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RNA and mtDNA

Mr. Sitchin,

If science and religion would preface their beliefs based on your research findings the two disciplines would unify with the truth.

Author Neil Freer asked this question and I wanted to share what I think with you.

"If our genome is estimated as 98% to 99% similar to the chimpanzee, how could there be a melding of the Homo Erectus and Anunnaki genomes, or impingement of the advanced code on the lesser advanced one detectable?

The author suggests that this is a major question probably answerable only by the geneticists open-minded enough to attack it. The resolution of that question should provide rich additional clues in itself."

In my research I found a very specific Hebrew scripture that makes reference to genetics. It may indicate the cause for what may have impinged or impaired the code. Chimpanzees require 8 inversions to copy. Humans require six. There should be only four inversions to copy the entire code. But, the frameshift mutation inserted simultaneously the number of and need for inversive moves.

I suspect the clay mixture had iron (ferromagnetic) that tainted the water or cytoplasm a potential that breached the energy/matter construct. If the strong-magnetic force divides the spindle, then they miscalculated the energetic impact of ferrous/ferric iron during its disintegration.

Iron in the blood (normal hemoglobin) or CTT gene forced the frameshift. The T for thymine replaced the G for guanine. The defective code at that time, CAT, sickle celled anemia, and its retro inversion GTA, BetaThalassemia. In addition, I theorize two near complete chromosomes were expelled or drawn out of the nuclear envelope via this iron atom with ferric potential.

The mtDNA and all its organelles are a world within a world. The RNA template has an iron atom in it. If we should centrifuge blood of one with a genetic disorder, such as Fragile X they would find an iron atom in the RNA granules. DNA is g-d and RNA is the graven image we should not worship.

The ferric domain in iron's m-shell may have been induced by atmospheric changes on Earth as a result of the depleting atmosphere on Nibiru. Their extraction of gold from Earth and its addition to their atmosphere became synergist to the already changing electromagnetic fields. A change in pressure, an increased energy and an altering incident angle of the sun could have shifted Earth's iron core (a sort of iron ballast as in a ship) and increased or caused gravitational fields (which I suspect are an anomaly) to develop. I think the initial problem began with the core of Earth, and the macro cosm impacted the micro cosm or human physiology shifting the spin of the iron porphyrin, just as the tilt in Earth is manifest.

Just as we today temp our fate (which is no equation) with our genetic experimentation and cloning, so did the Annunaki in their time. They have left us plenty of warning not to open the nuclear envelope. The Torah lists it, just as the Epic of Gilgamesh......I suppose one and the same, just a later translation.

The Annunaki opened it and mankind has suffered guilt, shame and disease all through the ages by his expulsion from the garden for eating the fruit from the tree in the center or nucleus of paradise. When Moses said, "love thy mother and father" it refers to the two gamete so conjoined and the zygotes embedding, one half from the mother, one half from the father. A clear warning not to tamper with G-d's power of creation.

The enmity G-d put between woman and man began in that garden with two missing chromosomes and the XX, XY factor, Adam missing one rib that will be found in the nerve cells of woman and the remainder the mtDNA. If three is a multiple determinate for the codon sets, Then it is not 2 sets of 3, but 3 sets of 4. The four letters of G-d's name times 3 would equate 12 and that times four inversions, two lateral two retro to copy that code would equate to 48 chromosomes. I suspect the numbers were displaced by the energy of the "ferrous bar en hydro-magna" or the iron in the clay. This, the Annunaki did not anticipate or take into consideration. They learned to late the full potential of the strong-magnetic force when centriole pair and the spindle divides.... Or in other words THE POWER OF G-D.

In this scripture exactly where geneticists found the CAT and GTA gene is where there is a missing limb or branch. Dalet is the key letter. From the first base junction on the 6th descending intron is the start of the error moving on the horizontal right to left...with CAT and it should be GGA after the 2 latero-2retro inversions. The A missed a retro inversion to T and the missing limb appears as the letter Dalet. Then counting from the second base junction on the right moving left to the 19th descending intron the GTA gene surfaces. The missing limb inserts the T replacing the G during the lateral inversion because of the breach in circuit........hence a frame shift in the lettering or flow of information. Thus, we require 6 inversions to make up the difference in time. We are even missing one day in the future because of it. The missing limb is the floating arm of Trisomy 21, or Down's Syndrome. Now if theologians and genetic scientists could look at all the facts, whether written in parable or scientific dogma, it would say the same thing.

And this is where the first time began. The parables in the Torah depict the suffering of man during an evolution in time based on a simple error. The beta globin gene (normal hemoglobin) is the same blood that circulates in the arteries and veins of Jesus and Satan. That iron base is both a benevolent and malevolent despot dictating the code during time's torment and betrayal. It divided the red sea and the cytoplasmic pond. The Pharoah and his army drowned in tears of their own blood and the Israelites fled into the barren desert........the iron in the blood tainted the waters with an energy of shifting the polarity of water, drawing the iron atom in time into the cytoplasm where RNA became a graven image unto G-d. The whole story is true and it offers the science to understand why it happened. Then Moses gave ten simple commandments to stabilize human emotion during this treacherous time. So simple, yet man vacillates on the line to and fro unable to make the right choices. Hatred became the first disease and Moses encoded the root code aligned with the 20 essentials that would be our physiologic and emotional salvation, but we still fail to see or hear.

The frame shift was inserted on the horizontal, but the key code lies on the diagonal at 45 degrees in the prime sequences. The seven seals of time have been loosed and the decoding has begun. The necessary information will come to the minds of those whose DNA encode the mechanism of understanding or the decoding. That is how it was G-d's chosen ones.

The answer to Freer's questions that arose from your work, must be reconciled before it is too late. The answer is in the code concealed in plain view within the Torah. Each letter has two positive and two negative ends taking shape of a schematic for an integrated circuit. It is a computer program dispelling time and its influence on man.

As I child I saw things no one else could, as they existed only in my mind. I always felt alone until I began reading. The Bible or Torah was my truth. All these years I wondered if a time would come that there would be just one to make sense of it for me. Your books have. I am grateful for them and you. It is not something you see with your eyes, or hear with your comes from the inside out, it is something inherent, intrinsic to nature that the mind should see what is and is not there.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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