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Silicon at Chilbolton

The answer to the question regarding the Silicon in the Chilbolton Formation refers to a Silicon porphyrin in place of the heme porphyrin. The heme or iron-based porphyrin is surrounded by four Nitrogen atoms. If Silicon replaces the Iron atom, it prevents the ferric domain in the Iron atom's m-shell from storing energy.

The Silicon would allow our bodies to use the energy of the sun through the principles of photosynthesis, absorbing energy through the cutaneous membrane directly into the blood through the Chloride shift in the capillaries.

The water factor is critical, as this, or the Hydrogen frequency, is what the Visitors use to impact the molecules and cells. My husband and I had an alfalfa farm in Santa Barbara, California. We had many crop circle formations in our fields in 1983 through 1991. Our greatest crops, three tons to the acre, came from sandy ground. The presence of Silicon and Nitrogen caused healthy and abundant crops to grow, due to the energy from the sun and the potential of Silicon to position the Nitrogen bonds for transfer of Oxygen energy.

The "alien" craft...seem to be constructed of a Silicon isotope. They use water for propulsion, but the water is an H4O2 molecule. They pull off two Hydrogen atoms, then re-fuse it with the H2O that circulates in the system. They have given the blueprint for its construction in the crop circle formations, and we should be prepared to build it.

My husband was a pilot and could land our plane on a dime. But, he believed vertical ascension with 45- and 90-degree turns was possible using a heavy water and locking the H+ and -OH in with atmospheric O2. He died in 1994, but I continue working on his theory. Unfortunately, he was not able to synthesize all the crop circle information before he died. But I can tell you, it is all there for the taking. We had better get started before the Illuminati, or whoever they are take over our freedom.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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