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Did Einstein Complete his Unified Field Theory?
"Letters to Solovine " click here to see page from his book

Einstein did complete his "Unified Field Theory" and the government is using his equations. I have copy of those equations and the book "Letters to Solovine", a translation of Einsteins handwritten letters in which he states in a letter dated, Feb. 12, 1951 "Dear Solovine, I have completed my unified field theory but it is difficult to define mathematically."
In 1950 Einstein presented a proposal to the scientific community, but had not completed this work. By the date on this letter it is obvious he did finish prior to his death in 1955.

When I found these startling revelations I wrote a letter to Time's Editor... Then I composed a poem to document the dream in which Einstein came showing his face on my antique clock.

The technology our government is using against us is based on Einstein's work from the 50's and that of Nicola Tesla at his death in 1942.. Since Einstein was ahead of his time it makes these equations little understood even to date.

The impact of these devices construct using the dynamics of gravitational fields has a synergistic potential on the electromagnetic fields, particularly the hidden agenda of magnetic laws. It also has a negative impact on the Earth and human physiology which has placed the Earth's tilt and our genetic frame shift mutation at a very precarious stage of imbalance within the evolutionary command, and they must be stopped.

Someone or something must awaken Einstein's dream, so he can finish what he started for the future and make a difference for all of humanity.

Einstein was a humanitarian and I believe this was his main objective. Long did he suffer for his part in making the bomb, though it was Oppenheimer who was commissioned to use his street common equation in its construction.


Silence broke barriers of humanity's shame. Codes once sealed now burst into flames. Walls once erect now barren, ill started. Faces with glimmering hope fade broken hearted. Proud delusions justify death. Twisted actions of these intellectual reject. Clouds formed far above man’s head. Maimed generations expel spoils of those dead. Hiroshima and Nagasaki never knew what hit. But every man on Earth shall suffer the consequence.

January 1 2000: Letter to Time Magazine’s Editor;

Dear Editor,

Your choice of Einstein as “Person of the Century” comes at a time when his insight and brilliance can now and at once shine for all the people. He was a man born one hundred years in a space before his time, in a place where his intellect greatly exceeded that era’s technology. Now that our technology has surpassed the totality of mankind’s intellect it becomes evident we as a people, that of a truly cosmic race of denied origin, must go back and review his documentation.

***One day my whole world changed. In 1994 my husband died very suddenly at the hand of another. The how and why are not important. What is vital is the philosophical transformation I was blessed with. I found myself suffering a curious grief. Rather than resort to sadness and the tears which would have ensued, I was instead motivated with a sincere, profound interest and avid thirst for scientific literature. With that intent came a bewildering focus on the life and times of Albert Einstein.

Early one crisp and chilling morning I ventured into Walden’s Bookstore where under what seemed to be a misguided meandering, as if led by some mislabeled yet unseen force, I walked immediate and directly to the science section and found a book, “The Love Letters” of Albert Einstein and Mileva Maric, edited by Jurgen Renn and Robert Schulman, translated by Shawn Smith. Without even a brief time lapse I found myself out the door carrying just one book, “The Love Letters”.

Time is truly an illusion for opening to the first page and closing the last in this book occurred in an instance of simultaneity. A flash where the past, present and future seemed to culminate in an opaque crystalline matrix, as if looking through the calculated geometric meandering of the spider’s web, perplexed as to the beauty and draw of its snare, yet without the constraint of time.

Synthesis of the data in this one book alone stimulated many visions of hope. Yet, at the same time it seemed to raise more questions than it answered. With that my journey into scientific documentation of our past began. For if I was to understand the future events, I would have to look back in time.

Through Albert and Mileva’s long distance love I learned the elements of divine love and how it emanates, per-fusing beyond the humanistic waste and the romantic haste of life’s eluding love song. Just as Mileva was his first and true love, so too, was Charles mine. I envisioned a bonding and unification of these two souls whose journey’s end would culminate within infinite borders of space without time, a place confined in lieu of life’s journey.

Our life’s journey is a beginning where its end will circumvent only to begin again. But the rate of divine love sets life at rest with eternity. Now is but the synthesis of past and future, so it is here our direction we must discern. The path I chose was one of divine love, for I learned it offered the imagination to gift one an intellect that was beyond the human domain, residing in a mystical and spiritual realm. It is a place of choice where divine love intervenes bringing clarity, so we might see without our eyes and hear without our ears.

Had Albert and Mileva’s silent bond never fused in geographical time, in that place during technological chaos and time’s upheaval, then history would not read as it does and mankind’s promise for a brighter future would not glint in the reflection of the sun, rather it should fade in darkness of the shadows. It is the enabling of the divine love they shared that remains today our bright and shining star, as each whom had it not been for humanity alone should suffer.

I write this to you as it was prelude to my finding the written documentation with the proofs of Einstein’s insights and unified field equations. A guidance seemingly prompted by research my husband Charles had done prior to his death.

Our love as theirs was borne of the “Divine Element” and it was this which led me to believe in a higher power within. So in memory of Charles and in retrospect of all he’d taught me there came a resounding echo of his staunch philosophy regarding time and Einstein. I remembered his words as if he were standing beside me. He’d always professed Einstein had reconciled gravity and electromagnetism, and that the unification of the forces he had founded in the effects or unification of light. Based on this premise and a hypothetical postulation proposed just 13 hours before his death, with time running backwards and literally out for him, my search for the truth had begun.

Our lives together read as a book held in memory of the mind, the data stored in molecular memory chip of my DNA and with thought of him alone I could retrieve his every word and thought. So in remembrance of him I could rest assured the silent bond we’d formed in life could not be broken, even in death. For it is in death we do not part, as it is herein the divine love radiates in beat of one heart, one pulse, one language........the beauty and simplicity of love.

I am a poet by nature. Charles had a very scientific mind, but he knew poetry was a root to understanding the defined simplicity of conjugated complexity, so he proceeded throughout our life to share his every dream. In memory of his black and white dreams it becomes obvious to me that I should carry on his work.

TIME AND SPACE L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)] =L2

Equation herein shows factor for the imbalance time cost.

Planck's Constant to remind us of the deficit in energy loss.

A shift must incorporate the factor of time

As dimensions shift insanity will border the line.

Time bends light's linear path in curves to spiral reflection amiss

Uneven flow projects the shadow of interference or tale of the dark abyss.

Man's thought blends reason though his eyes deceive

Light bends cloaking the true incidence for reality.

To gain knowledge and sense the harmony

Earth's sphere is insight to the atomic monopolarity.

Light is equal to the harmonic of the frequency and velocity

Electromagnetic duality riding parallel in spectral ferocity.

Time is the deception as reason finds man

With potential energy in need of reprimand.

In this, the creation and regeneration for replication

Is known refractive potential equates time's equation.

Allow time's treason considering the mass and space

The energy is adequate in mirror of the atoms true face.


L2=EM if; [(cv) (hv) (1/2mv2)]=L2

Over the course of four years I was able to uncover proofs that Einstein finished his work before his demise. The facts of which they are based will speak through Einstein’s equations and his own words.

In 1996 Sotheby’s auctioned one of Einstein’s handwritten manuscripts on his theory of relativity. From this evolved the famous and street common equation, E=MC2. It was in a clip of this manuscript captured by Newsweek for publication where I was able to confirm the connection to some equations being used by our government and NASA as they attempt inter-dimensional space flight with hopes of lessening the time factors issued by the light years. Of the two equations, gravidic manipulation is more frequently used as it is better defined throughout time then the principles of lights effects. They also use the pulsations of light to shape shift, or vacillate between the many variable of energy and mass. The valuation and applied principles of the numbers equate to imbalance, literally lessening their success in diminishing the time factor.

After having recognized what Einstein was verbalizing in letter's to Solovine and stating in his equations, I realized the focus of his last 30 years on the forces of electromagnetism and gravity, were what led Einstein to his eventual unified field equations.

In the book, “Letters to Solovine”, which are Einstein’s handwritten letters you will find in the German to English translation some interesting facts. In a letter dated February 12, 1951 Einstein states, “The unified field theory has been brought to a conclusion. But it is hard to use it mathematically for, in spite of all the trouble I have gone to, I am not able to verify it in any way." This statement says it all. But his letters to the latter also confirm who took the manuscripts containing the unified equations. We are all aware of the proposal Einstein made to the scientific community in 1950 of his unified field theory. This was only a proposal. His statement here is clear, that he has brought it to a conclusion, he finished it. The obvious next question is where is it?

In this book Einstein’s letters also make clear who had access to his work other than Solovine. He, in several letters, praises Truman and his followers for delivering these manuscripts to Solovine. And in a few he states that he must take care and carefully delete certain statements. Einstein has pointed his finger at the U.S. government for the disappearance of his completion of a Unified Field Theory.

The concealment of Einstein's theory is confirmation in the reasoning behind our rapid advances in technology and the quantum leap it has taken beyond human intellect......."the effects of the cause."

It seems clear that it is the United States government that seeds our country and a select group of a few other countries with this technology built by the genius of a dead man. There is a great deal more made clear in his letters to Solovine. His analysis and conclusions were derived or built standing on the shoulders of others. He mentions Shrodinger’s equation is wholly in order and goes so far to say E is a function of q and p alone. He is saying that the energy dictates the position and momentum of the electron. He obviously has incorporated Heisenberg’s Principle of Uncertainty so as to make inference to the importance of the time factor in his equations. He apparently reconciled the time factor using the function psi and its formation from E. He realized that light is not a wave function at all, it is linear to zero point.

With this realization a fax was sent with copy of the equations and explanation to the Institute de Atomica in Saclay, France. A year or so later the proofs were sent to Dr. Rips a mathematician at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. More and more evident was that the world had been denied the knowledge of the Unified Field Theory for National Security reasons. But what is more is that we were never made privy to it…..until now.

I had a dream one night. I saw Einstein's face on an old antique wall clock I have hanging in my home. The following I wrote in the morning as I remembered that dream.

“Beyond Love’s Letters”

Why have you shown your face to me? And how is your image the same it used to be? You haven’t changed in all the years since your death, Decomposition pays no mind to your corpse or last breath.

Is there something you misplaced, a remedy left undone? Or is it the equation unfinished, out of control and on the run?

Your face on the clock was quite a surprise. But it was the Roman numerals you pointed out that made me realize. Your message came through clear, quite refined for our time. Telling me to go behind it, let me know it would all unwind.

Yes time is the factor, its breadth though on a plane, Must have dimension if truth unbeknownst should reign. Four cubed offers the depth and understanding for the fifth. A place where the numbers unwind, not one inversion is missed.

Helical twists fixed in the third dimension confounded time with genetic precision. Calculated errors wound tight in the clock, Where the frame shift mutants of these bases have stuck.

Strange how the mind sees what is not? In visions of dead men whose genius time forgot. I read your message, now the time draws near. We must blend into the frequency as the weak force shifts the atmosphere

Clever you to use the Roman signs. It took me back to that era to the hatreds of their designs. I know we took a counterclockwise turn, Now time runs backwards, so it is here the future we must discern. The Hebraic script written from right to left signifies the reversal of their languid shadows set adrift. A lateral inversion to lock in transverse rhyme, the hyperbola to curve and miss the line.

You were born one hundred years too soon, simply out of time. But your memory seems to be saying that you are still alive. Unfinished business which is always the case, Time the great deceiver and it’s illusions we chase.

I saw you on the street winking as if to say goodbye. Your picture in that same coat and hat assured me it was you, O’ this I could not deny. What a trickster time is as we pet the head of the cat. Knowing all the while we held the tail, as there you sat.

Somehow I knew it was you standing that day on the street. When you smiled as I turned your spirit did retreat. Did you come to taunt me as did Fata Morgana? Then fade into the colors and dissipate in the water?

Or like the mirage rising in heat of the day You smirked and grinned as your pictures still portray. I thank you for sharing your hearts secret desires. Even though “Love Letters” on the shelf would have been all I required.

Then in “Letters to Solovine” relativity became quite clear. You’d reconciled gravity in 1951 with a unified field the same year. These equations you shared, how gracious you were, And to offer Tesla’s insight during the time his life procured.

Are your spirits aloft in the clouds, two great minds together? Hidden and secured now behind death’s shroud? O’ I know of that place, I visited it twice. I saw you there and you said, “God does not throw dice.”

Though I was born too late to have loved you, Somewhere in time I know we’ll meet, Behind Death’s bartered door or perhaps once again on the street.

Not even the best of the best has been able to comprehend Einstein’s final act. The final curtain will not fall until his reconciliation of the time factor is realized. He knew the variables that manifested the illusion of time would be found in differentials of the frequency of energy to the mass ratios. In retrospect of time running backwards on the transverse line and locked in latus rectum of a hyperbolic curve, he envisioned the future and knew what was yet to be.


Time is equal to four ninety degree quadrants of the mass. In the light squared with speed whose return in frequency are test. If time is slowed in the evolutionary wave potential is lost, momentum its slave. Lights constituent In mean of parallel line equate the mass and energy to reflect time. No degree to suffer In shadows cast interference is released and time is freed…Alas!

Einstein died hoping the world could use his work from the last 30 years of his life for the betterment of all. He was a humanitarian and his work shall not go unnoticed. In the theory of relativity it is his references to light which he resolved in 1951. This manuscript indicates his thinking, when he initially wrote L (light) for energy then crossed it out writing the famous and street common equation E=MC2.

There is a manuscript in Israel that I believe carries more information with which we can solve time's equation. As Einstein had always said, "time is an illusion", then it must be herein the answer to his finished work must lie. If we are to understand the technology of our time and our role in this place given us, then we must look backwards in time to understand where the line and curve shall meet to circumvent this sphere of totality, canceling out the chronicity of linear time which dictates our lives.

It has all been written. So, whether we look to the ancient artifacts in the far distant rubble or seek the wisdom of our near past written in a common language, the time becomes now that we must integrate into our thought patterns what Einstein knew over 100 years ago and the right shift of time has been saying all along….”time is the illusion”.

Perhaps it is sounds reverberation that is locked in the hyperbolic curve. If this is so, when the energy density is saturated beyond the sound barriers and reaches the threshold of audibility, then we can bring forward Einstein’s voice from the past and hear him in our future.

what else is there?

We shall evade the illusion of time in this dimension to realize the nucleus of every atom is the magnet of its sphere.
The monopole projecting our existence and gravity the opposing force maintaining our dance with life.
In crystalline chambers of the atomic structure lie the acoustics for harmonics to resonate and here piezoelectric sparks infuse life with a perpetual vibratory motion and the choreography of her dance.
We will with this knowledge slip through time into another and there ask, once again, WHY?.



Within confines of the unconscious mind
Time peers through windows to the other side.
Thought diffuses the dynamic light particles
With momentums dread of the ghost variable.
It gains weight in space to disrupt the stillness and peace
Where thoughts entangle the assumption
With prevailing variability which does not cease.
Altering only to adhere in breach of attention
Deprivation is again in demand of refutation.
When solidarity was that once gained now sought
Demand is now required of our thought.
The variable who has yet to arrive
And be tucked in unification with the rest,
Yet it is she who keeps knocking at our door
Which somehow always fails to open
Despite the window in time which makes clear our view.

The differential for the variable will be found looking back into our written past.

The degree in deficit of the atomic weight/atomic number, that fraction is the contained rest energy to ascertain the frequency you seek in color.

For hydrogen, take Balmer's analysis. Use the 31 bands of light in multiple of the 3 primary, 3 secondary colors, to total six, then in multiple of 10 (for the 1 or the sum) in multiple to the 31st or 32nd power. (his 5 band theory plays in later as to confirm other issues). 6 x 10 to the 31st power.

Then subtract Planck's constant for the variable, or degree of deficit. That figure is 6.6256 times ten to the negative 34th power. Therein we find the true speed of light (hydrogen), the frequency by which to calculate the true spectrum of light. The bottom line or end result of .6256 X 10 to the neg. 3rd power will indicate a wavelength of 5900 angstrom, 500 angstrom short of the proton gradient hydrogen. The answer is simple, the question; what to do with it? .6256 x 10 to a neg. 3rd power is the deficit.

We are dealing with the result of H2, a molecular conformation of two hydrogen so conjoined, the vesica piscus. Retained energy effecting the energy to matter ratios with a greater energy factor to manifest the ferric domain within transition metals such as iron, hence the photoelectric effect, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty. Fracture the domain and the spectrum of light from the sun will penetrate the Earth, recalibrate energy to matter ratios by correcting the gradient for an incident angle that equals its reflection. Hence, a vertical velocity that equals the angular momentum during the exchange of ratios choreographed by the one, the simplistic reasoning of the creator, the rod of Hydrogen. The only true bipolar sphere.

We are perched precariously with this current stance of negative behavior and expression. Forgiveness is the only alternative, otherwise time will end only to circumvent and start again. We have been here before in the past. The story has been told scattered throughout the artifact in the rubble of time. Let us not return to starting over with sticks and stones.

Our fate is no equation. But, there is one force that can bend destiny and save us from our current negative behaviors as we blindly walk down this road that is leading us no where. Love is the answer, as it is the only positive reactor. It is the force to carry us beyond and over the hill that now blocks our narrow and linear view.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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