blanche McLanahan.

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