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Prophetic Codes

The script codes on the surface are in motion with time.........a recorded history from our thought forms encoded in DNA as it unwinds................

The Milk Hill formation in 1991 is a genetic code and fragment of the integrated circuit our past stored in a grain of sand. The little 'curly men' are molecular conformations.......that align with our current change in structure. We have been shown the unwound chromosomes in the fields of time........why are we not listening to the message?

These crop formations are an _expression of where we are in time. Our unconscious measures the need and in our time of great need they appear to speak the hidden and forgotten language. It is a universal language written in stone we all understand, but have only forgotten.


We see one in the mirror seeking first to divide. Then, complement and from the two we know two sets will provide.

If one equals twelve times two, then in mirror reflect 24 pair and meiosis splits the two and two times that would give equal shares.

Forty eight chromosomes true are amiss in the mirror of time, a transposition then in crossover an altering of the tide.

The spindle pulled too hard these chromosomes adrift in magnetic tide, ribosomal receptors lack phosphate heads and the hydrophilic ride.

Might they be hidden in the hydrophobic tails when the messenger transfer was lost or now during crossover when the centriole paired.

Has lysine turned over for glycine, or has alanine slipped one base pair for serine? Did valine do the retro inversion with glutamic acid inserting histadine, dropping the guanine for thymine.

The embryonic to fetal blood when the hemoglobin's epsilon shifts, distortion of gamma's wave taints the white cells pink and the RBC's beta globin gene is set adrift.

Our DNA code is held in hydrogen rungs to steep the ladder, running perpendicular to these time lines despite the twists of the wave causing disheaval of energy/matter..

Herein, this darkness now deprived the photosynthetic shine, genetics so long adrift is now in tributary of time's cosmic flow. Evolutions without time stimulates our memory to teach the human mind what our hearts so long have let go..........

So it was that Moses held the keys while Jacob climbed the evolutionary ladder,

In cen tiv de memoria stimulates mankind to remember and unite, as the atom of hydrogen binds............. all matter!

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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