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Polymeric Silicates

The new elucidation of the atom represents monopolar technology. This will shift our current electron theory which has construct our current bipolar technology to that which the ancients knew. It utilizes the polymeric silicates or mica which is long sheets of this molecule. It has all the mineral constituents of Earth's conducting system. The star of David is symbolic/molecular conformation of this mineral integrated circuit and its technology.

Once we utilize the technology, incorporating it into the information highway, it will re-link Earth and our mind to the cosmic circuit. An aligned and well balanced field where there is no breach in the circuit and electromagnetic fields align with the template or index for light (the aether). This energy is perpetual and natural.

What was done in the past must not be repeated. As the silicon devices were developed then, as we do now, they used a significant piece of knowledge which surfaced too soon and allowed they tamper with the nucleus of the atom, doping with ferromagnetic and superconducting elements. Thereby allowing fusion of neutrons creating the isotopes of silicon, inducing fission of the H402 molecule and caused the electrons in the iron atom's m-shell to collide. The rise and fall of tides, the waxing and waning of the moon is caused by light's refraction and the silica laced with iron. (yellow sand) Harnessing (not an unleashing) of the atom must occur in time. Once the shift is made with our understanding of a new structural determination of the atom, then the knowledge of the neutrons purpose should be found.

I believe the Crystal Skulls and the Ica Stones were imprinted/created using this technology. It has only been forgotten and is yet to surface. This time round we better get it right. The fragments of this truth all exist whether written in the Torah or etched into stone. We are at the end of times where synthesis of the data is complete. It is important we read and interpret the message our past left us, so we don't make the same mistake they did/again.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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