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Storing of Sugars and Recycle of Phosphate

Could the crop circle makers be trying to teach us the result of gluconeogenesis and FREE ENERGY? Who drives the train of free energy anyway? Here on Earth isn't it done by shuffling carbon? Are they using photosynthesis to make their point in the crop fields? And why at different stages of glyco storage and utilization do they make their mark?

Doesn't photo-respiration compete with photosynthesis? It is photosynthesis' biggest competitor, is wasteful of energy and inhibits bio-mass production by 50%. So are they increasing CO2 levels to decrease O2 concentrations in the cell and carry out CO2 fixation? And the fixation, could the thermodynamic ability of carbon have anything to do with all this? A filter? A screen? A very selective semi-permeable membrane? Hmmm

Maybe, this could explain the re-alignment of these plants, first by replacing anomalous bonds with hydrogen and carbon, then the expulsion of ferric metals at the nodes, with the degree in shift of the growth in relation to the horizontal line of Earth and the vertical nature of the sun. Could this make an inference to the incident angle of the sun and Earth? Let alone after all this, the crops are not inhibited by the insult with renewed strength for the ability to continue propagation.

Do they base this on an old elucidation of the atom that existed prior to the tilt in Earth's axis? And is the image we see distorted in the refraction of light? Is this degree of alignment pertinent to and significant of the molecular conformation that is result of a new atom?

Since the atom and molecular conformation are impacted, then how has the genetic coding mechanism been altered? What if the electron transport chain of the mitochondria is usurping our energy derived from carbohydrates?
What if that iron atom does exist in the RNA granules having replaced the hydrogen bond? Iron's bond strong and unrelenting, where hydrogen has both propensity and instability..........ability derived from 1 electron, 1 proton. Could Uracil be an anomaly resultant of the iron's energy forcing the code to delete two letters of the genetic alphabet, so it made itself up. And the perchance deletion wherein 3" sense strand during transcription to the 5" anti-sense strand, then back to a 3" mRNA for protein may be where the frameshift lies. If the T replaces the G in both beta thalassemia GTA and its retro-inversion CAT for sickle celled anemia, then Uracil being inadequate/anomalous (a creature of its own fragmented code of creation) must draw in the T at the start of synthesis using another code of perhaps a stronger force, such as the protein code CTT for the beta globin gene of normal hemoglobin.

And what if our inability to utilize the -OH, in lack thereof its counterpart H+ having been usurped by Fe or iron's domain in flow of the waters, has created the craving to ingest alcohol........the addiction where the body is attempting to replace the missing factor for water, thirsting its consumption. Yet, becomes an addict because it cannot be fully utilized in spite of the large consumption. The same priniciple applies here to the inhalation of cigarette smoke for nicotinic acid, precursor for the synthesis of Niacin. Without it, the bonds do not form, so the body makes every attempt to replace it using all her tools; the mind, the hand and the 7-11 store..........cigarettes. Another addiction created due to an internal lack of the right plug.

Could this anomalous bond be inverting essential aminos such as methionine and cysteine? Could iron's ferric might be stronger than the hydrogen plug, though temporary? Methionine is used by the body to produce adeno-methionine that donates methyl groups, which in turn breaks down the toxic homo-cysteine. So maybe the production and destruction as cause and effect is simply saying cysteine has replaced methionine by an inversion due to the anomalous bond/energy of iron.

Could this anomalous bond replacing hydrogen also have inverted on the horizontal or lateral replacing valine with glutamic acid, or any other combination of the essentials?

Methylation then takes us to the vitamin B's, folate, vitamin B6 and 12...... for us to synthesize we must have present the precursor enzyme. Methionine is also a converter of the powerful antioxidant glutathione, but without Vit B methyl donor cofactors B6, B12 and Folic acid, the extra homo-cysteine cannot be re-methylated back into methionine and the cycle is breached to produce adenoslmethionine and glutton again as the body needs it.

The breach may potentiated insulin deficiency as a result of a fracture in the insulin molecule cysteine bridge, disabling the utilization of sugars. The breach here may also be cause of the Fragile X syndrome where methylation does not occur and the CGG coding sequence repeats itself >200 times, an inversion of methionine and cysteine. Perhaps the many repeats is DNA's attempts to force the template to photocopy the correct code to rejoin the cycle.

Photosynthesis can be thought of as the reverse of glycolysis. 6CO2 + 6 H2O yields C6H12O6 + 6O2. Perhaps these crop circle makers are attempting to tell us something regarding the frequency of hydrogen, and the enzyme actions that begin with mastication. Are they offering through the plants of our ingestion, and even perhaps our demise from ingestion, the gradient proton that will reflect a new perspective of this world we live in?

We should we can plug in the missing genetic letters.

The end/final result of all this bares notice to E-coli. This fragmented bacterial code just maybe the key if we work backwards using its memory to plug in. It has all the information it needs to metabolize, grow and reproduce.
Makes me wonder if it doesn't belong in the nuclear envelope with the rest of the code. Usually, at the end of something you start all over with nothing. EX-NIHILO.

Something is not right with the E-coli bacterium, and I wouldn't be surprised if that message has already been written in the crop fields and soil on Earth. Perhaps it is waste and residual of photo-respiration.

Molecular conformation of the phosphorus atom's bond has been seen in the fields. It is our backbone and 'they' look to repair it by bringing ATP to our rescue.

We've become saturated with heavy metals and the energy of photosynthesis meets refraction. Our disease has progressed to the point of our inability to utilize simple sugars and the line of time no longer cycles in ferric domain of Earth's core and the iron in our blood. We can't fix it, but Earth will.

- Blanche McLanahan.

Copyright 2007 - Blanche McLanahan
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