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She Who Watches

She Who Watches.......hers is the face that launched a million thoughts in my mind. She sits in the Gorge here along the Columbia River looking out over an ancient site. A site so old the stones have crumbled. I suspect she is between 10 -12 thousand years old. But, time is why she is there. Before the first time, there was just no need to communicate as such. She is the origin of language. Her name, and the image of her face aligns with the Hebraic characters in the crop circles.

Recall the Herbrew (Punic, Iberic) letters in the fields in 1992? . Someone wrote "speak to us", and they responded with that ancient language the next day. Well, when I saw those letters, they were codon sets, a genetic language a map, a root code of the human genome. And the message in that script aligns precisely with the message in TSA GIG LALAL'S face. Tsa is a hebrew prefix and that was what caught my eye when I began deciphering the geometry in her face. The letters in your fields show precisely where the frame shift is located, it indicates the four inversions as apposed to six, it shows the rib, or limb lost on the retro inversion, then copied on the boils down to the mtDNA and RNA during transcription.

I had already postulated the iron atom's dissention in the m-shell, confirmed the iron atom in the RNA. Then, I found moving and counting right to left each of the open faced letters (3 limbs to square an open face) the precise location of the letter deletion and the first frame shift mutation. From the middle parallel lines separating the lateral inversion counting over 6 ribs or limbs you hit a letter that represent Dalet in the Hebrew alphabet. The descending limb or rib is absent, (non-coding intron???). The CAT gene for sickle celled anemia is found from the first base junction on the 6th descending intron. Then if you move all the way to the right of the script in the field begin counting from that junction or parallel lines and the GTA gene for Beta Thalassemia falls in the same place on the 19th rib or descending intron. TSA's face is mitosis of the it told me that the nuclear envelope is still intact and that the interference is the RNA.

I then viewed each rib as a chromosome. Counting each rib beginning right at the parallel lines the four open faced square letters count 12. So 4 inversions of that would be 48 chromosomes. And I thought, Oh, the two missing tribes...........2 chromosomes. Then, I found not one but two proofs. Erwin Shrodinger , a physicist looking through a biologists eyes, states in his book, "What is life?" that man has 48 chromosomes and E. Auerbach, in his book "Genetics in the Atomic Age" says the same thing. With that I counted the next single line next to the center parallels that totaled now 13 on the right. That is the floating arm of Trisomy 21, the cause of Down's Syndrome. Now, on the left the asemmetry is obvious for the lateral inversion of the right, and that counts 17, is minus one held over on the right and probably makes up for the horizontal (lateral)insertion of the extra genes, or the junk they say is not used. I think it is just part of the mutation, and frame shift errors accummulation. The lateral inversion in RNA transfer, the retro inversion is DNA.

It is safe to say, the DNA, (THE CREATOR WISE AND KIND, WHO IS AGAINST TRICKERY) IS HELD SACRED AND SAFE IN THE NUCLEAR ENVELOPE. When you count all the lines in the scripture, they total 36, the number of God's chromosomes. So, even though we have lost a few, and gained some junk genes, we are still protected. The 0 at both ends is the centriole pairing when the spindle divides, and it clearly indicates the lateral inversion as cause of the frame shift, and it shows the loss of two chromosomes. Magnetism pulled too hard during the divide.........

Look at TSA GIG LALAL's eyes......3 rings around the pupil or center, the outer open ended. Then, look at the lines connecting her nostrils (two holes, dots, circles) how they extend up and around the eyes and above that the loop of two ears, two missing chromosomes on the outside. The initials left in crop formation fields.....Doug and Dave just utilized them as theirs. These are the signature of the watchers. And she who watches is one of them..........they left her face on the stone. Her face again, mitosis, during metaphase when the spindle divides.

Christ, we tell them to speak to us, and they do. Why are we not listening?
I would not have seen the answer, had I not seen the crop circle message to compare to her face. The following is what I was told...............however it came, who ever's voice be heard.


Is she a mean old woman or is she just a face at Wishram in the wind clinging to stone temples grand? Is written in curve and line on her face a message to mortal man?

Her __expression has transcended the ages amongst the artifacts in the rubble of time. She wears truth of the two faces humanity now must confront or decline.

Our genetics to put enmity between woman and man, where permutation of four to six are in need of reprimand. She guards wearing the burden of deaths smile, for the other face who is free to beguile.

Look in her many faces at Wishram. In each the geometry only the human heart can understand. A point of origin from which all angles grow. A curve and line reach totality in circumference to meet the whole.

The ancients marked their place considering two times the human race. The eye of TSA GIG LALAL doest see in the stillness of time and space. She knows of the mass duality and our spiritual climb, where the static comes face to face and the energy can unwind. She leaves no whisper to silence the human mind on the matter, so man just walks on amidst the city noise and all the chatter.

TSA GIG LALAL is the statement of genetics long adrift written in stone. An evolution without time now in tributary of time's cosmic flow. She is your face and mine and will barter with death to show the thought humanity's heart has so long let go...
Her message brings hope and the cure for all disease. She will free our spirits giving us our longing of mortal reprieve.

No eye can truly see the image an actor portrays.
No ear can finely tune the singers blessed song.
Yet no face can hide what is in the heart of man.

TSA GIG LALAL is ancient Hebrew and expressed genetic codes from God's right hand.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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