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Photosynthesis Resolved

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The electromagnetic fields are reversing within the micro cosm, just as it is purported in the macro as the pole's begin to shift.

This iron atom, haem component, ........."the third haem bound to a hydrophobic cavity of cytochrome strategically placed to carry out the cyclic electron flow"   is that dictating our live, the encoder of the frameshift mutation.

The simplicity of one iron atom has compounded our lives obstructing the true potential of photosynthesis using the bodies biochemical pathways to elucidate the pathways and curves of heavy metal interaction or simply the "photoelectric effect." This literally is depletion of our true nature, in that we interact with the energy from the sun in conjunction with the Earth elements, inherent to our birth rights that sustain us, making us a perpetual machine that never dies.

All of the redox cofactors, co-enzymes, superoxide generations are compromise created by iron, the breach in Nitrogen's seal to prevent oxidation, and hydrogen's inherent characteristics of the only true bipolar sphere.

It appears as if the iron interference is supplying a sulfur atom for phophorus align with the backbone of our bonds......and the process of phosphorylation suffers the wrong coding, wrong frequency.  At this level I think it explains many diseased manifestations.........diabetes, hypoglycemia....where the backbone of phosphorus replaced by sulfur disables the cystine bridge where two cysteine bond in building the insulin molecule and as the thread is weaved the pathway eventually interferes with methylation .

The "wildtype" haem protein dependent on the individual's inherent pathways finds it bond at many different levels through which it manifests the disease. The bridge in insulin is only one example, but if they begin to look at this one iron atom they can trace symptoms through diseased effects backwards through the biochemical pathway and isolate it as the cause for all disease.  It will lead to the hemoglobin, myoglobin, and gammaglobin........each whose frequency being altered by iron's generating mechanism or force permeate through the membranes by inversion of the hydrophobic and hydrophilic factors. 

Hydrogen's instability and propensity to bond becomes potential now for anomalous bonds, as the synergist of "photoelectricity",  this cytochrome where there is no amino ligand to encode or change the direction, perpetuates the electron flow through all membranes, blood-brain etc....with blanks that do not code, or non-coding introns. Forever to repeat the cycles of life as we know it, through electron transfers and proton translocation into the wrong plug or bond.  Hydrogen is assisting the cytochrome as they shuttle electrons through the photosynthetic membrane, and this energy greater than the mass maintains the current program. 

In conclusion, to fracture this ferric domain would cause the Mitochondrial Kingdom to crumble, to fall and place the true Photosynthetic King back on his throne, instead of where he now resides looking through his sparkling shining ladle.

We have taken lifetimes to document the complex causes of disease, only to reason in the end of our search, that which was and is the same from the beginning........." the battle of the RED SEA and CYTOPLASMIC POND, the walls that divide them and the force that breaches all barriers THE IRON SWORD THAT CUTS BOTH WAYS."

C The cytosol (cytoplasm) is the "soup" within which all the other cell organelles reside and where most of the cellular metabolism occurs. Though mostly water, the cytosol is full of proteins that control cell metabolism including signal transduction pathways, glycolysis, intracellular receptors, and transcription factors.

The error begins here and the might of iron forces hydrogen to invert the incorrect amino as the waters vacillate in tide of a ph of alkalinity to acidity inviting and encouraging inversions of anomalous nucleotide demands here man stands despite the battle that set him adrift.   We live in times of physiologic compromise not utilizing our full potential from the sun........we are photosynthetic beings, a creature of thought. 

But the recent solar flares seem to indicate a fracture of the Earthly domain and our reunion set side by side with Mother Earth.  When this occurs lightning will strike the iron atom tainting the waters or cytoplasm and release hydrogen freeing us this physiologic domain where disease ravages our souls.

Soon these ways of the world will be no more.

They, the scientists of our times have isolated now iron, as the marker in the shuffling mechanism of the code. Now they must understand its true significance in relation to our extremes of behavior and its overall influence in the coding mechanism as mediator for creation. 

- Blanche McLanahan.

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