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Sound of the "Nine"

This "Selah Spoke" you describe gave picture to my mind of the monopolarity of the atoms. The spoke specifically in reference to hydrogen as the creator energy, since it is the only true bipolar sphere. Monopolarity refers to a new elucidation of the atoms based on the old atom. A structure whose insight was used in the development of the wheel.

Monopolar technology shifts our current electron theory to incorporate the nucleus and offers insight to a new technology based on a monopolar system that is neither a wave or particle. The imaginative potential of our minds by which our intellect can devise means to harness the atom, as apposed to unleashing its power is realized at the center or zero point. A controlled, closed and open system we build into our lives where the extremes of our nature cannot 'use up' the positive factor.

Monopolar technology will enable us the integrating of a circuit into the shells and subshells of the atoms. But, I also think it is the nature of the beast, or natures inherent ability when the angle of the sun doest at once and again equal the angular momentum of Earth's spin. The shift in the axis has temporarily disallowed this function, due to our current rate of precession. If the cosmic gears are affixed in line with the atoms monopolar structure the frame work or template aligns with a 24,000 great or solar year for basis as to affix the numbers, letters, or words. The spiral, golden mean and its mathematical/numerical valuation can be used in conjunction with the template to factor placement of information within the gears (30 degree marks) using the spoke of hydrogen.

When light and sound unify in the aether the breach within the cosmic circuit will mend and again be as a superconductor of the sun's (hydrogen) energy and the information stored within mineral constituents of Earth, and there reflect unto heaven the same above as below.

The new elucidation indicates the properties of the nucleus with inherent qualities to function as a reverse bias. This will enable we encode information into the shell and subshells of the atom at specific levels using the frequency/line of hydrogen, and the number/frequency of the specific atom being encoded.

Hydrogen's instability and propensity to bond makes it mutable and easily affixed in position due to the set charges within an index for light's reflection of the concentricity. Hydrogen is the direct current used for directional flow of current to the periphery or the center (nucleus).

Within the nucleus is the reverse bias focusing on the proton and neutron, a triangualr configuration consisting of two positive and one negative charge. Water is the medium for the current to travel. The reverse of the charge sets the nucleus in a clockwise spinning motion. The spiral from the center works out in a counterclockwise motion moving through the curve in alternating pulses.

The aether template consists of 64 bases, subtracting 4 open ends at 45 degree angles of the square within a circle. We see then, the 4 cubed, or 8 squared within the circle. 45 degrees is angle to encode information using prime sequences, as they are only found in multiple of themselves and 1 for hydrogen.

Using 360 degrees and the 30 degree marks on the periphery to maintain equilibrium for the 90 degree line (in lieu the sign and cos), these 3, 30 degree marks to total 90 degrees on the curve, offer coordinates that will target each concentric ring from the center by dividing the specific atomic weights by 6. The 3 shells and 3 subshells, or 3 primary colors and 3 secondary align with the potential of the carbon atom whose crystalline matrix sets precedent for the creation of all other color emissions and manifestation of all elemental reflection. These 12 of 30 degree marks align the mirror image of the square in the circle to sign of the cross whereat 90 degrees perpendicular the line and curve meet to invert the image to the other side. So what is above is the same as below. The formula; 1 3 2 is used in conjunction with the four inversions.

The magic square is based on the sign of the cross, its four inversive moves and the 20 essentials as the 4 in multiple of 5 inverts in likeness to the other side. Within and without the square is filled with color of concentric rings portraying the frequency of 6 colors.

Light and sound in this template are in simple harmonic motion of the line and curve where the vertical velocity of light, and the angular momentum of the strings vibrating curvature for sound are choreographed in a simultaneity as the sub-atomic resonance resounds in sync with the linear velocity of light. The weak-electric and the strong-magnetic exchanging the positive and negative on the line of kinetic energy with the concentric curve of mass/energy potential where they cancel each other out for the constance of zero point feeds.

Within the 64 base squares align the vertical charges alternating for the magnetic field. Imagining these as lines of longitude within Earth's fields as the vertical alignment of squares. Then on horizontal lines of the square or latitude make all charges the same right to left. These charges move dimensionally through this 2D represention with depth, length and height in a hyperdimensional state as the spiral motion folds the charges during spin within each square into themselves. The spin, rotations, spiral motion occur simultaneously and the charges cancel themselves within themselves, and the monopolar aspects radiate from the center outward equidistantly to any point on the periphery.

The first 9 elements and their elucidation using this technique should suffice, for in permutation or multiples thereof, 1-9, every other element can be attained by squaring or cubing factors and the mirror of inversions 4.

Your techniques with the mirroring of numbers also applies to the elements and is the method early alchemists utilized in formulating compounds. The properties of transition and ferro-magnetic potential of iron #26 must be taken into consideration, as it will potentiate the em fields and interfere with, or breach the encoding mechanism of the monopolar circuit.

I used a system of encoding that bypasses the binary mechanism using a trinary system. Nine works well squaring the 3 limbs of the 'multiple determinate'. Our bipolar technology, a system based on the current electron theory will become obsolete .

The monopolar system uses inherent qualities of the atoms of carbon, the proton gradient hydrogen and the energy of oxygen and their combined perpetual nature; ie.; photosynthesis for creation of our thought forms. The key element is 3, Lithium. Water is the source by which the magnetic field will allow fission of hydrogen for energy to encode. Lithium works within heirarchy of elemental bonding as the nuclear reverse bias does for the atoms.

These elements combined using the monopolar design that is elucidated in every atom will offer a perpetual and free source of energy. The energy utilizes the priniciples of photosynthesis. The mechanism for the design is pictured in the attachment of the Barbury Castle Glyph, a CC formation in 1992.

This glyph depicts the monopolar structure of carbon, oxygen, lithium and the H402 water molecule. The left lower circle attached to the triangle is hydrogen. All the necessary parts of the machine to capture the essence of photosynthesis.

Magnetism is the force that both attracts and repels, unlike gravity which is always attracting. This energy is what encoded our DNA in an evolution without time. The encoding mechanism of bipolarity has caused our genetic frame shift mutation as we are forced to endure adaptation of an evolution locked in time.

DNA is a molecular memory chip, copied into time frames that have lost the true translation of the code. Our memory has failed us and cognition comes of retrospect. We move forward only through time living an illusion, when we are multidimensional creatures who lived in an evolution without time and limits........... well maybe. For the next time we encode our history in a grain of sand we better not lose it in the pile.

There will be more as you move further into your discussions...........I will try to follow, but I think I know the direction this is heading. I too attempt to synthesize the valuable information that has been forming in these discussions. I see from another side of the mirror/equation, but I can also see your line of reason.

- Blanche McLanahan.

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