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Principle of Certainty

Dante's "Paradiso" in Canto 7 he said;

" Now turn thy mind to that which I expound. This nature, thus united with its Maker was pure and good, such as it was created. But by itself was cast from paradise, because it turned aside by its own act, From its own life and from the path of truth. Therefore the penalty the cross inflicted, if measured by the nature thus assumed was juster than all other penalties; but ne'er was one of such iniquity if we regard the person who did suffer, in whom this nature had been so conjoined, Hence from one action issued things diverse; One single death pleased both Jews and God. Thereat the whole earth shook, the heavens opened."

As a very young child I attended church and sat with an ill defined fear of God the creator. For in the words of his prophet now ministering the text unto mine ears, I heard not love, but hate and distortion of truths. That God should punish the child and slight his innocence with guilt and shame. I could ne'er comprehend.

Just slight to the left of the minister hung an image of Christ. So as a child I diverted the negative energy of the ministers words to his face asking what I as a child might do. Though his face did not gesture, nor his lips give motion for sound, I heard through glance of the images eye words silent and unspoken. Through his thoughts of love I gained hope and found peace and comfort, no longer clinging to fear of punishment given during the ways of the world. And I knew then, that through the eyes of the child within, my future growing and longing would sustain me. With new found strength I ventured out beyond into life finding distaste in the ways of man.

At the age of eleven I again found myself in the depths of dispair. Once again I prayed to Jesus, that he come and show me the way. He came through the fading glow of the night's light filtering through a crack in the door. In his brilliance I held my head erect and grateful. Again, his glance to my eye told me that which I needed to know. Warmth filled me through each breath and I closed my eyes finding comfort in sleep of my dreams.

Then I grew beyond those years with family. Children of my own and a husband most dear. They were the most precious of assets life has to offer. Then one morning I awoke to find my husband dead, murdered by the greed of another who wished what he had be theirs. Amidst the pain of grief and the lonliness that spans the dark of night I held my children, my arms around them tight. As they drifted into the peace of sleep, suddenly the tears began to fill my eyes. I was not the way of this world, hence I did not seek comfort from it in my waking moments. Instead and once again I cried and asked Jesus to help me, to guide me now on this new path which seemed so dark and forsaken. He came to me and lifted me into the clouds right through the density of matter surrounding me. This is what I saw and heard him say;

The Dream

One night of grief and sadness in broken dreams I slept.

Then peacefully and gently into my mind this vision swept.

Now I was standing, adrift and alone

In grace and full glory as the moon shone.

A sight ne'er viewed before mine eyes

As up I had swiftly into the clouds I did fly.

My heart quietly beating, now be it to quicken,

This vision told of the reality of which I was now stricken.

I saw Jesus on the cross, limbs bare of no defense,

On his head a crown of thorns, every muscle so tense.

His glance to my eye offered thoughts I could see;

"Gaze each outstretched arm, now my hands set free."

He told me these truths, his might shed no end;

"Each nail not of wood, that my blood was shed.

'tis the metal that bleeds you, ne'er to release these chains"

His crowns piercing thorns gave insight

To the barrier of the blood-brain.

"Ask and ye shall receive", he said.

But 'twas for mercy on my knees I plead.

Then my heart silenced its tears filled my eyes,

"This knowledge be known, for now is the time."

Then to him said I, "It has always been you

To suffer and die as the lamb,

Giving purpose and freedom to man.

Why did the father in heaven choose you

as the example for all who were but to lose?"

Then he answered in thought

"It is you his begot.....

That I might die saving those to follow,

Preparing your path, setting the table.

Walk not in fear, love will guide your way.

I will always be with you, all lambs do stray."

Then he said, "True sight is not seen with the appendage of the eye.

It is that which lies hidden as you gaze deep inside."

Then I awoke to begin a new.

The day my childhood dreams came true.

In those moments of griefs sadness Jesus taught me love. He allowed I see that the love Charles and I shared was a divine love that extends beyond the reach of romantic haste and humanity's waste. And in that divinity we'd gained the promise of resurrection. The silence of these bonds cannot be broken, not even in death. So my beloved is with me still and I should find forgiveness in my heart for those who killed him. In that forgiveness he told me was my salvation from bitterness or hate. Now I do not dwell in misery or love's lost memory, for our divinity brought life and love to ride side by side in eternity. That we do not die is something mankind today has set on the shelf. Yet divine love does not die. Its essense flows in the artery and vein during lifes pure fountain, just as does the troubled fountain. Love is a principle of certainty for all things great or small, in life or in death.

"The Jeshua Principle"

With grace, elegance and sheer simplicity

He defined love during time's tormenting complexity.

Using his image in the spirit to clarify

Potents of love mankind must rectify.

Newton's Principia balances the reason

For the disequilibria during time's treason.

Heisenberg's Principle of Uncertainty

Doubt's love and our future eternity.

Man throughout all the altered ages

Strives to define the opposer to hatred's rages.

The Greek versed the God's of Love

Looking to the sky as their spirits rose above.

All man must do is let his heart guide his mind

Then his thought's of love will follow and unwind.......


That bleak morning when I found my husband dead, Jesus came to me in silence of the light and here no vision could be said. But inside my head came though words I could not speak , " Forgive them" was decreed. Then as I cried aloud saying, "Charles please don't leave me and to God of you I ask your help" the words again I heard "forgive them for they know not what they do." And without the thought to ask or hear my mortal sigh "how can I", again the voice said, "Because he did not die." Then I heard, "Thou shalt not kill is not a command, it is a statement of fact."

I am not the way of this world. Yet, I have to live within boundary and in line of its sanity/insanity. My heart teaches my mind in spite of these things I see. The burden oft times is hard to bare, though from inside me always the strength of my child doest come. Now amidst the turmoil and negative flow I chose the opposition.


Oh Children do ask why the grasses are green

Adulthood grows beyond childhood dreams.

Your words remind us of our beginnings

Your thoughts stir our need for remembering.

Hold tightly our hand, firmly now as you speak

Our perspectives are heightened, their outlook bleak.

A journey endless, time is often hopeless it seems.

Oh children never stop voicing the world you see in your dreams.

So to all the children around the world,

Whether red, yellow, black or white.

You are our hope for the future

And the past is lost without your insight.

"Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood." Marie Curie

- Blanche McLanahan

>>> Poetry <<<
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