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Solar Flares

The solar flares are being demanded of Earth, as disequilibrium in energy to matter ratios requires. The changes are in the signs all around us and inside us. To understand Earth changes the most important factor to consider is their effects on human behavior and intellect. The instability of our emotions are a key sign to determine the Earth's changing electromagnetic fields. Intellectually, our knowledge begins to surface rapidly and present new challenge.

The most significant human factor relates to the shift in male / female polarity. With homosexuality on the rise and its effects on our younger generation we should begin to relate Earth changes as a direct cause. We share a cause and effect relationship with the alternating and vacillating current in Earth's electromagnetic fields by its effect on our DNA. The essentials for equilibrium or the right positive and left negative handed amino acids now vacillate unable to differentiate z positive from negative. A polar shift of the micro and macrocosm encroaches, yet we fail to see.

Therefore, it would be advantageous to seek a unification of science and religion so all that is written and understood scientifically to date can be applied. If both philosophies are not considered one and the same, then we will not see the truth.

The article "Shifting Poles Theory" in new scientist regarding the potential upcoming pole shift is eerily certain. But many signs indicating the shift have been apparent for many years. The magnetic north, weather patterns, the aurora Borealis, comets, meteors all clearly equate anomalous effects due to the Earth's rate of axial precession and the angle of the sun in relation to it.

An angle where the incidence of light no longer equals the true reflection. The ancients monitored this carefully for any degree of change by aligning their monuments with the equinoxes and solstices. They were watching for the sign of the beast which is defined using a 24,000 Great or Solar Year wherein 30 degrees equates to 2000 years, and the 1 degree mark of 66.6 years would signify the next shift.

The 72 conspirators for 1 degree of a 25,920 Great Year is not mentioned in the oldest text, so I don't think it holds any basis for which we might define the next shift. The time factor is important in that when the shift occurs all electromagnetic fields will shut down. It is at this precise moment when the potential for the magnetic monopole or Earth's core to align at the centre is only possible. Otherwise, we continue vacillating making 90 and 180 degree turns as apposed to a full 360 degrees or 0 point.

The Earth's iron core, a magnetic monopole has suffered a shift in its 'ballast' . This shift in ballast is no different than a ship out at sea that wobbles and sinks. The true North is indicative of an alternating current running positive to negative, just as the lines of the equator should. If you move due East, you're always going East never West. Why is that? Perhaps the Sphinx was aligned due East as a marker for this and when the next shift occurred the energy would come from the North moving northeast to signify the shift. Then as the magnetic north began to descend from its current degree this would be another sign. With the current behaviors in the Middle East, it would behoove all of us to pay attention and understand this cause and effect relationship we share with Earth fields.

It may be that the energy to mass exchange is locked in a hyperbolic curve and the light from the sun whose incidence is in refraction is unable to penetrate the contained rest energies in Earths mass. It just may well be that when the Equinoxes are at zero tilt and the solstices at maximum tilt and the magnetic north begins to shift, this will be the time we shut down all energy sources on Earth, so we might fracture the ferric domain that has locked us in a hyperbolic curve.

The mislaid ballast in Earth core I term 'a ferrous bar en hydromagna' . A ferric domain that must be fractured no differently than the magnet in a junk yard. It all begins with the iron atom and its m-shell where a stronger but temporary magnetism has shifted the ballast. The electrons in the m-shell do not pair, they align 9 to 5 and this creates the 45 degree left shift in the spin of this atom. Pauli clearly defined the laws for electron pairing and the iron atom or transition metals do not hold up. There are hidden magnetic laws we have failed to acknowledge, but it is time we must if we are to make the next shift back to the centre where the angular momentum and vertical velocity equate to the perpendicular nature of equilibrium as is dictate by the magnetic monopole.......Earth.

If we calculate the time factors in addition to the suns position with Earth for the next shift, and calculate the time at which the Equinox is at 0 tilt and the Solstice at maximum tilt, then the Earth will align at the centre where all is equidistant at any point on the periphery. In other words, her molten iron core is a magnetic monopole that reflects the incidence of light and choreographs the even exchange of energy to mass, and mass to energy using light. L2=em. Our north and south orientation is the anomaly and earth is not attempting to shift north or south, she is attempting four inversions of the energy/mass, two lateral and two retro for balance of the sphere.

I suspect the last shift was in 10,500 B.C. @ 90 degrees laterally running west or left on the transverse line of the equator and became locked in latus rectum of a hyperbolic curve. The point of origin or centre monopole has shifted left to 120 degrees longitude and 45 degrees latitude North. The energy is greater than the mass, thus creating the Earths wobble, the asymptote which equates to pi, and the effects of a frame shift on human DNA.

Herein we were confront with the illusions of time's past and future or this linear chronicity we suffer in time. Should the line meet the curve at 90 degrees at any point on the periphery in a perpendicular fashion the differential derived from the variables; Planck's constant, photoelectric effects of light and pi would cancel each other out. Earth would no longer wobble and our DNA would not suffer the frame shift mutation.

The Earth is part of a universal clock, like one of the gears in a time piece. She is no longer in time with the Great Circle as the Mayan document in their time pieces and the end coming in 2010. If all the factors of light and energy to mass ratios did not manifest the variables we see in weather patterns, a magnetic north, and the refractive potential in light, we would be in sync with Universal Time that is not of a linear chronicity and would not suffer the restraints of a past, present and future , nor the constraints of gravitational hold. We would be centered where time is not a factor to dictate our lives.

Monopolarity is the imprint and __expression of the L2=em.

I get the distinct impression Earth is speaking to remind us of a time that draws near, yet is one so long ago that we've forgotten the signs or symbolism.

If the poles were flipping the horizontal mirror of reflection or retro inversion should also entail a vertical line or mirror 90 degrees perpendicular for the lateral inversion moving right to left or left to right in conjunction with the up and down or down and up effect as they are so conjoined in 360 degrees of a sphere.

If a circle is spinning from this center or core out to the periphery the axis for stability would incorporate four 90 degree turns. Momentum would therefore be maintained at 60 degrees or 30 degree increments. A mirrored inversion or 180 degree turn is only two of the four.

Could the Earth be preparing for the Solar eclipse of 2012 to utilize the magnetic-strong force as the sun's electro-weak force is blocked? If the Earth's core suffers a ferric domain, then shutting down the electricity makes sense if your attempts are to fracture it. For the poles to flip it would require an increase in the electro-weak force and a breach in the magnetic field. The magnetic-strong force is significant during the zero point energy to re-align from the center outward. Do you think that could be why we built the pyramids and other ancient architecture as marker stones on these four quadrants so as to bring the energy requirement back to the center or core?

The minerals these monuments are construct with are conductors of energy......mica a polymeric silicate, quartz or silica. It is almost as if they were building some kind of an integrated circuit using the natural elements on Earth to reconnect her iron core with the energy of the sun.

The message I am conceptualizing is that during this zero point polarity, the Earth a magnetic monopole, will recalibrate her energy to mass ratios by breaching our current energy/matter construct (the wobble and precession) and align with equilibrium between the electro-weak and magnetic-strong forces. The variables, such as gravitational attraction, contained rest energy of the ferric domain in iron, refraction of light (photoelectric effect) will be canceled out, null and void.

Our fate is no equation.

Refracted light seems to have kept us in a perpetual motion of time and/or its illusion running on the line East to West, or backward and a linear progression past to future. It gives a sense of the pendulum swinging always right to left. Could the bend in our destiny caused by this incident angle that does not equal the reflection once corrected bring heaven unto earth and rejoin us with the cosmic circuit that runs on a 24,000 year basis? Or will we remain in the shadows induced by the 25,920 solar year?

The simultaneity of magnetic attraction and repulsion during this polar shutdown will bring our bipolar dysfunction, DNA's and Earth's wobble back to equilibrium within the trinity of forces; light, sound and aether (father, son and the holy ghost) held in check between Heaven and Earth.

Currently our bipolar technology is based on the electron theory. A new elucidation of the atom will enable integration of a monopolar technology, as is based on the atom's monopolarity. Hydrogen is the light, and it is the only atom without a neutron. Its free spin is locked in the effects of a pendulum and the true source, or light is block in angle of that degree in refraction.

The incident angle of the sun does not equal the reflection of Earth, but during that zero point polar shutdown her energy to matter ratios will recalibrate, and the angle of the sun will penetrate to depths of her core and the soul of man. So from this iron porphyrin core in our blood and the iron core of Earth the energy, both kinetic and potential will equate the mass numbers, both matter and anti-matter and all will be equidistant from this center to any point on the periphery.

" 'Tis the Earth who speaks all in creation, as housed memory of our very existence, of all energies required to sustain all languages in one mind, all pulsing in one heart, all answers in one word, are housed here for any individual on her surface who asks, desiring any message at any time to be delivered."

In 2000 I asked for a crop circle in the field out back. The next morning Hebrew letters showed up in the field running on the parallel lines of the tractor. The above is what it said. The circle formations speak Earth's language. That one language is that encoded in our DNA. She is speaking to us, so we must be still and listen.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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