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The Serpent Rouge and Lightening

I was reviewing the embryonic potential of the RBC (red blood cell) whilst I simultaneously read "The Woman with the Alabaster Jar" referring of course to Mary Magdalene. I figured out what she had in the jar and why she rubbed it into Jesus' feet. I can tell you he did not die.

Years ago I became captivated by the images of the Celtic Knots and many of the designs found in many artifacts. The imprints have always stayed with me.

Yesterday I found myself fumbling through a Biology book looking at the heme porphyrin and the hemoglobin molecule. I felt like I was looking for something, saw it but wasn't conscious of it and put it down.

Today I spent the morning reviewing my dreams and thoughts. As I watched the news media propound on bio-terrorism it hit me. I have an image (photo) of the Ebola virus. It looks like some form of hemoglobin molecule that has lost 3 of its globin factors. A Celtic knot that has been untied for some reason. I'd been contemplating the fact that this virus is no doubt engineered and has been tested in Africa and other geographical locations to measure the impact on human physiology. But, I believe the Earth's influence to be a precursor to their developing it, for if not it would not manifest in our minds.

These Celtic Knots are the molecular structure of many molecules. But one in particular they emphasized due to its importance....hemoglobin. Each molecule contains four globin chains that look like knots and each has a heme component at its centre (iron atom) for binding oxygen. (Recall the crop circle with four smaller satellites surrounding it) Fe iron surrounded by 4 nitrogen bases.

There is now a new strain or a virus similar to Ebola that surfaced in Afghanistan right around the time of the bombings there by OUR military. They say it is transmitted through sheep, cattle..etc. I wonder? Anyway, it impacts as a hemorrhagic condition with bleeding from all the orifices, mouth, eyes, ears, rectum.....resulting in death. Something is wrong with the clotting factor or it just isn't there. Capillary fragility or rupture, particularly in the mucosa of excretory orifices, indicates also the atmospheric connection to the osmotic pressures in the membrane. The link then is Oxygen to Chloride ( to shift through the semipermeable membrane) through the membrane to the iron in the blood.

Well, then I got to thinking about our extraterrestrial friends who are being accused of mutilating cattle, sheep, abducting and experimenting on humans .....the blood of the lamb and what not. I believe what they are doing is monitoring the unraveling of the hemoglobin molecule which is occurring due to the release of the ferric domain in its iron base.

What the extraterrestrials do is for our own good. They are excising the mucous membrane where capillary fragility can be monitored and the immune serum globulin which forms antibodies for our defense can be tracked. They also excise areas of deep muscle that carry myoglobin that takes up and stores oxygen to be used for muscle contraction. They are finding the Ctt gene for normal hemoglobin usurping the myoglobin protein and infiltration of hgb protein instead of the myoglobin, which works on a different frequency. All our diseases are manifest due to the "normal" hemoglobin molecule and the iron base as it has become ferromagnetic due to Earth's energy and our current use of electricity is synergistic potentiating the domain, ie; children that live under high tension power lines develop leukemia and other blood disorders. Their higher metabolic rates literally draw the increased energy in through their blood via the cutaneous membrane, the direct exposure. (So Blue, you noted the increase in your child's heart rate when the camera she struggles to reach equilibrium metabolically she is absorbing all the energy around here)

If our friends can shift the Earth's electromagnetic fields, realigning magnetic ley lines, it will alter the negative influence on our iron base in the blood simultaneously. That is what they try to tell us when we enter a crop circle. The electrical factor has been shut down, that is why many electrical devices don't function in the circle and people feel symptomatic temporarily. The only way to fracture a ferric domain is to shut the electricity off. They have utilized the potential of the atom's monopolarity, and show us how to heal ourselves.

What we refer to as normal hemoglobin is not. There is an inborn error, it was not genetic initially, but now the code has adapted. Through time external sources forced us to adapt. We are an incredible machine, so we used the frame shift mutation to temporarily fix it. The CTT gene inverted the Thymine for Guanine and so disease began at 0 longitude and 0 latitude. Something happens during the shift from the Epsilon frequency of embryonic circulation to fetal blood flow.....and it is here the blood loses its ability during RBC disintegration to form the embryonic nuclei for dedifferentiation required for redifferentiation. In other words, our body used to heal itself.

Actually, I think our friends are using our ignorance against us in that the impact of our bombings may be shifting the current ferric domain in Earth's iron core to move the ley lines. That in effect our ignorance will assist us I find clever and quite amazing. Hopefully, they can curtail our diseased condition long enough to breach our demise.

It is the innate nature of these negative minds in a prolonged sickness that think of destroying others. Their attempts are to plant these viral contagions (and this Ebola is very contagious in its magnetic attraction) so that we might feel their pain. But, what will come of all of this in the end is a healing for all of mankind.

Now to get back to the knots. There is a distinct message in the Ogham script, Celtic Knots and the symbol of the Celtic Cross and I think I have finally figured it out. Actually, it is all incorporated in the geometry of the crop theorems with the angles of indifference, geographical coordinates, spins and rotations. Have you ever noticed how the Celtic Crosses are all 90 degrees perpendicular...but how in later times the crossing is at a 45 degree left shift or X marks the spot. That is just part of the message from the past. Jesus made the statement when he died on the cross, the cross whose horizontal divide was raised 30 degrees. Therein his teachings is the religion and it is the science. The unification of these disciplines will bring us back to spirit and the realm of physiologic integrity once again.

There is an embryonic nuclei that forms with the disintegration of the normal red blood cell. And when the Earth's magnetic monopole (iron core) shift her ballast to reach equilibrium, she will in turn balance ours and this dedifferentiation will heal all wounds.

.The original teaching of the sciences or game board was clear.....Ma Jong out of China. It was an assumed, simply understood 64 bases, derived from the root of 3 to equate the measure of the 4 and 20. The black and white squares are indicative of our time, our technology, that which is bipolar now vacillating to and fro in a positive to negative confusion. An insult, a simulated game of war against life. Monopolar teachings are neither positive or negative and originate in the place of embryonic regenerative potentials.

What Mary rubbed into Jesus' feet were embryonic nuclei, obtained from the blood of the menses. They all knew the alchemy of iron, the blood and that is why the Romans wanted to crucify them. The poem Le Croix De Lorraine says it quite nicely;

Les armes de Jesus c'est la Croix de Lorraine,

Et le sang dans l'artere el le sang dans le veine,

Et la source de grace et la claire fontaine;

Les armes de Satan c'est la Croix de Lorraine,

Et c'est la meme arte're et c'est la meme veine,

Et c'est le meme sang et la trouble fontaine.....

Even Leonardo knew that every cycle on Earth and in Heaven were linked to the blood of man.

Many implications were made in Da Vinci's drawing of man within a sphere. But, one which needs consideration is the cardiac cycle. What if we could time our heartbeat to 66.6 precise beats, on the one degree mark of a 360 degree sphere ? A point where the time factor manifesting our pulse deficit would diminish, as well as any pulse pressure, 0 point energy. Our current "normal rate" is set at 72 and is not this timed to the current Universal mode of conspirators or rate of precession of the 25,920 great or solar year.

The deficit between the apical and radial pulse shows a variable difference, understandably........yet we time the count of the pulse to a minute, 60 secs. or 15 sec. x 4. What if the heart should or could beat out of time?

Is the time factor interfering with this ONE PULSE, ONE BEAT....a rhythm perfectly timed with the universal clock of say 24,000 great years? Or is it our anatomical construction and the chemical constituents of photosynthesis and the carbon cycle that has met compromise due to the elemental architecture of oxidation within the grid or schematic of things.....? Obstruction of normal decomp rates? What if decomposition weren't noted at all......making us eternal beings.

Was leonardo/odranoel looking through this same mirror and seeing the deficit our biological electromagnetic system suffers? I think so. And an analysis of man within a sphere shows the degree in deficit as man's extremities on the periphery of a 360 degree sphere shift making claim for the true point of origin. We live on one side of the mirror, accepting this as the norm, whilst truly we are living the anomaly compared to what otherwise would be our full potential if we could but gain the contained rest energy.

Could the missing constituent be a molecule with a silver atom at its base (the lost chord). The symbolism of the Manx runner is an ATP molecule, 3 limbs or branches open ended with the dihedral angle or torsion, where the angle or degree shifts the image we see equilaterally and equidistant from this center? Is this 3 x's 30 for stability in need of 60 degrees for momentum what we need to correct the energy? Is the error of our era not the loss of the equilateral internal angle but the loss of the external 60 degree needed momentum of the Isosceles?

Is there a missing element, the divine essence or Nephesh? I think it is in the mirror where asymmetry during mitosis on the horizontal or lateral inversion in angle of refraction is concealed through birefringence of design in our true and inherent crystalline structure.

CHATURANGA.....'the four limbs'

Positive and negative aspects of wind and rain, bring a picture to mind of a window frame. And the cross to bind with stability, an alternating current with fragile liability.

Yet the sphere encapsulates the true meaning, as lines and curves meet the energies gleaning... For the four limbs to meet and form a circle the energy and mass must CROSS perpendicular.

Jesus said in quote from the Book of Thomas, " A vine has been planted outside the mother and father, but it will not grow, it will be uprooted, destroyed." His message one profound to imply that this vine planted outside the nuclear membrane is the mtDNA. Moses wrote the Ten Commandments and this one specifically "Honor Thy Mother and Father" because somewhere along the line our genetic manipulation to form the zygote, energetically bled through the cytoplasm the synergistic energy potential from the blood (iron's ferromagnetic breach), causing the fragmentation and crossover of the code once fixed in aether where each letter contiguous linked the replication not of likeness, but one of perfection.

I suggest that what we seek is not a cup of blood, but the cup that holds the wisdom of Jesus' teachings, Moses' commandments and the spiritual laws written in the Torah that contain the essence of the Arc of the Covenant or that of our DNA, a recorded memory of all time held in the nuclear membrane. Read through the literation of religions divide in relation to science and science's divide with religion. They should be so conjoined. Thus the Laws and Torah were written based on the unification of science and religion, the wisdom and knowledge of the SPIRIT encoded in the microchip for creation of Man.

In attempts to isolate a simple single proof for the theoretical proposition; " a ferrous bar en hydromagna" (iron's domain infiltrating the waters) I found difficulty. But, a television show last night spoke clearly of one way in which to get the point across. The following was just the prompt I needed to speak out about something I have known for quite some time now.

Sept. 30 on Sci Fi the show "Extraordinary" told the story of a man who'd had an accident on an icy highway many years ago. His truck jackknifed trying to avoid another car that had lost control on the icy road and the rear trailer slammed into the cab hitting the guard rail and nearly flew off the bridge. He awoke after having been unconscious and found himself upside down looking out the cab windshield at the road below. Though he'd suffered critical injury he climbed out and got himself back on the road, then to medical help. Weeks later his vision and hearing began to fail. Soon he was blind and deaf.

He lived this way for ten years. But, it didn't stop him from living, nor impair his love for animals.

One evening during a storm as he was out working in his garage, his pet chicken went out into the rain. This chicken was his favorite pet. She'd lost her feet to frostbite, could barely navigate so he became her support. Worried about the storm he went searching for her. Just a few steps out of the cover of his garage with hearing aids in and tapping the wet muddy walkway with his cane he was struck by lightening.

He awoke several hours later in severe pain with extreme exhaustion face down in the mud. He'd remembered a bright light. Finally he was able to get up. Confused and stumbling he made his way into the house where his wife was sleeping on the sofa and climbed in bed soaking wet. He awoke several hours later to find his wife worried about him having no recall of his coming in. She'd been calling him and he heard her. When he walked into the living room his wife said, "Where are your hearing aids? How could you hear me?" He had heard her voice for the first time in ten years without aid. As he sat on the couch he realized he could see. He told her he'd been struck by lightening and had awaken lying in the drenched drive of their home.They later found his cane lying outside with the hearing aid nearby burned to a crisp.

True story. "Sometimes God takes away and sometimes he gives it back" a quote of the man who suffered then gained.

This is like so many other stories. For instance the woman who was wheelchair bound due to Multiple Sclerosis and was struck by lightening through the metal handles of her bath as she ran water to bathe. She awoke out of her wheelchair on the other side of the bathroom, dazed and weak, ending up at the hospital. There they found she had feeling in her lower extremities where previous there was none. She eventually fully recovered from the disease and is fully ambulatory.

Then there is the famous case of Dannion Brinkley who was struck by lightening twice, and went on to survive open heart surgery and brain surgery.

My question in all of these cases is, just what pre-existing condition did the all seem to have that would draw the lightning to them like a magnet. Are all of these conditions caused by heavy metals accumulating in our cells being delivered by the blood, and once they reach the saturation point we become a magnetic draw for the one thing that will heal us.....the energy of light.
I too had an experience in this light, which comes in many forms.

Now I have followed too many of these miraculous cures not to realize that there must be a message here. Could it be that there is one cause behind all disease and even death? In death we know that in the emergency room when the heart fails defibrillation oft times has the ability to start the heart once again. So for the energy of electricity or lightening to cure blindness, deafness, Multiple Sclerosis and so many other conditions, I suggest that it is this increased energy of light conducted through the body that somehow releases these diseased structures by fracturing a condition that is caused by the blood protein hemoglobin. It has an iron base, a transition metal with a ferric potential. And if disease is some sort of contained rest energy, then lightening releases the energy held in iron's ferric domain and the cause and resultant diseased effects which manifest dependent on the cell effected is no longer impaired by iron's state of a temporary but stronger magnetic domain. The anomalous magnetic bond or hold has been released.

When they are struck what occurs is no different than hitting a magnet with a hammer and shifting the polarity of its domain. And turning off the electricity to the junkyard magnet releases its hold on other metal.

When I was a child I would sit for hours observing the junkyard magnet as it attached itself to the roof a rusty and broken down car lifting it with ease and then dropping it magically somewhere else. My father eventually answered my questions and I understood how they made this magnet with iron by running an electrical current through it. The car dropped when they shut the electricity off, in other words, the magnet had no attraction to the metal of the car without the electric link. So, it is a full display of the electromagnetic interactions. An interaction which works both ways. It attracts and repels. It repels then attracts.

Could our lightening be a symptom of the Earth's tilt in her axis where the ballast of her iron core suffers this domain of a temporary but stronger magnetic field causing electrical discharges in the atmosphere? Does it indicate an energy that is greater than the mass, and the contained rest accumulates heavy metals and anomalous bonds that result in disease? Is cancer just a pile of iron filings accumulated and delivered by the blood and its iron to every cell and depending on where it rests in the cell disease is manifest ? When lightening strikes these individuals does it release the magnetic domain of the iron in their blood? And is the condition of ferrous iron the cause of theirs and perhaps all disease?

Disease is the result of the iron base in our hemoglobin that has become this magnet with a domain that is attracting without release. If you stick a magnet in the soil, you will pick up iron filings and they will adhere. They won't release until you strike the magnet on something.

I don't suggest striking your father in the head to cure his Alzheimer condition, or your mother who has had a stroke resulting in paralysis. Nor do I mean for you to hit the spine of a quad or paraplegic. What I do suggest is that we take the principles used to fracture the domain of an electrically induced iron magnet and apply them to the human body. We have the tools, ultra sound, magnetic resonance, but we must first make the leap from bipolar to monopolar technology based on a new elucidation of the atoms.

The proposition of a theory postulated by my late husband regarding the embryonic nuclei that basically says, "the embryonic nuclei are formed during the disintegration of the red blood cell" encouraged I focus on both the embryo and its stages of development, and the red blood cell. Whilst reviewing them I realized that the legend of the Holy Grail was perhaps initially a metaphor for the gastrula stage in development. For unlike the others this stage resembled the shape of a cup. What a better way to conceal knowledge for protection, in that only those who truly see with their hearts might find the answers.

In human embryos the gastrula stage occurs during the third week, as the embryonic disc becomes trilaminar (consisting of 3 layers). This stage of the development of the embryo succeeds the blastula.

The blastula is usually a spherical structure produced by cleavage of a zygote, consisting of a single layer of cells surrounding a fluid-filled cavity; called also blastosphere. The fertilized ovum; the cell resulting from union of a male and a female gamete (sperm and ovum). More precisely, the cell after synapsis at the completion of fertilization until first cleavage.

Now the zygote is important here to link the Commandment of Moses "Honor thy Mother and Father". Therefore, it is true at this point the union is whole and we are to honor it. Clearly Moses Law is implying the union of a male and female gamete or the 1/2 DNA you receive from both parents. Now in our time of genome mapping, gene implants and cloning, we really need to adhere the Laws of Moses.

So with the above stated should something be amiss with this coded information the development would begin here, at the stage of the gastrula. Now we must consider factors that could perturb the cell. I propose that the electromagnetic energy and their relationship are at an imbalance due to an energy greater than the matter. An energy of a ferric domain, a stronger but temporary magnetic field, in lieu of electro conduction that mutates the coding mechanism of these cells by a horizontal insertion during the lateral inversion left to right. Inherent properties of the iron base in the beta globin gene for normal hemoglobin, or the coding sequence CTT is cause for breach in the energy matter construct. I believe iron in its ferromagnetic state has created this breach in the electro-weak and magnetic-strong force.

The gastrula following the blastula stage begins with the production of the germ layers and the embryo becomes converted to a cup shaped structure containing a cavity (the archenteron). These germ layers are the endoderm; the internal layer of cells of the gastrula, which will develop into the alimentary canal (gut) and digestive glands of the adult. The mesoderm; the layer of cells in the gastrula that lies between the endoderm and ectoderm. It develops into the muscles, circulatory system, and sex organs and in vertebrates also into the excretory system and skeleton. Last we have the ectoderm; the external layer of cells which develop into the epidermis and the nervous system in the adult.

I chose the gastrula stage as apposed to the blastula, which is the first stage of development of the embryo which forms as the result of cleavage of a fertilized egg. This stage resembles a hollow ball with the dividing cells of the embryo forming a layer around a central cavity. But, the gastrula and its conversion to the cup shaped structure rang ancient bells telling me to focus here. This cup shape also resembles a U shaped magnet, which indicated to me the strong magnetic component was at work here.

Are not our bodies electromagnetic and do we not function based on the Universe we live in? I believe the parallel duality of electromagnetism is altered at this stage in our development and it is here during mitotic divide a new frequency from iron's obstruct decomposition rates sets the stage for mutation. At this point perhaps the mtDNA is stimlated to begin building a world outside the true code of our DNA. Could this mutation due to iron's inability to fully meet the laws of decomposition, negate the formation of the embryonic nuclei?

- Blanche McLanahan.

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