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November 16th - 2007


This has been written for the period of 11/15/07- 11/16/07 and the work is never ending, but I am happy to share these notes even in the unfinished condition. A release of such magnitude is being offered with patience. This document is geared for the younger generations enabling the base ideas to establish the foundation of change.

The inspiration is an age old one, the desire to give something back as 'thanks' for being alive.

This is for knowledge and another contribution to a publication that is improving each day, Understanding! The work is a life long pursuit and goal which is to allow the next generation a chance the rest did not have. The amount of material observed to render these conclusions can be traced from all over the world and many periods in history. Each item can be substantiated and to comprehend the framework will ground most all recognized phenomena.

This information should give many a head start. The old paradigms of describing important questions such as 'how life exists' will have a change that is quite substantial. This material is simply a summary but will assist in preparing a foundation towards the developing comprehension all grounded in true application. The universal questions that surface regarding 'how life exists,' and why each religion suggests our choices are important to sustain a continued life during life and after death.

With a true basis to ground each line of knowledge the reality of 'how it works' can be understood with true application. The current paradigms including many representing the sciences have failed in preparing the required framework for understanding but these few pages include the core basics to bring the sciences and religions together. To observe with a physical application in true understanding each person will have the ability to choose with responsibility, and know exactly 'how it works.'





Imagine being able to know everything. What a concept, to see anything and know, 'how and why' everything is as it is.

An exposure and retention of information covering a vast time period including all recorded data would have to be covered in order to know 'everything.'

Is that even possible? Many would say, the claim is silly, to even consider.


Basis of comprehension

In every form of learning there are benchmarks to comprehending certain phenomena. Some are based from scientific renditions as to how something works but in many historical accounts often the 'Gods' or 'God' is suggested as the cause of certain phenomena. The book 'Origins of Species' by Charles Darwin offered a pattern to a series of changes with a term called 'evolution.'

The ideology represents how species changes over time governed by the environment. This idea has caused serious contradictions between scientific and religious accounts to the origins of life. These are just a few areas to address in understanding as each of the contradictions has often been the cause to confusion and suppressions to learning.

The focus of these notes are to begin the base 'understanding' that would enable every conscious person the ability to comprehend without having to know everything. A clear framework enabling comprehension to even the most complex subjects is quite important for a reasoning person. Upon recognizing the proposed framework even the ever changing views of 'good and bad' can be judged and referred to in a physical sense. This applicability renders comprehension to each choice a person makes and to grow up at a young age with literal application establishes responsibility at every crossroad of choice.

In these pages many of the scientific and theological renditions may not be accepted as commonly taught or understood within every path of learning. This paper is based purely on the pursuit of truth without any bias of faith or opinion represented by current scientific or religious descriptions. The scope of material addressed may often appear quite technical but with patience and a little common sense most of the information will set in without to much additional research.

This paper is not to address every question but to establish the base knowledge to offer foundation. What will be established is that if any path of the sciences or theology is to be pursued, the application and pure understanding can be functionally comprehended. The summary is a precursor to the final literature or series of material called 'Understanding.' So until the finished literature to Understanding is ready, it seems logical to share what can be conveyed and allow the basis to begin existing within the minds of the true seekers and students. This will remove the ability of a single source having proprietary or ownership. Knowledge is not to be owned but to be learned universally and shared equally.

Each person may absorb material a little differently and in this the traveling and exposure to as many points of view possible will one day allow the final work to unfold itself. There is no magic or omnipotence anywhere in existence. Each of the 'uncertainties' logged by the sciences can be mathematically described.

Yet within this short release there is no requirement to release the mathematical frame as the exploitation or gain of proprietary has never been the intent. This paper is not cluttered with mathematical theorems at this level, the intent is to offer foundation when pursuing knowledge to assist each in 'understanding,' until the .. time!

The basis of this framework is not unique especially to recognize in the history of knowledge and literature many have made mention and even describe the properties and terms used within. The fact is once understood, the foundations to build upon in any pursuit will unfold in true application.

The whole premise of this summary is simply to offer an unbiased view of observations and practical application to what is the true reality to life, in fact. The definitive method of proving the frame is within the math. The final publication is not to be published without observances, and with the unconditional offerings to students and people throughout society, the sciences and medical field is being enabled to further the proper descriptions for each branch. It is the minds of these future generations that we are each responsible to and as our predecessors each left a little something for the next. To further that evolution is more important than individual recognition.


Evolution of knowledge and the importance of honest renditions

As each mind grows within the environment 'experienced,' knowledge and lessons of right and wrong, good and bad and many philosophical preparations are being made. Many differences can be listed from the variety of opinions. Each point of view can be quite diverse and establishing credibility is a chore. Family members, friends, or even teachers and religious figures may each offer a different version to the same story. As individuals, many question the very idea of 'how we exist' and 'why am I alive' which is normal. And whether many will admit it, most every single individual has questioned what has been learned at some point in their life.

It is human in itself to want to comprehend yet as we age a sense of complacency sets in. As time passes and the many periods of learning and absorbing what material we are exposed to, a sense of accepting a paradigm is quite normal. Still the question that is most apparent and of unprecedented proportion is; what is the real truth? How does it all work? The reason these questions are still debated is to this day the complete picture has never been finished and made available.

There is no single proven set of material that will sustain every test of faith or science. This presents a clear picture to know every person alive was born into this same setting. The sciences are still 'uncertain' and the religions with even the most humble, who have been able to 'see,' are still not be capable of describing in a sense that is universally understood. It seems logical that if a prophetic capacity was known to exist, then there is still that issue with being able to describe what you saw. For example; if a vision was described in the 2 nd century of an airplane of the 21 st century, who would have been able to describe in words for an 'airplane?'

So whether we 'see' something as a prophecy, how to describe this for another to comprehend appears to have its own set of contradictions and to acknowledge this issue is a serious undertaking, especially for a believer of the faith itself. Still the questioning is not in whether the event was seen, but that interpretations continue to evolve when in fact the truth can never be an opinion.

The sciences have been the forbearers of questioning accepted paradigm. Over the course of time these questions have been recorded and many in each generation have offered what descriptions could be determined. It is good that many of the inquiries have come from both the scientific descriptions and the theological renditions. These questions offer each of these distinct focal directions of knowledge, a path of inquiry that should be followed. As more data and material becomes available the nature of seeking understanding continues.

The matter of establishing credibility in the questions and the data observed should be requisite of fact versus allowing phenomena to represent the truth. Again, as more data is available offering material evidence that establishes better understanding, then in all cases it must be pursued. This is a responsibility of each generation to the next but perfected when each participant lives responsibly in this compassion for the next. A simple analogy to this compassionate necessity, as an obligation, could be as in the medical field; as better medicines and procedures are available they become standards into the practices of increasing life expectancy.

It is this compassion that enables standards to evolve in the medical field. Each generation can be thankful that learned information over time has been recorded and the pursuits of quality advancements continue to evolve. In contrast to disregard the achievements of relevant data because it contradicts a belief represents more of an isolating construct of secularism versus adding to the growth of the total and more specifically, the future generations.

Each generation has contributed to the following generations' data, material evidence and even described many new determinations of pre-existing material. Each period of time added knowledge which as a learning tool becomes a sort of stairs to climb that has enabled new plateaus of comprehension to be understood.

A time line can be fitted to many of the achievements of knowledge but each culture also progressed and contributed towards knowledge and comprehension. For example the 'West' compares the Bronze Age with the Industrial Revolution as apparently interrelated advancements in knowledge but now in current understanding we find that in the East, this knowledge was actually in use over 1000 years before the West.

So the diversity of renditions and knowledge available has often been misleading but today's capabilities offer a method of pursuing and combining the many branches with little more then effort. The method of using the internet has broken down the barriers of oppressive teaching and pursuits without having to accept paradigm and beliefs being taught within the advanced learning of the literary or theological regimes. There is really no way to stop the current progression towards 'understanding,' especially if the truth is being sought for the benefit of the future generations as a duty of choice and compassion; Love!

As data whether based on experiments or of historical documentation, each must be examined within an unbiased approach and keep the bias directed towards the need of an honest rendition.

With honesty and a fixed setting towards establishing facts prior to teaching, the loss of time is reduced during the process of understanding any material. As each generation matures the complexity and amount of material grows. The conveyance of information by each generation must retain integrity.

Even if what was believed from yesterday becomes simply a historical record of material, pure honesty is Love in itself just by the desire to assess, learn and share for others. There can be no misrepresentation even if it breaks the rules of the complacent. For example, there was a time the world was considered flat but thanks to a few who dared to pursue facts and truths, there is a whole globe of lands and cultures to explore.



The basis herein is to simply allow reasoned learning, a framework, to guide pure understanding in which to offer each conscious the ability to comprehend.

A question was once asked that inquired as to "how can the conclusions of this framework be identified to a single basis?" And the best answer is with an adjustment in comprehending 'energy' itself. With this change the ability to address every phenomenon known to exist can be achieved in a mathematical frame.

The greatest achievement is in comprehending how 'life' itself exists and continues. The primary focus to comprehending the phenomenon of 'life' is to address how it works at the core of how mass and energy interacts. The understanding and recognition of what life is at the molecular level is actually what revealed the true description of energy.

Each branch of the sciences uses a form of theorem or math to describe energy. The branch of chemistry has caused a division between many branches of the sciences which has created a continued regression to real understanding.

Within the basis of describing energy has many faces but the core returns to a basis of 'heat.' Whether as in gallons of gas or kilowatts or joules (heat) but when the line is drawn as to what energy is at the molecular scale, then the physicist and mathematicians are there using various theorems but actually can not complete reproducible experiments to a depth of no uncertainty.

Another branch of the sciences is capturing data from the far away stars trying to see if a set of laws can be found within these observations and finally the particle physicist are sending 'particles' in accelerators to see if there are smaller parts to identify. Still with all this research going on, these various tangents are in a sense interrelated based on how the term energy is used and mathematically described as the base benchmark. Each of these has proven that predictions can never be perfected without uncertainties in the presently accepted form of today's models.

To address the math of description in a scientific level, each branch has dead ends they each continue to go around. There is no model in today's world that unifies the variations of experimental and observational evidence.

Energy as it stands has many definitions, but to address energy itself as 'light' or similar to the rendition of 'electromagnetism,' a true framework reveals itself. Then to address the properties of light and the affects upon mass, the ability to combine gravity and time can be perfected within one paradigm shift.

The shift is that energy is to be described in a quite similar manner as Maxwell described electromagnetic radiation (light) but that the properties of that energy upon mass and its affects to the environment are included. The existing reasons are many, but let's focus on the renditions offered by Planck that identifies a frequency to the energy content of a single photon (per se).

This old method makes sense in that the model suggests the higher the frequency the higher the energy, but when this energy is upon mass and associates with another of similar wavelengths a realm of phenomenon occurs that are not addressed. These same phenomenons are the cause of 'life' upon mass, to assemble.

It is when energy is imposed upon mass, that energy entangles the mass exposed and when like mass with similar resonances associate they can cause an increase of energy greater than the 2 added separately. This can be associated to the energy upon the mass rather than the mass itself as a gravitational or ionic cause to associate.

By describing energy as 'light' and setting the benchmarks to the properties of the energy thereof a pure rendition unfolds. The beauty behind the application is that not only have each of these properties already been described in the sciences but that most every religion has also shared the properties of 'light' as being the combining force of everything.



To start simply, most all of us can use our eyes to see what is in front of us. In a pretty common view our eyes capture reflected light that hit an object and we see from this exchange. Our sight and all of our other senses actually captured some type of energy in all circumstance of exchanges. The key is on how to describe this energy and how the interactions are actually occurring. To comprehend how each interaction can affect the other in all exchanges the properties of 'light' itself can be defined.

Light as most know it is but a small portion of wavelengths or frequencies that our eyes capture to offer sight. This 'light' is a part of a larger spectrum called electromagnetic radiation (emr). This spectrum includes radio waves through to X rays, and gamma rays where the radio wave has a long wavelength and the gamma wavelength is the shorter wavelength. Adversely the frequency is higher for the gamma and lower in the radio range.

We see with the little sliver of the spectrum called visible light which is pretty close to the middle of the recorded spectrum of wavelengths known to exist. There are a few rules used when describing and identifying electromagnetism. In the usage of electrical theories for example there is a 'right hand rule' to electric and magnetic partnership; with your right hand and make a gun, index finger, pointing, and the thumb up, then make your middle finger point left or perpendicular to the index finger..

This represents that if electricity is going straight down your finger then the magnetism is perpendicular to the electric field.

The electric field is one wave is going up and down and its opposing field is oscillating left and right. Well this is what 'light' or electromagnetism is. An electric and magnetic fields at perpendicular planes are electromagnetism (light) or energy upon mass. The correct symbol to describe light is the 'cross' orientated to its source. So light is a cross of energy (light) as the Egyptian ankh is as energy affixed in time; an atom of mass.

There are quite a few items we can easily recognize about light and what it does to things exposed to it. In one example we know that light from the sun helps a plant to grow. In this we can note that energy is being captured and the living plant converts this energy to grow. Then we see the plant itself which is often described as reflected wavelengths (light) off the plant that our eyes capture.

Then again, we also feel the warmth from the sun upon our skin. In these examples the light and each wavelength are all a part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. In each of these examples the exchange of these wavelengths share that the actual 'energy' that causes each affect from one state to the other is actually from the light itself.

By suggesting that the energy between any 2 bodies or mass is a form of light, the usage of the term 'light' is basically to simplify any wavelength of the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Most all mass retains or is affected by individual wavelengths from the spectrum. The individual wavelengths are in themselves like a slice of energy that when interacting with mass causes the momentum or energy upon that mass.

To continue on this rendition, a pattern can be seen within experimental evidence how each wavelength has it owns affects based on the mass and properties of the energy (light) upon that mass or structure. For example, to see the increases in temperature to a pan of water it only takes additions to the heat to see how each addition of energy increases the temperature of the h2o molecules of the water.

What is occurring is the pan of water molecules are being exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the reactions of the gas and oxygen which causes the flame or heat to dissipate with momentum. This heat is simply energy upon mass being released with momentum by the (per se) chemical reactions. The bottom of the pan is taking these impacts, conveying the momentum energy and the heavier elemental structure (the metal) passes the EMR through to the water.

This water begins to capture these wavelengths and vibrate. This resonance conveys to the next associated molecule and the pan of water begins to heat up with more time. At each increase in temperature the structures of the associated mass are increasing momentum. This point of view is specifically that energy between any exchange of mass even in the idea of heating water are simply in the form of energy being conveys in wavelengths or light rather than the simplified term of 'heat.' This is an extremely touchy arena and a complete contradiction to existing paradigm when conferring with quasi intellectuals of the scientific community.

'Heat' described chemically is considered law but the reality is, at the actual exchange between mass, 'light' is the exchanging energy between all mass. Remember, this document is for facts to be shared and not bound to the complacency of misguided paradigm. Each branch or the sciences and the religions of the globe will combine under the correct rendition of 'light is life.'

The exchange of energy between mass are predetermined by the structures versus the occurrence being established as a described act. Since the neighborhood is also affected, the entanglement to the exchange is set with the event in time. To visualize as a mental idea think of a rubber ducky on a pond; splash the pond and see the ducky rise and fall as the wave rolls through. This shares that the interacting wave was conceived prior in time to the exchange but the duck being in the pond as the specimen, is already the object placed for the intent. This basically shares that energy exchanged is purposed rather than random.

A real important fact to retain is at the line by line interaction at the smallest point of interactions this predetermined exchange removes the interaction as being a propagation through space. Simply stated that energy is exchanged between the mass irregardless to space or time but predetermined or t<0. In the 'very small' world of particle physics this reality removes the 'uncertainties' of the exchange event. In the world of the human recognition this supports what was written as already having been known or like the rendition to God himself, the beginning and the ending, combined as one. To recognize this phenomenon as described, that energy exchanged at the very small is predetermined then both branches become one in truth rather than uncertain as a belief.


Associating in light

In viewing the ducky imagine if there were 10 duckies on that pond, no matter how small the splash is all the duckies would be affected and in many cases now the duckies themselves may interact because of the wave imposed. Again the idea to see is that a single imposition can cause an effect that can affect the whole system based on the energy starting the interaction and the mass (ducky) can retain some of the energy which causes interactions among each based on being in the neighborhood.

Base atoms and collective organized groups of mass both are affected by the interaction of energy. What can be recognized in experimental data is that any 2 atoms coupled together to assemble a molecule are in each and every case bonded together by energy simply described as light now reduced to its base constituent. For example in order for water to be made from oxygen and hydrogen atoms it takes energy, and then to separate them again, it takes energy once again.

Or another idea could be if you had a ball in one hand and a ball in the other in order to bring them together, it takes energy and to separate them again it takes energy. The scale are completely different but in both cases to drill down what energy is at its base unit whether from assembling base elements to full process of a metabolism in every case energy in its real form; light or electromagnetism is being exchanged causing momentum and all associations to mass.

As this light interacts with mass each structure can only retain specific wavelengths or amounts of energy depending on structure and environment. But when multiple structures are in proximity, associations can be noted by the resonance caused by the energy captured upon neighborhood structures. The electric and magnetic fields affect structures within the neighborhood. In the ducky scenario a group of duckies will begin rising and falling in respect to the direction of the wave and frequency. A set of uniform waves that cause all the duckies rising and falling in unison may cause a portion to continue at a frequency harmonizing for a moment even after the causing wave has gone by. Almost like a song, if there is a good rhythm and harmony a group of persons exposed may begin humming or singing it themselves. Another analogy could be a nicely tuned instrument; the combined harmony of the elements carries a better sound; resonance.

Resonance is easy to describe as a type of vibration upon a structure. This resonance will be dependent on the structure and the wavelength of the energy. The resonances represent themselves quite easily when energy is understood as waves upon the mass. In crystallized or hard structures this is quite easy to recognize and often vibrate such like a tone upon the whole structure. In gaseous and liquid specimens of mass the wave pattern is most prevalent as it passes through the medium.

In any event all mass has a resonance and every increase of energy to mass is caused by the energy upon that mass. This resonance can be measured by the frequency and wavelength of that energy in every case.

Recognition that the form of entropic chaos has always been the dispersion of excess, when a unique characteristic to acknowledge is to disperse is to entangle more mass. Meaning if an explosion is confined to small area of volume the imposition to any neighborhood structures combines the exchange to this neighborhood.


The environment plays an important role

For example if you heat a cup of coffee and put it outside, it will become cold real quick at 10 below zero but at 110 degrees Fahrenheit that cup of coffee will keep hot for quite some time. Now to increase the cup size to a bucket of coffee the same affects will still occur but now with the increased volume it will just take longer. What to see is simple, that if the environment is good the coffee will stay hot longer and if there is more coffee in volume, the temperature again will stay even longer. So now apply this to simple molecules or even to a landslide; the increased volume in a proper environment will retain its energy longer.

There is much to learn from this path of reasoning; as mass is imposed upon by energy, structures associate based on the exposure and environment. Resonance or momentum is a specific cause of structures to associate. Bodies with momentum or even a little at interaction affect each other and often align to support each other. There are many levels to note the harmonic properties of resonance and even without being in physical contact the structures can increase their total energy often without giving up the frequency of the resonance upon the individual structure. For example a guitar string by itself can only carry a tone so far but a collective of strings tuned nicely will harmonize and basically increase the total amplitude of the tone without directly changing the individual notes.


The properties of energy and gravity

What is occurring is to physically understand that even in the small to the large, energy is quite relevant in all interactions and in all of them there is cause and effect to be comprehended. Energy in every release is purposed or has cause based on the interactions of previous or entangled events. So the assessment to the environment, the history and the characteristics at each level must be addressed in order to reduce uncertainties. For example a prospective applicant for employment; an assessment to history, environment and exposure is necessary to reduce the uncertainties of the applicant's abilities.

Energy has been described as light upon mass at this point and that energy conveyed between structures is simple to address. The property of resonance shows how mass associates without being directly affixed to each other and will often increase the total energy and stability between mass affected. Still there is a property directly responsible to light (energy) called 'entanglement' that is quite substantial.

The term 'entanglement' was coined some time ago and there are many renditions as to what the effects actually are. In one idea; things are entangled by the energy exchanged during an association. Or another is that within the experiment of subject specimens, the observers, is also relevant and can affect the results. Still, there is another analogy that goes like this; if you have a single photon (a single frequency of energy) and split this photon and put half in a box and send it to the other side of the universe and keep the other half in the lab, they are still entangled.

The unique characteristic of the description is that if we change the one half at the lab the other will instantaneously change proportionally irregardless to space and time. All of these are basically describing the same property of entangled energy. The property of entanglement will result in applying Einstein's, 'spooky action at a distance,' in which it was noted and described but never perfectly understood and why 'time,' was of such importance to include. This is where Einstein began describing within a reference of 'space-time,' but did not address the energy itself as being the cause.

There is another described force called gravity that has this same tendency to exhibit a 'spooky action at a distance.' This was shared in a form with a rule of motion between two bodies of mass by Isaac Newton. This description mathematically, has a rule to distance, an inverse square rule which suggests the force is directly proportionate to the distance. This model is simplified and in use for describing of the motion of large bodies such as celestial observations. Yet this model does not apply or have verifiable proof of the cause of the action no where in all the sciences and is what 'Understanding' is fulfilling.

Entanglement is a phenomenon recognized as energy (light) retaining properties of association irregardless to distance. A description by Casimir shares a phenomenon that between 2 mirrors the energy causes a momentum or attraction between the 2 plates based on the energy wavelength.

This conclusion mathematically, is not so tough and actually quite simple but this math is not the purpose of this paper. The core to recognize is that gravity itself is simply based on entangled energy between structures and not the mass itself. Method of experiment and proof can be found in Casimir/Van der Waals .. Aka . the 5 th force. This misunderstood 'cause' to momentum and attraction of mass has been described but never understood and associated in physical application.


Mass and energy shared with 'Understanding'

Since no single atom can do much of anything without associating mass or energy to impose the change then the simple understanding that some type of energy must be upon the atom for it to move is pretty simple to sustain. Then if we have an enormous amount of material and there is energy being conveyed between the bodies, it goes to reason there would be interplay between the bodies of mass.

The key is at each level in volume certain properties reveal themselves much more readily. At the very small; momentum removes uncertainties to precise experimentations. In the most apparent; resonance reveals itself as bodies harmonizing in a set tone or 'temperature.' Then at the very large; the individual wavelengths do not carry much weight but a collective of mass assembled shares a larger entanglement to neighboring structures. For example the sun shines on all of the planets and that mass/energy is calling that energy/mass back; i.e. gravity.

Clearly stated entangled energy upon mass is directly associated to the currently described gravitational attraction. This is easy to recognize when addressing the key characteristic, that the bodies have exchanged energy. Casimir directly defines how the energy causes the mass to be 'attracted' based on the energy between the specimens. Gravity is currently recognized as a property of the mass itself but all mass is of shared energy within an environment in time.

Living things also share properties of entangled energy. A school of fish or a flock of birds can uniformly change directions instantaneously based on the imposition or change of any one part of the group. Another is the idea of a person's character, developed within an environment and now the entangled group will often react identically to various circumstances simple by the similar exposure to learned ideas. So each example shares how entanglement between specimens can affect each and even without physically being a part of the other.

What entangled mass represents is that energy captured by mass can be affected by changes to the energy also captured by neighborhood structures regardless to time and space. It basically shares at a physical level that entangled mass can affect the associated mass almost magically but herein there is a physical property to describe this phenomena. To acknowledge that if energy is imposed to more than one specimen the properties of that energy (light) can affect both entities uniformly as well as individually, this easily brings reasoning to many descriptions of logic.

For example often a 'Love' between 2 persons evolves over time. As quality interactions increase; the persons become entangled on many levels including memories and other physiological capacities. The fact is when persons associate there are many tangible entanglements in physical form that can change the characteristics at each exchange and the increased layers of memories and emotions sustain a heavy weight.

Another physiological analogy could be in the example of twin babies; having been born often of the same egg but enter the world completely separate entities, still sharing many similarities in tastes and even known feelings. The completely separate persons are still physically entangled by the energy that began their existence along with many shared experiences including the intake of physical nourishment within the growth environment.

The list of entangled periods of time and energy between these conscious persons is quite substantial in comparisons to the majority of the population. Within this group there are many recorded cases of phenomena that are acknowledged to transcend time and space. Information published often describes persons (twins) having experienced the feelings of the other without beings anywhere in proximity. The esoteric analogy to capture is that the observational data and experiences can be ascribed to the entanglement of the physical entities by the energy shared.

By addressing the effects of energy upon mass at every scale and how it physically affects all mass exposed to the release a unified scope of 'how it works' begins to unfold. The description of how life exists or how the galaxies rotate as they do and the progression of what makes each step occur offers the one single setting to understand even the simplest phenomena. The pinnacle of the understanding is that within the framework of nature the true revealing of what 'good and bad' are allows a conscious to physically comprehend a single true understanding.

Since energy is being established as electromagnetism or light upon mass then each unit of energy is entangled to what ever other mass that has been exposed to the release. Then in a gravitational (entangled) setting, that energy affects the properties of the mass of each directly and indirectly. This provides the setting that perfects an old description suggesting all things are actually a part of the other or 'as one.'

What is necessary to observe is that the entanglement of mass is not limited to objects described in a gravitational form of simply attractions; all things are affected at different levels depending on the exposure. Living things also are directly affected by the entanglement of energy and not just to hold something to the ground and this is something that must be comprehended.

For example one 'word' leading to the comprehension of 'death' can have a profound affect on a consciousness in that a physical comprehension by each, recognizes what the word means as a mental idea. Another 'idea' such as the conception of an airplane has developed into a collective association of thought which has literally developed into a whole realm of flight. By the weight of the knowledge, an assembly of people contributed to build a machine that actually flies all based on an idea that entangled an association to contribute causing the idea a physical existence; a creation was born!

The evidence suggests that a building of layers offers a progression towards a 'continued' state or simply those associations of mass offers a better setting for that one spark of 'light' such as an 'idea' to evolve into a physical existence.

The ability for a life or assembly of mass to associate under the scope of the life of the total organism can be easily described when addressing a bee hive. The one female is capable of creating an ongoing existence within the environments capacity entangling its association to the environment further progressing the species.

This is seen when noting how the bee as a collection of workers actually pollinate the surrounding plant life benefiting both the bee community and floral species within the environment. The setting of life and the interrelation to the environment again reveals another principle; that if the addition to the environment is good, then a continued existence will sustain and entangle the system of that life. This applies not only to the bee community but even the human species.

The recognition to the reality of this principle reveals a pattern that shares a universal setting of wisdom; 'good' contributions offer a setting for 'life to continue.'

In all schemes of living things each basically has intent; to exist. This is simple to recognize as most living things within an environment will consume and reproduce within the instinctive scope of that species' intent. Each continues based on the make up, environment and with a purpose to continue which also applies within the idea of evolution.

Living things basically follow a pattern described as instinctive where this intent to continue is genetically systemized within the construct of the molecular entity DNA. Each organization of living molecules that enable a body to move, consume mass (food), metabolize and then reproduce conveying the benefits of the previous generation to the next are simply alive following the same 'intent' to continue.

There are descriptions in many areas of study that show how a niche is filled by the reactions or simply the instinct of a species that lives in association to its surroundings. The basic niche that the simple instinctive response exhibited can be noted as quite important to an environment.

Throughout all of nature each species can be attributed a specific importance based on a niche within an environment. The associations between most all environments and living things share that there is a mutual benefit between each. Instinct can be described as the 'intent' of a species. This can be seen at most all levels of associations. In other studies it can be shown that single celled living structures associate based on mutual benefit to the extent a living structure may live within another living structure. This can be noted in a mammal for example; a very complex association of cellular structures, associate to sustain the whole organism; the animal itself. And then each animal lives within their environment so the interplay is quite extensive.

What can be determined is that this interplay of living things can be functionally applied to the same idea describing 'how it works' to single atoms. Those structures with a resonance will harmonize to contribute to a total increase of energy benefiting the association. If the association will increase the total energy within its environment, over time the association will share longevity to the life of the system.

If the association is opposing or not sustainable within its environment eventually it will become extinct at the current form. Yet by understanding how the energy is simply associating more mass that in fact chaos is more like a restart to base constituents. So a returning to base constituents would be like sun light broken down by a prism or that a hot cup of coffee cooled; the energy associated more mass. So never is that structure in chaos but when associations reach certain thresholds then the dissipations will occur when energy levels exceed the capacity of the structures and environment.

Then there is that point where life has reached a state often referred to as 'consciousness.'

An instinctive reaction can be both of quality and adverse but only a conscious has the ability to recognize the difference and cause an action outside of instinct. This is quite substantial to recognize and is actually pretty easy. It is where an observing individual can assess an event and based on the identification within that point of view a judgment is made. In contrast instinct and most every cycle of life follow one path where a conscious can withstand the physical instinct base on a reasoned choice.

There is much to discuss here but to simplify the basis, throughout this revealing the underlying concept is that a conscious can set in motion, an idea or thought by choice. A conscious has that ability to observe and describe an event from that point of view are the beautiful aspects of choice only a conscious can determine. Yet the conflict has always been the same with assessing 'good and bad.' The differences are that from different environments the standards or tolerances may vary between different geographical and social points of view. Never has a universal set of rules governing this specifically 'conscious' attribute to a physical application.

Choice and conscious understanding

The consciousness allows a living organization of mass (the body) a unique ability to create an existence just by choice. For example the instinct of an animal is for 'life to continue' and basically from that single point of view but a conscious can assume objectivity from many points of view by the creativity of the imagination and knowledge combined. This offers a conscious the ability to recognize a thought; a pre-determined idea or created idea. Which means each are capable of imposing or not imposing, the thought or reaction to the idea, causing it to either exist or not, by choice.

A consciousness can by specific intent set in motion a simple idea by choice and if the cause is of 'good' and items can be built upon the exchange to increase growth then a 'life' will continue. If the release is not of good the result will be diluted based on the ill conception and fade or return to constituents almost like a waste of resources but the system will correct the error in time. If an occurrence is 'good' the continuance will live, if not, then eventually extinct.

This creates an interrelation of the terms good and bad and physically combines these to reality versus conjecture or opinion. The question of describing this good and bad is unique to the consciousness as the words are what combine a thought to apply when describing.

This is recognized by comparison to the intent of an instinctive life. Life itself has one goal; to continue or cause their life to continue by reproduction or advanced associations. Unfortunately conscious beings do have a choice. They can actually choose to cause a difference and it can either be to support life or as a 'loss to the common,' as defined.

This definition is vague but let's look at it another way; if good is of life to continue and bad is opposing think in the lines of morals. To steal is a selfish doing. To lie harms others by false representation, a selfish choice. Etc etc ... Each and every cause a conscious being makes can be defined physically offering a setting that brilliantly is represented in most all religions existing upon the globe; that good does not harm for selfish reasons but for to establish compassion for others. And in each branch of theology, the same idea that a 'good' life contributes for others (community) to grow while a 'bad' life harms for selfish reasons or takes for their own gain.



With a single set of understanding every branch of knowledge can be furthered and applied with comprehension removing all ideas of paradigm and phenomenon. It allows an individual to understand why planting a seed in good soil and being mindful of making considerations are important for the quality of that life to continue. This change also shares how and why mass and energy associate at a level that will perfect reasoned understanding to exist with pure application. To simplify knowledge that can be applied from the very first day through to the last day of each persons ability of reasoned choice; each can be aware that their continued existence is based on their contributions for life to continue and know exactly how and why it works. With 'Understanding' each conscious can truly have the ability to apply reasoned choice removing all doubt with the use of knowledge.

So within these few pages a fruitful understanding as to what 'life' is and how energy exchanged is actually a relative life of its own. It is easy to share the model when energy is described at its core and a true knowledge of what is good and bad stand firm in reality rather than opinion. To begin a young mind in teaching this basis, offers a basis to define and refer too which physically grounds moral obligation to each interaction made. Simply to know that each step is like a splash on the pond offers the physical application of the importance, as each choice becomes a life, and the reality of the effect on today and tomorrow is simply by knowledge.

A conscious life observes and may cause each choice to either be of selfish intent/needs or can be observant with care to the total and others. Many examples can be used to share what is good in the view of life. To bear a child offers a portion of our bodies to couple and make another life. To plant a seed in good soil that creates a living thing to live or even to teach a child a good thing based on our own contribution are all lives that can continue. Yet on the other side of each choice, a creation, we can cause; to that acquiring and selfishly imposing on others or the total for individual gains is a clear loss to the common and will always become diluted, eventually. That the choices of each person are only within a term, but the effects of them choices are that ever lasting life.

From knowledge and Understanding, the rules for a consciousness to comprehend are quite easy to represent;


Life: purposed to continue.

Good: Supports life.

Bad: Loss to the common


What the focus this paper represents, are the facts of 'how it works.' Each can understand in truth, unbiased, unconditional and equally with no doubt of imperfection. There is only one way reality works and that pinnacle was building over time. Each generation contributed to the fulfillment of knowledge reaching this plateau. No one owns the knowledge, it is free and the gift from our fathers. What can be recognized now is that every single branch of the sciences, medicine and the combining of the species, man, can be uniformly achieved. With truth as the combining format, all ill regard can be reasoned through. Each religion can be vindicated side by side and uniformly to the revealing of the truth. Each knew a day would come and in truth, now that day is upon each who has been exposed to the knowledge of the apocalypse; the revealing.

With the knowledge each will begin to recognize that each choice is the responsibility of each conscious person. Each must be responsible for what they do; as it is the life we were born with and remember with this basis you can revert back to the basics to know that in order for you to be here, your parents had to contribute together in order to make the baby that is you. A portion of their light is alive and within you, and their parents and their parents and so on, basically allowing you to know, your parents are alive and in the flesh; honor them and share what has been learned..... light is life!

This paper is simply a summary and for many to have the truth in writing without any interference or guise of hope, desires or preconceived notions of life but as a guide in fact to exactly 'how it works.' This will offer each a choice to be made and understood; either each live with 'good' as their intent or 'bad' and no matter how many other renditions are available to share reality and how life actually exists, the truth of the matter is ...there is only one way it all works. Be aware you are in that time of the revealing .....




These few pages are but a simple summary to 'understanding' many fronts of knowledge.

Over many generations there have been many renditions of understanding of 'how things work.' Each are defined within the many written, oral and physical remnants of human product. The full scope of this material to learn has barely been touched, described or prepared within the correct frame of reality. There are so many subjects to address and so many variant opinions to each that a comprehensive association has been necessary to reveal the framework that truly combines all of it to physical application.

To be able to associate 'cause and effect' within a physical application of fact is paramount to belief, creativity and fruitful articulation. Languages have reaped many of the causes of misunderstandings, especially of the historical material but to comprehend that each have basically been describing many of the same items shares the beauty of the human conscious.

The purpose of this article is to share a small summary to a framework that is the actual basis of true understanding. There is no perfection in articulation or writing skills just the same never has perfection been of the human capacity but the integrity of the product is only based from honesty and that simply desire to know without any interference of an outside influence. The choice was simply to fulfill a promise with absolute honesty. The amount of data absorbed and the commitment to observe each, from many periods of time and points of view was the requirement to substantiate the work. As in the evolution of a species, time and environment are necessary to reach a plateau of collective knowledge. Only with observing the available material offered from the many years of measured time, from resources of global diversity, coupled with a quality environment was it possible to determine this scope of understanding.


The pursuit was by choice coupled with ability and intent

The 'choice' was to make a contribution, within no guise of employment or directed education; where the desire was only by choice and not of a need of things or return.

The 'ability' is apparent now that the internet age is available coupled with free will and intent.

The 'intent' was to pursue knowledge simple to comprehend, apply and share. This last part 'to share' is the most important and can be published as, the commitment made some time ago as a promise to learn over the course of my life so that never again shall a child go through the pain of uncertainties, fibs and misleading doctrine from thereof after my term. Compassion is the primary cause and is also quite important during conveyance. The very same questions; 'what is life,' 'why am I alive,' 'what happens when we die,' are all emotional thoughts that all our species have had and now can be known and understood. The intent to learn and be able to comprehend that framework to include scientific observation and religious application as provided by historical renditions of beliefs and religion, physically allowing a conscious to comprehend what is true, physically underwriting actual belief. To a conscious person each is quite aware that in a real world, everything must apply.

To understand in the scope of reality, with full comprehension of why, has been the quest of the sciences since the beginning. Although the sciences are purposed to define each area of inquisition, many periods and locations have had difficulty grasping a framework that can collectively combine all branches of reasoned and verifiable subjects. A universal framework to the sciences has never been accomplished, unbridled by faith or misunderstandings of knowledge. Neither the sciences nor any universally accepted belief or religion has ever been able to comprehensively describe the full scope of understanding or more directly physically explaining 'why and how, I am alive.'

That is what this paper is all about; all areas of knowledge can be associated and universally combined to allow the one true set of understanding to begin within each person.

What is necessary is that the arena of education for learning must include truth. This framework, actually unnamed other than to promote Understanding, but to further the concept, 'light is life' is the pure rendition. Each mind can establish a foundation to build upon. This makes each, equally capable of reaching that plateau of comprehension allowing decisions in choice to be simple. To be able to articulate within a single understanding and framework that physically includes the many descriptions within one framework is the apocalypse which as a word the true definition is 'the revealing.' It is within the new generations of our future that will perfect that 'understanding' to a sense that all truth will apply and never again will doubt be cause of 'loss to the common.' The truth is herein as no single institution, religion, or government has hindered this quest of choice other than the pure intent to understand which like many greats of old; combining each set of contributions has prepared the 'evolution of knowledge.'

Today, you can begin to live within the 'One' true framework of what life is and begin to include the renditions of the past and today within the scope. Today you can begin to live, and know life and what you're capable of contributing for tomorrow's life. Today, you can understand the physical application of 'good and bad,' functionally supported by the sciences and be fairly uniform to any rendition of religious beliefs. And finally, each can begin the true understanding and begin to live within that universal goal of sharing what is true and that same universal quest to know and pass on with the pure intent of our own contribution preparing for 'life to continue.'

Live forever and actually know it! Without the requisite of magic, omnipotence, uncertainties, false hope or promise within ever-changing beliefs. That means each can begin to live in truth and know it factually. So apply as you live and make every effort possible to bring that One true Understanding to the schools and children of the future to begin what is to be done; the revelation of the apocalypse, or in real words; the revealing of the truth in Understanding!

Happiness is knowing; Once we are, We are One!


The last question is; do you believe?

Thank you from every piece of my fiber and please absorb every part and see just how real the scope actually is. Begin to write within the profession of your choice and share with every capable and willing participant what life actually is and live within that gift.

To address me, well ... you have to guess on your own and remember it only took one to choose to know and make this quest a reality. All over the globe, many have known the day would come for a birth to make that choice. Magic or omnipotence is not an option but the fact is all mass is entangled, so that 'time,' was known and written of. There is not a single religious rendition that has fully offered the single set of knowledge for all to comprehend as well the sciences have never been able to functionally describe the basis of life but to allow this information to set in with physical application offers the One single basis that both sides actually do represent. Many know a judgment will come and in reality not by any supernatural method but by the people understanding the truth; you and I. We as a collective of persons can know honesty and be fully capable of not allowing a few to take from the common for selfish gains. Nor do I accept false representations by selfish persons claiming to represent me. I let them know as it is my responsibility to all of my brethren as a compassionate contributor of this period that "I do not accept false representation; either know facts or get out of the chair."

Many will accept facts and many will not. The One single framework allows pure, honest, compassionate comprehension without the guise of misleading persons hiding behind a belief or paradigm. The unbridled will know 'how and why' and able to begin a universal understanding while the secularizing of the selfish, will wish to continue within status quo. This coupled with the global affairs is what is coming. Read and apply what you know today and pursue the good; share and live.

Nothing will stop what was seen and I personally am not happy about so much damage and loss but soon that law of that One truth will begin that extinction as only good continues and the other...? Well .. You have enough to figure the rest out in this line of thought.

Look for Understanding as this publication is not for money or for anything other than for the truth to be known as my "thanks" for being alive.

So let me add another item. chemically speaking, carbon 12 or C-12 is the base atom to all life and is described as 6 electrons, 6 protons and 6 neutrons, a mark or knowledge now upon/within your head but I always had the fun of sharing the same as my birthday June of 1966.

Funny isn't it that what was spoken of does have merit. Let him who have Understanding recon the number and if it is me that can prove life is purposed to continue and to know good and bad is only of our species to comprehend then the religions will be but history as every child ever again can know the truth and how it physically applies, supporting the sciences and written about in religions. So let it be clear, the religions were and have always been for people to associated within compassion and never were they purposed to isolate or secularize. It is the leaders of faith who enjoy the powers of isolating people to retain a following but the 'Total' or God, which includes all things and time, did and in fact, reveal knowledge but never was there intent to cause fear and hate, only our species retain and created these ideas.

The day is now upon us. Within the next couple years the war to begin that new era is coming and it will be because of this secularization of religions causing it. The Abrahamic sects are in fact the chosen ones to begin this war but it is this revealing or apocalypse of Understanding that is that new. The rituals of the religions will no longer be the guiding light as the "total" needs no rituals. Compassion is that gift we posses that is functional in Understanding and with knowledge the religions and the sciences will be combined where one will offer the history and one will offer the proof as we are the only entity that can rationally comprehend either.

Since Understanding is the final publication, this is but a summary being offered to give many a head start.

So the last question is; do you believe?

That choice is yours!




The Phenomenon of cellular life

A specific biological phenomenon that has been considered an unknown phenomenon is the formation of phospholipid bilayers. By understanding the properties of energy the cause of the associations is based on the wave length(s) the structure sustains. The molecular structures that create the cell wall are called phospholipid bilayers and they are structures held in a uniform assembly based on forces unknown or described, empirically.

The cause is the structures have a wavelength that causes base lipids to assemble and harmonize to retain its state. Individually these lipids do not have much to offer but together these structures retain their energy while increasing the total energy and stability of the group aligning and harmonizing together. Within a proper environment these associations offer an increased period of existence for the energy to maintain upon the structure. This phenomenon has never been properly described until this framework revealed the basis of 'how and why' it works. What this represents is that a pursuit to enable the perfection of describing these phenomena can now be associated to physical laws.

Light is perfected when recognized that in that all interactions of things each are based from energy exchanging in all cases. But what is light causing to the mass? Vibrating resonance and directional momentum simply put. In experimental data these individual light waves are thought to be just an energy field and magnetic field propagating through space at perpendicular planes or like a cross of energy going through space but this idea needs adjustments.

To propagate through a medium there has been confusion and newly created entities (aether) thought to exist to represent the data observed and described. To remove the idea of propagation the setting to observe can be that light acts like a splash on a pond when this energy is on mass. It represents itself as resonance upon that mass rather than being of energy in motion without an exchange being purposed.

For example; a radio transmission by a radio station does not simply place a specific frequency upon the airways, if there is no capture being driven by mass 'tuned' into that frequency the per se 'transmission' never leaves the station; no exchange occurred. This phenomenon has been overlooked by many but common sense to an electrician who follows a rule that without a load between polarities the system is not a valid circuit.

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